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Tilly Tiason I will provide a free copy of my book to the first 5 people.

There are things that exist, but shouldn't.
And stories that should end as a tale.

So,what can be worse than a dysfunctional family, best friend troubles, and a failed midterm?

When a new kid comes to town with a grisly secret, everyone's lives turn inside out. Well not everyone; to Grumbled it just feels like it. Grumbled's best friend, Roue, decides to be his savior adding one more thing to Grumble's plate. Which leads them into a action pack adventure- battling trolls, skin walkers, dragons, and the most dangerous of all, the demonic Genjuricky.

In the meantime, he's also dead! Shut in Hell's fortress, seated at a bar televising his death to a couple drunks. He's faced with a fate he didn't ask for and a prophecy he wasn't born to fulfill. An impossible choice is asked of him. Grumbled's life is about to get way more out of control.

The question is will he succeed because being dead is the least of his worries.

Faction of Time
Tilly Tiason

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Tori | 1 comments Hi,

I would be interested in beta reading your book. Please DM me.

Best wishes,

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Tilly Tiason Tori wrote: "Hi,

I would be interested in beta reading your book. Please DM me.

Best wishes,


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