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[ as an upper class 'real estate' agent, Celaena's disguise is a well off woman that lives in the penthouse flat just on the coast.

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The air was musky, foggy and not at all the place he wanted to be in at the moment. The humid slick wind at his skin against the sleeves he was wearing for this mission reminded him again just how foolish his attire was. The jeans were fine, it was just the itchy top he was wearing for his cover and not at all used to. God he would prefer to be anywhere else at the moment. Maybe he would even trade this spot for another round of beatings.
Or not- seeing as the uncomfortableness of the scratchy material was also due to the fact that the material rubbed against bruises and still healing open wounds. If he ever saw Ty… Well he wasn’t entirely sure what he would do, but it was easier to blame a nameless face who he did not even know the name of, than himself, for the limping and the pain and the headache. The injuries weren’t foreign by any means- As nothing could compare to the injuries he received by the doctor on numerous occasions. They were just an inconvenience. And a hell of a painful and visible inconvenience at that.

Glaring from his spot in the dirty slums of street Fox watched the bar from across the road. Just like he had for hours. Naturally the beatings weren’t enough punishment so Fox was charged with a mission that no one wanted to do. And for good reason.
His target had been at it since four, and Fox had been sitting like a loner in his disguise that hurt like heck. Really he didn’t know why the disguise was necessary- why this mission was necessary at all- since Fox was not allowed to intervene. Just watch.
His only conciliation was that Ty was getting punished as well.
Or- he hoped she was getting punished.

Though he couldn’t help but constantly think of their last encounter. It was weird and yet he was shocked the next morning when Division never mentioned it. Which meant Ty had kept what she had learnt to herself. If the positions had been reversed he was more than sure that he would have dobbed her in. He had acted like a lunatic and if Ty had instigated a fight out of him after all- as opposed to helping him- maybe he would have been casted off. There were no second chances in Division- and yet he was here. Injured, bruised but definitely alive.

In the brief moments he knew Ty, he already knew she was the selfish type. What did she have to gain from keeping his secrets? It had been four days since he had last seen her and he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Of course he blamed it on curiosity…. but…
A splatter landed on his head. Fox roughly pulled off his hat and actually seethed at the bird that pooped on it. The bird scattered away.
Sighing slightly, Fox put the hat back on avoiding the soiled areas.
And he continued to watch the pub from afar.

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Celaena had been worn to the bone. Division had given her more than a few grueling lectures, which resulted in days worth of paperwork, non contact trailing targets, and mentoring recruits, or rather acting as the combat dummy. And she had been more than encouraged to 'allow' the recruits to land some punches to give them a shred of hope that they were improving. The only area she wasn't sore or bruised or cut was her face, though her faint eye bags were beginning to edge the shade of heather violet. This was most likely one of the lows of her field agent career, and that included her experiences as a recruit. Thankfully, she was still entitled to her luxurious penthouse outside Division, the only reason as to why she hadn't lashed out in her defenses. She still clung to her opinion that it wasn't her damn fault on how the operation went, and regardless on its fluidity, she still successfully extracted the target in an unconscious state. Celaena knew fully well that James Kensington was primed perfectly for an interrogation that led Division to another win, greatly thanks to her for that matter.

The atmosphere of the day was mellow, and well attuned to Celaena's grogginess. She had decided to fully embrace her character as an ordinary citizen, running errands in grocery shopping and whatever else she decided that needed to update in her home. Her hair was quickly tied up, she was wearing an oversized sweater that was just tucked in her jeans, and her white sneakers blinked in the misted rain. She was as mundane as the next girl on the street. Aside from the hand pistol folded underneath her waist band, and her trusty twin knives slipped behind her bra clasp.

For a moment, Celaena hesitated at the door of her building, her hand beginning to nudge the key into the sleek grey doors. There was something... off with the scenery, and naturally, her nerves gradually beginning to buzz as if they were preparing. Though she couldn't decide for what exactly. Rather than visibly looking around and giving away her suspicion, Celaena decided to 'drop' her keys and buy more time to study her surroundings through the reflection of the glass windows. With nothing as a match for her hunch, Celaena recollected her bags and slipped into her building.

The day was lazy, with the soothing taps of rain trickling down buildings and onto floors, but Celaena was now very, very much awake. Almost leaning into the hum of tension lacing the air.

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Speaking of the devil.
Fox did a double take at the girl that walked along the street carrying shopping bags. Of course he didn't see her face, but that posture- that stride of arrogance that betrayed that she thought no one could touch her was familiar. And he knew exactly why. Ty was in what he would call lazy mundane attire, but her hair was much less the same.

Fox didn't realise he was tailing her until she rounded a corner.
What was he doing? He had to watch the target.
But even as he thought it, he couldn't deny that he was more curious about Ty and where she was going. Particulars why unlike him- she wasn't limping. Fox made a rash decision to leave his post and briefly hoped Division didn't further whoop his butt for it. Besides the target would be there for more hours still.

Fox lowered his cap so that it covered more of his face as he made sure to keep a clean distance away from her. His stride became more conservative and mundane and when she made a corner he did so a minute after her.

He was stupid. Utterly stupid, and yet he could not bring himself to go back. What was waiting back there except for a drunken target? But here he could finally get some questions answered. And he would be lying if he said he didn't want to know more about Ty. She was a mystery he wanted to unravel- solely for his own benefit so that he knew precisely what he was up against. It wasn't fair that she knew more about him than he did to her. For gods sake he still called her Ty.

Fox froze slightly. Ty had stopped outside a building and dropped keys. Wait she lived outside of Division?
How unfair was that?
Or maybe this was a secret building not even Division knew about?
As if- Division didn't hide that they knew everything. Or at least they thought they knew everything- project x being one of the things that came to mind.
Fox lowered his cap and turned his back to the door as Ty picked up the keys.
He waited a few heartbeats and before he could rethink what he was doing he approached the building and rang the doorbell.

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With the narrow elevator also acting as Celaena's door for her apartment, she had gotten used to sending up her groceries on their own depending on the size of her haul. Today's size was small enough, greatly thanks to the state of her bruised fingers. Though before Celaena could step into her slippers and organize her things, the ground floor's elevator already began buzzing. Celaena had spent months memorizing the residents of her building, down to their coffee schedules or the times they would walk their dogs. In all her time living here, not once had an unannounced visitor showed up. Shifting her focus to the camera that stayed watch of the entrance, it took her only a few moments to recognize the dirty blonde tufts of hair and the broad build of his shoulders. With her chin resting atop the curve of her shoulder, Celaena willed her expression to stay unflustered as she clicked the elevator up. If Fox came here for a fight, she wasn't going to give him one. There was nothing to win, she was tired, and her less than 'perfect' status as an agent wasn't doing her mood and esteem any favors.

Without bothering to greet him at the door, Celaena moved to the kitchen to finish unpacking miscellaneous items before deciding her fingers needed to be bandaged for the job. Strangely, despite the harsh interrogations, lectures, and beatings that Division had given her, her fingers had undergone a more lasting trauma with the skin still a shocking merging of deep blues and purples. It was especially vibrant compared to the mellow white, gray, and beige tones of her flat. The rest of her seemed to be okay, with a bruised arm, strap marks that criss crossed her back in nasty welts. So much for being the organization's favorite agent. It was still terrifying for Celaena to think that she could slip even lower, perhaps in the zone where Division could debate on her kill chip. They were more than generous with discarding useless resources, and had given lots of occasions to witness their exact methods on how to do so. She needed to train harder, polish her aims, inject her punches and kicks with vigor. She needed an intuition that could carry her without doubts. Celaena couldn't afford distractions, nor did she want them.

As the thought skittered across her mind, blaring at her to listen, the elevator doors dinged open, revealing a clean shaven though badly assaulted Fox Larson. His lip was cut, his weight favored to one leg, though much else was hidden by the shadows of his cap and his clothes. She wondered how badly Division had decided on his punishments. What could lay across his skin.

"Division lowered your status to stalker now, huh," She grumbled, scrutinizing his appearance with cerulean eyes before returning them to her hands, still working on the bandages.

It was a strange picture to have them both seem normal. A boy in a baseball cap, slightly slouched shoulders with hands stuffed deeply into his pockets. A girl with a smirk and a cozy sweater just slipping over a shoulder. The bigger peculiarity of the circumstances was, however, what Fox could possibly be doing in Celaena's home.

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Fox took the elevator and when it opened for him it revealed what appeared to be Ty's living space. Fox marveled at the luxury, the space, the comfort he sure as hell wasn't allowed to take.
At her comment he mocked laughed and said, "What gave it away?" It appeared he hadn't lost his humour which he supposed was a relief. Though he didn't want to even consider why he was being somewhat comedic to Ty. There was still undoubtedly tension in their relationship- whatever it was.
Hated partner?
Were they frenemies?

It didn't really matter at this point. He just knew that he enjoyed annoying her.

Whistling Fox walked the length of the room they were in and he noted that it was only the kitchen. How could a kitchen radiate so.... much money? He wanted to see the rest of the house. Though he expected Ty to be the type that cared for aesthetics and to buy all the expensive things, he was still shocked Division allowed her to own this place.
And she definitely owned it if the key wasn't a dead giveaway, and the shopping bags.

He finally scanned her. He didn't know why he was expecting Division to go slack on her punishment but he did- and was definitely wrong. Division could inflict pain discreetly so that it didn't show on the surface. So whatever Fox saw was only the barest minimum. "Your hand?"
He asked it before he could stop himself but regretted it immediately. He didn't care about Ty, and he sure didn't care that she too had been punished. Fox gritted his teeth from saying anything else foolish.

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Celaena couldn't help but instinctively snicker at Fox's sarcasm, her ponytail shaking as she finished up the careful bandaging for both fingers. Throughout her childhood years of getting roughed up, she had the system down on any form of dressing injuries, from nicked skin to bullet wounds. Thus, she could zero in on Fox's presence all the while she finished wrapping her hands and slipping them back underneath the oversized sleeves of her sweater. Though in all honesty, Celaena was already more than hyperaware of his company in her home. Questions of how he found her, why he was here, and again, how he got here were bounding within her mind as she once again allowed her eyes to settle on him. He looked comfortable enough, though there was this quality about him that made it obvious they were both aware of this tension between them. Within each of his fluid movements, he was poised. He wore a smile that announced his ease, though his eyes were piercingly attentive, as if the curiosity within him had to wait before surfacing.

Fox seemed constantly hungry for something. But yet again, Celaena couldn't quite place for what. At the mention of her hand, she flexed her fingers quietly within the folds of her sweater, as if her brain was trying to remind her of the pain they were still in.

"Made a stupid move. Caught someone at my expense," She casually explained, though the someone part was much more pointed for obvious reasons. She was normally somebody of few words and closed off body language, but she unexpectedly wanted to encourage their conversation and return the attention.

"And yourself?"

Celaena leaned into her counter as her arms gingerly crossed, momentarily focusing on avoiding putting pressure on her plethora of other injuries. Surely, Fox had the same issue. As she airily drifted her eyes over him, she already could take note of where else Division had decided to torture. And strangely, she wanted to... help him. Perhaps patch him up with her already opened packages of gauze, cotton pads, and bottles of hydrogen peroxide. Did she dare offer it? To an enemy or rival or some sort? Before she could stop herself, her thoughts seemed to spill out in the form of Celaena looking from Fox to behind her, where she had left her first aid supplies.

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Why did he ask about her hand? He didn't care and yet he waited for her response. At her response he snickered lightly. Naturally the hand was his fault.
Though he wondered who suffered worse from Division for their half-assed mission. Him who caused the problems, or her- the supposedly leader of the whole thing. Though he bitterly remembered that she still had a whole penthouse when he was stuck in a room and only allowed out on missions. Maybe Division feared him? Unlikely, it was definitely the doctor's hand who kept him behind closed doors. The doctor was perhaps the only person who knew him inside and out. And knew what he wanted the most.

Fox tasted something metallic in his mouth and was quick to relax his jaw that was grinding his mouth.

"I've been through worse" he said smirking trying to maintain his guise so Ty couldn't pick up on what he was really feeling. He was still raw from his outburst, but like all the other times he had suffocated his emotions down a hole. Hopefully this hole was deeper than the other one.

Fox eyed Ty who seemed to be on the verge of asking him something, but instead of her speaking she looked at something. He followed her line of sight to a first aid kit. He hadn't treated any of his injuries at all. Part of the punishment was that the doctors at division couldn't treat him. Of course, fox being fox, as soon as he was allowed on a mission he secretly bought an ointment- but even that was nothing compared to the first aid kit Ty had in her home.

Was she offering for him to use it? He raised a curious brow too prideful to ask.

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Fox wasn't stupid. He was a lot of things, irritating, arrogant, headstrong, far too entitled for his own good, but he wasn't dimwitted. At least for the most part. Celaena knew he knew what she had suggested, or at least implied with her meticulous behavior. And her stubborn habits wouldn't allow her to be the first to ask and offer. She still couldn't decide for the life of her why she even wanted to help him, but there was some moral value pushing at her to do something about his pathetic state. She could already tell that the cut on his cheek needed stitches, the gash digging deep into his bone. His eye was badly bruised, with his wine tainted skin livening the green within his irises. She couldn't begin to imagine the rest of his injuries, especially with his slight limp that must be crushing his motto of conceited independence. At the quirk of his brows, Celaena was back to full awareness of his personality and the amount of frustration he's caused her.

What an asshole.

Returning the ego, Celaena kept her eyes level as she stared openly back at him, a challenge evident in her boldness of eye contact and predatory manner of her posture. There was always something about the nimble curve of her spine and the way she flicked her weight evenly between her legs that hinted of her desire to attack constantly. She was sleek and sinuous, somehow even in her undone look within her home.

"Worse," Celaena eventually retorted,"You sure? You seem so... delicate."

An almost playful demeanor softened her features, just barely surfacing a smile that wanted to tug at her lips. She knew as soon as she had said it, Fox would frantically turn away at even the sight of a first aid kit. If he was going to ruin the both of them with his cockiness, she could at least have some fun with it. A term still somewhat foreign to her, but with her new life on the outside world, Celaena had learned quite a lot more than she expected to. For so long of her life, survival was all there was to life. Running away from the bad guys, gunning down the bad guys, or even battling herself through hopeless moments. Fun hadn't even existed to her, and it still fully hasn't. But the mere idea of it was enough to excite her.

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Fox scoffed. This was him looking delicate? That was a first. If he looked bad now he wondered how he looked like after Elanor had...
...That would've been a sight perhaps even Ty would have paid to see.
It took almost the whole operation just to hold him down let alone sedate him to punish him.

His eyes casually roamed to Ty's face. He knew so little about her- not even her name, and yet he could tell her facial expressions apart. For starters the one she was doing now with a poker face but slightly upturned lip was her laughing at him. It was a smile on a border of a smirk but not entirely there because she wanted to see how her game was interpreted. And of course she was having fun watching him pained as she knew he was too prideful to call it out.

Annoyed that Ty was getting a thrill out of his current state, Fox aggressively turned away from the first aid kit. He wasn't delicate. The god-damned marks and scars on his back and chest proved it. He had been toyed with since birth and the doctor had tried to break him. But he had not broken. Was not in the least bit fragile or delicate. And one punishment from a petty organisation was nothing compared to what he had suffered for a lifetime.
"On the contrary, darling, " He said relaxing his posture as he leaned against a wall and crossed his arms acting nonchalant about it all. "I'm quite well. But I appreciate your concern."

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Celaena's eyes suddenly narrowed, her unfurling lashes darkening her eyes with each individual's lash shadow. Her face slipped out of its almost-smile, with now her head dauntingly tilted to the side and her expression reading only of contemplation. The day had fallen to evening, the stormy clouds swirling over the cascading luminance of the sun, with just few flicks of light streaming through the windows. As if the weather knew of Celaena's sudden switch of moods.

"You're bleeding on my walls," She growled, then suddenly surging forward to flick him away from further tainting her beautiful home, "Just go to the kitchen, your stubbornness isn't funny anymore."

Shooing him with her shoulders and elbows, Celaena scrutinized the wall with an irritated huff before following Fox to the first aid kit. Everything with Celaena was clean, honed, and crisp. Her actions, her decisions, even the way she dressed or what she did with her hair was carefully regarded and intentional. She paid such close attention to detail that any perfectionist would feel like a failure in comparison. And now that she had things of her own, including a home, a car, she made sure to take care of it all. Celaena did care, and about a lot of things as well, but it's easy to miss her moments of... vulnerability. And now Fox had merely strolled into her penthouse flat, and was ruining everything. She was going to either strangle him or kick him in an unpleasant area if he kept at it. Or perhaps do both.

Unraveling her sore fingers from the folds of her sweater, Celaena gradually made her way to the kitchen counter, all the while eyeing Fox. Her expression was wary, and in itself, projecting their own warnings to Fox if he were to do anything. She was already deciding on what type of consequence she could give him for calling her darling. The nerve he had was both interesting and infuriating. Naturally, Celaena simply had to return the favor.

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Fox jumped off the wall raising his hands defensively as he said "All right, all right." Though he struggled to keep a slight smirk down upon realizing what peeved her. He would keep that knowledge aside for now.

He briefly wondered why she had a sudden change of heart, but then shut himself up by wondering why he cared. He was acting stubborn- he would admit that much- but at least he hadn't needed to cave in first to the idea of healing his wounds.
He was surprised he hadn't been kicked out yet. Fox would be lying if their ceaseless banter didn't amuse him, so maybe she hadn't because she enjoyed the company? No matter how pointless and annoying it was. Either way it was better in here than out there watching a target that division just spun up to torture him further. He wouldn't be surprised if the target was still in the bar when he returned.

When Fix reached the kitchen he eyed the first aid kit shrewdly before turning his attention back to Ty.
"Just so we are clear." He said looking back at the kit, "Me... using this... Doesn't make me delicate."
He quirked a lip at her as he said mock seriously,
"I just pity what your walls would go through if I carry on like this." He said gesturing to his body where now that he was in the light some of the wounds were more obviously peaking through.

He knew what he said was ridiculous and forced himself to have a serious face so that it delivered a more funnier reaction.
Since when was he the jester? Either way it was rather enjoyable. Even if Ty couldn't be trusted.

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Celaena hadn't experienced a genuine laugh in some time, much less in front of Fox. Her well crafted and timed chuckles were more of a strategy for disguises, and furthermore, she didn't have much of an opportunity to with her job revolving around guns, fighting, stealing and killing. She had her time off, sure, but that was usually spent alone in her home or wandering out in the city. It was surprising how lonely Celaena felt even surrounded by thousands, millions, of people. Strangers with strangers, articulating with an ease that she would always envy. Emotions were so easy with others, it blatantly confused her. It was such a display of weakness that Celaena would inwardly cringe for them. Eavesdropping on conversations of breakups, goodbyes, friendship betrayal, it all seemed to mundane and small-scale. Their lives weren't in danger, and neither were anybody else's. And yet, they all sob as if they were about to die. It was entirely baffling to her.

Though with a surprise that startled her heart, a genuine laugh unfurled from within her lips and was already tumbling out before she could grasp why. Or she did know why for the laughter, but not for the reasons on why she disclosed such fragility. Fox was standing next to her, tension rigidly clenching his shoulders up and his chest out, while a determined and serious expression illustrated his features. It looked as if he was ready to let loose a foolish temper tantrum, trying his best to come across as masculine. Somehow, a tall, muscular man now looked like a young boy who got his favorite toy taken away from him.

"Sure, whatever you say," She replied, her voice sing-song and drawling out with rich sarcasm.

Celaena knew the comment would settle underneath his skin and itch at his ego. Why else would she say such a thing without it instigating a reaction? He was so, incredibly easy to play with. Nevertheless, she rolled up her sleeves revealing badly bruised fingers and thick, red marks lacerating her forearms. Despite her tanned skin tone, the torture was evident, ripping up her before smooth texture with rough ones of Division. She hesitantly worked through the first aid kit before settling on the appropriate disinfectants and packages of gauze before settling her vision on Fox's cheek.

"I think you need to take your hat off," She decided, tilting her head to search for the end of the cut that disappeared into the shadows of his hat. His eyes were shielded, but Celaena was already aware of the strange shift in mood.

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Her laughter baffled and bemused him. And yet he was entranced by it. Maybe because he never would have thought someone like her could laugh so genuinely. Had he ever laughed?
Without knowing why a rush of male arrogant pride swarmed him. He had made Ty laugh. And he was bloody sick of calling her Ty. He wondered what her name was for the hundredth time. Emma? Sophia? Amelia? But none of it fit.
He pursed his lips about to ask when-
"Hey!" he said defensively. "Would you rath-"
Fox's argument dropped abruptly when Ty rolled up her sleeves. He knew she was tortured but he wasn't expecting to be so.... severe. Visible. He thought that Division wouldn't punish her as much as him- but looking at her arm alone he wondered what exactly had they done to her?

He didn't know why he was so riled up- but he gods damned was. Someone had gripped her so hard that marks tainted her skin in ugly purple. "Who the hell did that to you?" He wanted a name. And he was going to kill that person if they weren't dead already.
It was one thing to hurt Fox- but an entire other to hurt Ty like that. He had no idea since when he cared. Maybe he didn't since he did hate Ty after all- but those marks... For some reason seeing those bruises angered him. Was it really just his fault?

Fox looked at Ty in her eyes trying to discern what was going through her head. In his was a mix of confusion and... doubt. Maybe he was an unnecessary ass. He stared at her clear blue eyes for a moment, then sighed before pulling off his hat. His hair was undoubtedly ruffled and he hadn't needed to look in the mirror that morning to know that his face was also a mix of purples yellows and blues. Specifically around his left eye and cheek.
Now no longer hiding in the shadow of the hat, there was also clearly a trail of some shallow and slightly deep cuts dripping from his right ear down his neck. The end of the line of cuts hiding somewhere under his clothes.

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It was simultaneously frustrating and intriguing how unique Fox was. Normally, Celaena could understand and even predict the habits and underlying secrets of a person within the first few moments of shaking their hand, but Fox was endlessly startling. He contradicted himself over and over, tangling up the paths of Celaena's conjectures with an ease that even made her question her abilities as an agent. She was supposed to know people on a superior level, and Fox was taking all of that and tossing it away without even meaning to. He had tumbled from being defensive to a perhaps... concerned or grossed out as Celaena revealed her arms. If anything, Fox should have been indifferent. He was just as tied up with Division as she was. They even shared similar punishments for the same mission. It struck her as unusual that he would react in such a way, his words dripping with warning as he asked who did it to her. Wasn't it clear? Division? It differed so much from her own calm expression, with a loose but focused purse of her lips and her brows neither furrowed or raised. It was what they did; follow through on work, care for their injuries later.

The tension in the room was charged, but Celaena wasn't quite sure why. Which, was a first. Nonchalantly rolling her eyes, she blew a quick sigh of air as a response to her injuries before moving to focus on his. She swiftly dabbed some disinfectant on gauze, and gently rested a hand on his shoulder before diligently cleaning the cut on his cheek. They were at different heights with her reaching at 5'6 and him far higher than 6', leaving Celaena instinctively on her tip toes for leverage. With her sewing skills, perhaps it wouldn't scar too badly afterwards.

"You don't look so good yourself," Celaena murmured, her voice losing its volume from focus, "Didn't anybody tell you to learn the basics of stitching and I don't know, first aid?"

Her nimble fingers were working into a frenzy, multi tasking with gauze, disinfectant, and soon sticking a needle with thread to wait in between her teeth. It was a routine, and she relied almost entirely on her muscle memory now. The only times of falter was when Fox reacted to the pain of cleaning up his wounds, divulging that he most likely didn't take care of himself after fights or tortures.

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Ty's eyes were a mix of layers and emotions Fox tried to unravel but no avail. Sure he could pick out here and there what was in her head- but most times- like now- Ty was a giant puzzle he should never have started with. And with her here- now treating his wounds he did not know what to think. What was her motive? Her angle? Surely she wasn't doing this in her own free will if he had come barged into her house announced.

Fox had tensed at first before she touched his shoulder but he realised he had no reason to. Ty was soft and gentle- at a calm level he had never seen her in. He would never have believed that she was capable of such... kindness. Though it stang and he winced every once in a while, it could have hurt much more- so he allowed her to continue. Was glad she did.
He scoffed after her comment though. Their was the animosity he was waiting for- though the bite of the comment was diminished. Gone. As though she only said it for the sake of it. To distract him? He continued their little game nevertheless.
"Nope" He said popping the p childishly, simultaneously biting his lip to hold in a wince as he did so.

Fox found his eyes trailing again to hers as he watched her work in routine. It was an amazing feat to say the least- though he would never be caught saying that out loud. He had lied when saying no as he did know some forms of first aid- had been forced to treat wounds form both himself and Elanor. But he was at no level of skill as Ty was; whilst he was a fast learner and taught himself to stitch among other things- he would rather... not test it out.
He had become so accustomed to wounds- especially after Elanor's death that he no longer could be bothered to care for his health.

"You know I really do need to know." He began distractedly as Ty worked on a new area of his face. His eyes met hers and he allowed some open curiosity to creep into his expression as he said, "What is your name?" He waited for the answer with somewhat baited breath. It wasn't that she knew his and he wanted to settle a score- it was beyond that. He needed to know the name of the curious girl who had both thrown him under the bus and saved him.

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Celaena's mind slipped into the system of treating Fox's wounds, dabbing a disinfected cotton ball across his skin and attentively securing butterfly bandaids across slashed skin. As crisp and put together as he seemed, the guy had no sense of medical care. She tucked away a snarky comment of how his ego and hyper masculine tendencies probably kept him from healing himself. It was evident even now, the way he was tipping his chin up and puffing his chest out. For a moment, Celaena thought about elbowing his chest back to where it should be, though she quickly decided against it. Instead, she tasked herself with fixing the thick gash that raggedly bit into his bone. It was painfully deep, with the shocking color of white just barely peeking through. If it weren't for the stark contrast of bone white and rouge red, the injury wouldn't surface a furrowed expression on Celaena's face, twisting her gentle skin with concentration. Her eyes then trailed from the cut to the startling acuteness of Fox's eyes. He was staring at her with a sort of enigmatic air to his features. And then soon after, he was suddenly spilling his thoughts and asking for her name. It unsettled Celaena with a stronger force than she expected. As she parted her lips to respond, she could feel herself just about to fall into the tension and admit her name... though it was never that easy for her, was it?

"Hm," She sighed with a teasing tone, "Well, what I want is for you to sit so I can sew without teetering around on my toes."

There was a playfulness to Celaena that struck even her as new, but underlying the lighthearted tone was an aged and stubborn reflex. It was still unbearably unsettling for somebody to ask for her name. Others knowing who she was beyond her appearance was terrifying in itself. Her feline-like reflexes and abilities as an agent combined with her lonely childhood made for a ghost of a girl, melding into the walls and shadows with silent talent. But now, she was in front of Fox who already hacked at one barrier of her guard. What was she going to do with his attempt at her next? She flicked an eyebrow up as a sort of challenge, coyly snickering at his staring.

"Sit somewhere, I'm going to sterilize the needle,"

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Fox found himself rolling his eyes in a playful manner before scoffing. "You have a name, don't you?" It didn't pass him that she had dodged the question and the more that she did the more he yearned for an answer. Though he knew that unlike before- Ty was merely toying with him. And it was likely intentional on her behalf to withhold her name especially now that she knew he wanted to know it.

Upon request Fox resolutely sat down on a nearby chair. He watched her as she worked to sterilize the needle. His face was still stinging but he discarded the pain as he lazily rested a chin on a fist.
"You don't look like an Olivia." He said as though guessing her name was a game. "Lillian? Nah. You're too mean for that name." He scratched his chin with his free hand. "Are you a Zoe?" But even as he said it he knew he was wrong.

He wasn't about to admit it but this little game of his distracted him enough that he barely registered when Ty approached again needle in hand. Though when he realised exactly what she was intending to do with that he raised his hands defensively. "Woah horsey." He said backing away against the chair. "You are not going to use that on my face!"
Sure he knew that she was sterilizing the needle- she had said that- but it took a lot longer to process that she was planning to stitch him up. He touched his face tentatively, before skirting his eyes to the needle. It was a lot sharper up close- and whilst he was used to pain- he was not by any means a masochist.
"Won't it heal on its own?" He asked almost desperately.

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At Fox's list of potential names for her, she wrinkled her nose at each one, then additionally reacting with furrowed brows and a scoff that she was apparently too mean to be a Lillian. Besides, even if she was too mean, she knew a handful of horrible people with that name. For the theatrics, Celaena turned to wickedly simper as she sanitized the needle, the stove flames licking up in their glory of white hot blue's and purple's. Her smile only grew as he stared back with a horror she's never seen on him before. So he was protective of his face, how sweet. Perhaps storing this fact about him for the future would be useful.

"Don't be a baby," She replied, flicking her eyes innocently between the heated needle and Fox's still widening eyes, "I'm good at this, the scar will disappear after I'm done stitching,"

While in part what Celaena was saying was soothing, but her delivery and the emphasis on the word 'stitching' implied otherwise. Even from across the kitchen, she could feel Fox's heart wildly thrum. Maybe she even saw a gulp uncomfortably hitch in his throat. And naturally, acknowledging her power in the situation rose her own adrenaline, a new energy sizzling and awakening the sleepy atmosphere. It was soon evident how smug Celaena was as she flitted the needle in the air to cool down the metal before use.

"Maybe biting down on this will help,"

Quickly moving over to the fruit bowl near Fox, Celaena swiftly tossed an apple in his direction while she advanced.

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Fox glared at her. How dare she find amusement in this! He caught the apple but not without almost dropping it as he saw her approach needle in hand. "Nope. I'm outta here!" He declared jumping off the chair and skirting to a random part of the house. Ty was getting way too comfortable at his discomfort and if a needle in his face wasn't enough to deter him from her then surely the fact that he would be vulnerable to a ruthless Division operative was one. Why did he agree to this? And as if Ty had his best interests at heart- she only wanted to get close enough to-to-to.
actually he had no idea what she was planning- but she was most certainly plotting something if her smug was anything to go by.
In his haste to escape Fox didn't care where he went as long as there was a considerable distance between his face and that sharp needle.
He actually did drop the apple this time though because when he opened a door after many turns of hallways he just happened to be in a bedroom. And a flamboyantly decorated one at that.
He forgot all about the needle as he walked around the room transfixed and curious.
Utterly curious.

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And indeed a baby he was. As she strolled towards his direction, his body moved alarmingly fast as his muscled erupted from their compacted state and lithely carried him out of reach. A few seconds ticked by as Celaena stood with a bewildered, almost zoned out, look on her face with her arms still outreached holding the needle that had been perfectly positioned to stitch his cheek. Or at least it was going in that general direction before Fox had bolted down the hallway and around the corner, oddly fast for a man as hurt as he was by Division's cruel hand. Her harmless confusion was cut short as she realized that a stranger was barreling through her private home, a place where no other person has entered besides her. She crossed her arms, hopefully warding off the unnerving sensation of feeling vulnerable. It didn't help that while she knew Fox and all of his volatile tendencies. He was still an agent of Division's, and a reminder of her work. There was a sudden loss of ease in Celaena's behavior. Soon, her unwinding shield was wrapping back up in itself as she prowled after Fox.

"What are you doing," She called out, the shift in gentleness rapidly fortified.

The slight noise from soft sock clad footsteps fused into the tapping of the rain outside, her presence arriving without warning. Fox stood with his back to her, though the wonder was apparent as his head tipped upward to take in the vast size of the room. Her walls had just begun to fill up with collections of her own art, newspaper clippings, and worn posters from the various vintage stores she visited on the weekends. Her bed was crisply folded just as Division had drilled into her during her first week as a recruit, though her sheets were distinctively far more airy and soft. The main light source blazed from the splatter of stars illuminated form a projector of some sort, filling the ceiling and walls and across the floor. Despite Celaena's protective and predatory inclinations, the dream-like state of her bedroom gently seeped into her.

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Her room- assuming it was her room anyway as he had yet to find out if she lived alone- was homely decorated. In a way that he had never had the luxury of doing. Not in the Doctors hold. Nor in Division.
To top it off, it was all illuminated by a starry projector which made him feel oddly nostalgic. Obviously nothing beat the real stars- but the lights reminded him of those stolen moments with Elinor on the roof before it all tore down to hell. He ripped his gaze from the ceiling and made sure to not look up again in fear of giving way to emotion he didn't want to yet expose to the world.
Eh. He was one hell of a mess.
He almost jumped when he heard Ty- surprised he hadn't realised her presence sooner.
He regained his composure almost as fast. "How quaint." He said before smirking. "What do I have to do to get myself one of these?" He was back to his usual self as if the whole incident with the needle hadn't just happened. It was hardly fair though that she had a whole penthouse when he well- he had to go on missions just to get into the real world.

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She quirked her head at the quaint remark, with her narrowed eyes juxtaposing her triumphant smirk. She was quite lucky to live in such opulence, and practically worshipped her home as if it was still the first day she was given the gold keys. Her mind slipped off to the memory of her actual first time being assigned to a character and location. It had been a day of wildly bottled suspense, rippling over her body in prickling goosebumps. Her instructors had jubilantly referred her over to the president of Division, and while it had annoyed her that they seemed to take all responsibility of her hard work, her raw excitement of being freed back into the real world was wholly overwhelming. She had strolled into the 'lockbox' office, the name given by recruits and later latched itself into the staff's language. It was the most secure room in all of the underground quarters, a place where some never left. Those who were lost in the lockbox were the victims of the Division members that were deemed useless and faulty. But then again, Celaena never had such a fear. She was favored, even praised. The president was many things, but stupid was not one of them.

"I guess we know who's the better agent then," She suggested kittenishly.

There was a strong itch for Celaena to snatch Fox's arm and haul him out of her room before he could fully observe her room, but then she was also rather proud to show off. The dissonance within her was creating a restlessness that Celaena was unsure how to handle. She couldn't run, and Fox had run to escape her needle, which was still gently pinched between her fingers.

"A magician never tells her secrets," She further added, once again creating a new layer of mysteriousness that Fox would have to work through.

She then cautiously approached him, wondering if she should just plunge the needle into his vulnerable and undefended skin. Though, she quickly flitted the idea away as a disgusted wrinkle flashed across her expression. Blood would not look well on the soft pastels of her room. Furthermore, she wasn't going to ever welcome a cleaning service into her home. Just the thought of it brought a flooding stubborn chill through her.

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Fox scoffed though his lip quirked as he said "Or the one who sucks up to them." He wasn't foolish enough to underestimate Ty- though he would hardly call her the better agent of the two. He had skills she was unaware of and yet was quick to judge him. Honestly the only reason he wasn't up in Division was because he had trouble following rules and waiting on Division's beck and call. He didn't seek the Division 'glory' and only did enough work so that he wasn't killed. But never extra. It was his defiance to the doctor- no matter how trivial it seemed. But it was a start.

A magician never tells her secrets How typical.
Fox rolled his eyes turning his back to Ty as he walked closer to a particular wall with frames of paintings. "And yet you aren't a magician." He ran his finger along the frame's golden edge as he studied an abstract painting. "Did you paint these?" He said off topic as he dragged his eyes to the next painting.

He felt her presence behind him and he turned to face her. His eyes fell to her hand where she still held that needle.
He tried not to- but that stance... He sucked in a breath to remind himself that he was no longer in the doctor's hold.
His voice wavered at first but he fixed it immediately.
"I told you I won't be needing that. You might as well knock me out because I am not letting you use that on me." He tried to sound tough and even crossed his arms for effect.
He walked over to a a mirror and looked at his swollen and bleeding face. He touched it tentatively. "Its not that bad. It'll heal." He mumbled to himself.

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There was no plan with Fox. In all of her other missions and even daily conversations, Celaena's mind would be hurtling through ideas and strategies in what she thought would keep her at the most advantageous spot or role. She'd constantly work an angle, luring out specific details about a person or scheming actions for the most benefit. She'd suck people dry until they were useless to her, all soon to be rambling idiots that she'd dismiss once she obtained her goal. But Fox wasn't merely one of those faces in a crowd that she exploited. Celaena wasn't quite sure exactly who he was to her, or if he was anybody at all, but he was in her home and somewhat as vulnerable with his wounds. It was sometimes sad for her to think that she lived her life truly, and solely alone. Celaena often walked through the stores gawking at furniture that was meant for hosting events. The only events Celaena would ever host in her home were her missions. These usually included strangling somebody with an apron, or whacking a pan into the back of a head. But never dinners where wine would be generously poured among friends and a pot luck set of food would be passed down from seat to seat. Regardless, Celaena never thought too much on those advertising photos. They were models acting for the job. That happiness was conned for people to spend money... or at least that's how she made it seem in her head. Sometimes, Celaena thought the worst to calm the pangs of her heart, stuffing down her longings until she would loathe them.

Her attention returned to the blonde boy ahead of her, turning to face her. His features seemed to harden under the harsh shadows from the unlit lamps, more angularity molding his bone structure. There was now more of him to observe, with his tattered hat loosely held in his hand. His eyes were oddly bright still, a meddle between blues and greens in sharp fragments, as if they couldn't decide on a single color. Celaena could understand why he came across as such an egotistical bimbo. Though for reasons she couldn't settle, he wasn't soaking up her attention as he had done so before. There was a loss of smugness that would illuminate in his grins. As if something softer was at play within his expressions. He moved away before Celaena could scrutinize further, walking towards her paintings with enough curiosity to make her squirm.

"Who says I don't practice magic on the side," She replied, deciding to take a moment and contemplate if she should answer his question. Despite the nonchalance of his voice, Celaena's mind recoiled at the idea of talking about her art. It was... personal, even if she had them hung so openly on the walls. It was normally just her, and now she had an audience.

She ended up gently offering a "just some" as a response, willing him to drop the topic. Celaena was horrified at the idea of him further commenting on her work. As an agent, she knew she was good at what she did. Celaena had to know in order to rely entirely on her skills. She was alive because of her capabilities. But with art it was less rigid and structured, out of passion rather than survival needs. Or maybe it was something related to survival in that kept her from spiraling into insanity. Nonetheless, she couldn't have her artwork critiqued on, it would be too harsh for something she did out of love and spirit.

And on top of it all, Celaena didn't need Fox to know her sensitivities. Fox had finished his mini round of examination, returning to the spot in front of her with an unrecognizable emotion etched into his furrows. There was a newly formed tautness in his stance. More... defensive. Something about needles? Celaena mercifully retreated to a nearby wall, leaning against it slightly with her arms crossed and her shoulder upholding her weight. She was somewhat thankful that he didn't interrogate her about her room. She could at least return the favor, even though she technically knew what the better option would be. He was going to scar from the open state of his wound. How sad it would be to have such a handsome thing damaged.

"Fine," She shrugged, though she didn't make any effort to cover her disappointment and distaste, "I wasn't going to stitch you up for myself, I was doing it to prevent the scarring."

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Fox snorted with satire amusement. "Assassins don't waste time with magic tricks, darling." Because that was what they were. Assassins. Murderers. Monsters.
Agents was just a pretty word covering up the true intent of Division.
Have a chance of a second life. We are giving you a shot to redeem yourself. You were a criminal anyway.
Lies. Lies. Lies. Words twisted to sound as if they were the savior. The hero. Honestly Fox didn't know who he would vouch for if he had to choose between the Doctor and Division. They were both twisted. Both terrible in their own respective ways.
"I didn't realise you had a heart to appreciate art." He finally said after a long moment of silence. He then hovered a finger over a particular brushstroke with a phantom of a smile on his face. He was terrible at drawing painting... you name it. But he did have an eye for talent- and had always been fascinated with the arts. How feeling was illustrated intelligently. How brushstrokes symbolized complexity and conflict.
It, in a cringey way -if you will- made him feel a connection to the past he never got to experience. And it surprised him that someone as cold and confronting as Ty had an affinity with it. But then again so did he.
"Do you sell these?" He joked- perhaps the closest to a compliment she would ever receive from him. But the way she used the elements... he could practically hear emotion she never showed in person. She was much more deep and mysterious than she let on at a surface level. Somewhere deep down was a lonely soul... And Fox could relate.

But beyond all that- he felt the overwhelming presence of the needle- and struggled to keep his face in a poker face, nonchalant expression so that she did not pick up on his discomfort. But god he was uneased- he didn't want to be but he felt like a little kid again. And the feeling was slowly consuming him.
Stuff it. If he let Ty see how much it got to him he knew what she would do. She could deny it all she wanted, but her Division instincts would kick in and whenever it served her she would use his weakness to her advantage. He couldn't afford that risk and needed to eliminate it before it threatened the position he was in.

"Fine." He said repeating her, grinding his teeth together to avoid taking back his words. "Stitch me up for all I care." And to throw the cherry on top just to avoid suspicion by provoking her (because that was all he was good at)... "Deny it all you want princess, but since you asked so nicely, I know you don't want my pretty face ruined" He smirked and like that all signs of his discomfort was gone. As if it never existed.

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With Fox’s shot at her joke, a snorted assassins don’t waste time with magic tricks, Celaena’s lips downturned into a sulky set. As if her facial expressions could say, boo, you’re no fun. Quite frankly, it probably did considering Celaena’s mastered ease with getting a point across. If Fox got the message, he didn’t show it as he turned back around to look at her paintings, even bold enough to reach out and touch the layered canvases of either watercolor or oil paint. Her fingers responded with an itch to slap his hand away, though she couldn’t break her facade of calm collection. All they did to one another was irritate each other until a reaction was coerced out. Celaena refused to allow him the upper hand in any situation. It was something about her pride, stubbornness, or the actual indignation to think that anybody could get under her skin. She had to match his fortified exterior with a stronger one of her own. After all, that was how she raised herself to survive the streets without fully relying on anybody else. She didn’t know how to go about life any other way. Did she ever want to change? Was. she curious? Celaena didn’t know, but maybe that was because she never let herself get to that stage of wonder and hope. Nevertheless, it was impossible to create any real and true relationship with such strict Division regulations. Emotions were nasty little distractions that could warp her precision and dedication as an agent. And being an agent was all the purpose she had in the world.

“No need,” She replied with a cool, sly eye, “Division pays me too well to sell.”

Despite the arrogance to her humor, the weight of it barely carried over to Fox. He was far too occupied gawking at the needle that she was still holding, barely taking up space in her own focus of attention. It was now a new interest of her’s with the way he was… sensitive to a needle. Their line of work surrounded them with guns, bombs, knives, and the likes, which were all much more threatening than a tiny needle that could easily slip from the pinch of her fingers. There was something behind his pronounced response, and Celaena strangely wanted to prod at it. Though before she could say much else, he suddenly straightened his posture and nodded his chin with his typical pride. It was a pitiful cover up of his behavior. He must know that she already picked up on his anxious state.

“Hm, pretty is a strong word,” Celaena drawled, a newly wicked angle to her, “Maybe I should call you princess.”

Without another moment, she pushed herself off the wall and stalked off to the kitchen. And just for fun, she waved the needle in the air, the thread dangling from the sudden movement with an added emphasis on a taunt.

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((heads up this is a short one sorry :P ))

"We'll see where that gets you." He said with his trademark smirk at her attempt to provoke him. Though Fox found it amusing how she hadn't kicked him out of her house yet- he wasn't one to look a gift horse to closely in the mouth.... But for some reason Fox had come to the realisation that just like him- Ty didn't particularly like being alone. And even though yours truly would not be her first preference- it beat being alone and well... isolated. He knew exactly what solitude did to people. Had witnessed it first hand.
And like him- Ty was too prideful to admit that she didn't mind him being here. Because if that was the case he was sure she would have physically dragged him out by now.

With that in mind Fox sauntered after her with his hands in his pockets and a sly grin on his face. No doubt Ty would try to make the stitching done as tauntingly as possible but he would endure. He had to get over it. He couldn't afford this pettiness.

When he met her in the kitchen he sat on the chair he had vacated earlier and waited with his chin propped on a fist as she got whatever she needed ready. "You do know what you are doing right?" he asked lazily and nonchalantly but he did want to know whether or not she was feigning her skill with a needle.

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"I always do,"

That statement was mostly true. Celaena relied entirely on her skill of appearing to be confident. Sometimes, she was terrified to the point of paralysis, yet nobody could question her if she seemed collected on the outside. She would walk, even glide, her way into a situation with a stern and focused expression that could mold her delicate features into ones of sharp intimidation. But here, she was at home (quite literally) going through the muscle memory of stitching wounded skin and bone. Celaena could even do it with her eyes closed considering the frequency of her own injuries, though that would probably send Fox into another dramatic fit of moaning and fleeing.

It only took her a few beats of hesitation to gather her poise in touching Fox, before she settled a hand onto his shoulder. She eased his posture into one where his back rested entirely into the chair, automatically tipping his head up to reach her waiting hands. Before diving into her handiwork, Celaena discreetly eased numbing gel onto the lacerations of his cheek. It was more for his evident awareness of the needle than the issue of pain. They were far too conditioned to accept and endure pain, and while Fox could be dramatic, she knew he had similar levels of willpower. All Division agents did-- or else they simply didn't survive past training.

"It's easier if you relax," She quietly hummed, "It's hard to stitch when your face is strained with wrinkles,"

His eyes were assertively pointed to the ceiling, only moving to catch the rush of individual rain droplets pelting the skylight. Even with the outburst of light reflecting off of the green hues, Celaena could tell the paradox of his personality and appearance. There were some details that coaxed her to trust him, while others that reminded her just exactly who she was handling. As if a softness, fragmented into sharpness. There were far too many layers for her to study and dissect, to the point where she couldn't tell if she was too overwhelmed to, or if she wanted to even more. Was there something she was searching for within Fox? Celaena... couldn't allow herself to answer that question, right?

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Fox watched her work anxiously and yet the longer he sat in the chair the more comfortable he was growing in it. This wasn't like the doctors at all and he needed to rid himself of that phobia fast before someone caught on to it. He tensed slightly at her contact and wondered for the hundredth time why she was helping him to begin with. His guard would not be lowered however under any circumstances, he knew agents like the back of his hand. And Ty was no different. He wouldn't put it past her to go out of her way treating him just so he was a fresh canvas to hurt later. Division worked that way- or so he had learned.

He didn't resist her direction of movement as she positioned him further and tilted his head up before applying some sort of gel that was cool to his face. He rolled his eyes at her comment not bothering to speak. But he did loosen up- slightly. He was not letting his guard down or even blinking his eye for a second longer than normal. If this turned out to be a messy fight on her behalf he was more than prepared. Or maybe his mind was running on random possibilities as if to distract himself from acting up. Or from acknowledging a point Fox had coincidentally disregarded.
What if Ty was helping him purely at his own interest? Because she wanted to?

Of course this sort of thinking was none like the ideology of Division which was exactly why he didn't dwell on the possibility.
As she worked he thought he felt pain but it honestly felt miles away. Beyond the doctor and Division he had been through so much.... that breaking him physically was difficult nearing impossible. His pain tolerance was well higher than average and he could bet, that it was near better than all the Division members.

No, where he lacked, unfortunately, was mentally. Once he riddened himself of his mental weaknesses and channeled all those flaws into vindictive will, he would be a force to be reckoned with. And he already planned what, or rather whom, would receive the brunt force of it. It was only a matter of time.

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"You know, you're not so horrible when you're quiet,"

It was the first moment where the silence was broken. Celaena finished up the last of the stitches, the deep purple interrupting Fox's tan complexion in clean lines. Other than the slight bruising and tenderness around the cuts, it was as if Fox was already deep into the healing process, sporting injuries that could pass as a couple months old. He had been surprisingly cooperative with his body mirroring whatever Celaena needed him to, without ever asking or forcing. As if his reflexes read into her's, a languid and communicative relationship between them. She quickly reached over for the scissors, snipping the thread and tying a final knot in the same motions, her sweater sleeve and hands working in a quick blur. True to her words, Celaena had done an impeccable job worthwhile of acing any Division given test. After all, there was an unnaturally ingrained refinement to her muscle memory. Oftentimes, Celaena would be disgusted by the robot-like flawlessness her body would perform, as if it was just another reminder of Division and its domineering claws around her. If it weren't for her need of survival, Celaena would have rebelled against her training long ago.

"You're all good," She stated, perhaps her lips hinting at the barest of smile, "Try not to ruin it all in one day,"

What was she doing? She could feel herself... softening. A foreign feeling, but nonetheless dangerous for her to do so. She needed to focus on something else-- something that could ground her back to reality. Her mind quickly turned to organization, her hands finding her supplies and packing them away into her containers. A heavy fright sank within her body, somewhere along the lining of her lungs down to the very pit of her stomach. There was somebody in her home, conscious and breathing and very clearly able to hurt her. Even if she was confident in herself, the simple idea of an opportunity to be attacked reminded her exactly what situation she was in.

However, for an unknown reason, Celaean's eyes stubbornly traveled back to Fox. His very real figure leaning against her island counter, propping himself up in the way that announced that he was in need of attention. The baseball cap was immediately placed back over his tufts of curly hair, gaze shielded, leaving his mouth absorbing the spotlight from the overhead lights. Unreadable once again. Why did she... seem to care?

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He scoffed, "A rarity- I assure you. Trust me I won't be as quiet ever again." but even as he said the words they both drifted into silence again. But this time he didn't break it as he let her work. He realised how foolish he had acted before- how exposing his outburst had made him feel... vulnerable. It was vulnerable to be seen in that state of weakness. He supposed a part of him feared what Ty would do with that knowledge- and was beyond certain that she would make her treatment painful just to agonise him. But it had shocked him when gentle and tentative hands worked fast and efficiently as opposed to rough and demanding ones that would have made him regret his being here.
It had shocked him enough that he had forgotten his words almost immediately as he said them- as if he only said them for the sake of acting like nothing had changed when, in fact, inside him everything had. Ty had a soft side- one he had ignored and refused to acknowledge. But it was clear as day and a part of him yearned to see more of it. More evidence that Division hadn't broken and tamed her like a lap dog he had initially thought she was for them. If she had a soft side then maybe....
Stop dreaming Larson. He yanked himself back into reality and a thin wall separated his thoughts from before. In the end she was an agent and whilst her hands were soft it didn't mean she was. She was trained to be deceptive so who was to say she wasn't playing games on him...

You're all good. Her words broke him out of his train of thoughts and he nodded stiffly- but nevertheless grateful that she had insisted to treat him despite their obvious distrust. He barely acknowledged her packing her things as he traced the line of his rough and ragged stitches. He supposed there would be a scar but he couldn't bring himself to ask, not wanting to stretch thin Ty's patience. Besides it would be testing his luck to stay for a chitty chat expecially when he was not needed there- he was not needed there to begin with.
Why had he come then? He tried to come up with reasons to justify his earlier choice but came out empty. In the end he just put his cap back on and without asking for permission headed to her kitchen. A second later he came back with a wet rag which he used to wipe up the blood that had made its way to the chair and floor.
Heaven forbid he would admit to feeling guilty at tainting her house like that... But let it not be said that he didn't clean after himself. Besides if he didn't clean his own blood and Ty was left to do it she would hate his guts more for sure. At least this way there was some sort of civility between them. Even if they were both basically assassins and civility would perhaps never be common ground between them.

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Celaena couldn't get used to having company over. She knew herself to be yearning, but she didn't know the extent of it-- would she begin falling for any sort of noise as an indicator of Fox's presence? Even when it would clearly be danger? He was already beginning to muddle the boundaries she reinforced through the years of her life, and he'd only been here for an hour or so. To think about the damage he could inflict if he was a regular visitor... She wouldn't make it past a month with the length list of vicious targets Division had. Even Division was her own enemy at times, worrying if she was within the 'rules' of their organization. Right now, she and Fox were probably breaking a couple right now; Division agents and relationships are simply impossible and furthermore frowned upon. Emotions affected everything, and the productivity of Division was meant to be first priority in any type of situation. Their trackers no doubt would begin to cause worry if Fox stayed any longer. As if the thought permeated throughout her body, Celaena could almost feel the weight of the chip in the back of her neck. Or was that a warning from Division? They had so many resources, Celaena could never count anything out with them.

"You should probably go," She murmured, soft enough that it seemed like an afterthought.

Though when she turned to face him again, he was simply gone. And then a slap of a towel sliced through the air as Fox bent down and began cleaning her floor. And that somehow rang as the biggest surprise since her missions of jump scares and prowling enemies. She almost wanted to ask what he was doing with a rise to her brow, though she didn't want him to suddenly change his mind. Instead, Celaena bit down on her tongue and watched with a relaxed expression on her face, just hinting at amusement or surprise. As he wiped at the vibrant drops of blood across the neutral tones, Celaena allowed her mind to drift into scenarios at Division. As for example, if Fox were to attempt at inflating his ego once again, she would bring up this lovely memory.

"Division's going to wonder why you're here for so long," She began as she moved for the door, though the implication of her words didn't hit until a blush began to blossom across her nose. Smoothly, to shield her embarrassment and protect her dignity, Celaena looked out her door to 'observe' something until her redness melted away before turning back to Fox.

"I'd love to keep my head, and I'm guessing you're too attached to your's,"

They would have to wait until another mission in the future to see one another. She couldn't decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

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The rhythmic push and pull of the rag against the floor as he cleaned his blood drops thoroughly became at some point.... therapeutic. Or was it more for the present company he was keeping? He couldn't bring his face up to meet hers despite her insistence for him to leave. So why was he still here? Cleaning her floors no less which had become spotless more than six swipes ago? Why was he prolonging this longer than necessary?

Fox couldn't bring himself to turn and face Ty even as he felt her looming presence behind him- watching. He had never been more desperate to read what expression she was wearing as he had no idea what she would make of his sudden act of chivalry.
Maybe she was enjoying this.

That thought got him up- though he tried to seem casual and nonchalant as he headed back down a hallway and to the laundry as if he owned the place. How did he know where the laundry was, you ask?
He wasn't ashamed to admit that maybe his reason for running earlier wasn't just because he had a phobia against needles...

A smirk played along his lips as he threw the rag in the wash basket before heading back to the kitchen. Though Ty's words trailed him and he wasn't sure what to say to that so finally settled with a comment expected of him. "You worried about me, darl?" He said grinning wolfishly as he passed her to the door.

Maybe it was foolish of him to come- and rash and completely reckless- especially when he was on a mission. But... He just couldn't bring himself to care. What worse can they do to him? Send him on another mission that'd bore him to death?

"Though I'm glad we see eye to eye. What would the world do without me?" He continued with mirth in his voice. For all his skills he failed to see the blush that rose to Ty's cheeks as he was too busy staring outside the door and the fact that he was being kicked out.

With a lazy shrug he gave her an up tilted smile as he tilted his hat down mock respectfully accompanied with a flourished bow.
"Until next time me lady".
With that he spun on his heels and left. Maybe he should've thanked her for the treatment. But they were assassins. And assassins didn't lower themselves like that. And yet his traitorous mind reminded him that he had cleaned her floors- which in turn lowered him....
Fox shook his head and fought the urge to turn around before he rounded the corner back to his post.

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end of rp.

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okay so here are some of my ideas:

they have to recruit this person who's been helping one of their targets (this person could be insanely talented and dangerous, hence why division wants them so badly) and celaena gets taken as a hostage for collateral?

one of division's cleaners have gone rogue (the type of agent that is prescribed a unique regime that gives them additional strength, faster reflexes, etc. making them a dangerous target) and celeana and fox are therefore chosen to track and kill this cleaner cuz they're the best ranked agents and something bad happens?

so far that's all i got, do you have any ideas?

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