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message 1: by Jamie (new)

Jamie | 1 comments Does anyone know if Rosewater would qualify for this task?

message 2: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta | 44 comments No it wouldn't - there are extraterrestrial lifeforms featured, but the setting is firmly on Earth.

message 3: by Therese (new)

Therese | 30 comments I never read plays to begin with AND I never know what orientation an author is. We need some lists for some of these challenges. I don't know whether I will finish them all next year or not because some of them are so narrow.

message 4: by Sarah (last edited Dec 04, 2019 06:45PM) (new)

message 5: by Bonnie G. (new)

Bonnie G. (narshkite) | 1306 comments Sarah wrote: "Google to the rescue."

No shortage of gay playwrights. Off the top of my head Hamilton, The Normal Heart, Torch Song Trilogy, Boys in the Band, Bent, Love! Valor! Compassion, The Laramie Project. And there are a number of wonderful playwrights who are POC. August Wilson and Langston Hughes plays are a joy to read, For Colored Girls, In the Blood, TopDog/Underdog, Fires in the Mirror. The list is LONG!

message 6: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 11 comments Just to clarify for those looking to complete the LGBTQ author bonus challenge, Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton) would be a playwright of color but is not gay. (At least his wife and kids probably don't think so. ;-) )

Those are all great plays!

message 7: by Bonnie G. (new)

Bonnie G. (narshkite) | 1306 comments Sarah. I was blending my thoughts. Must learn to proofread!

message 8: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 11 comments Bonnie G. wrote: " Sarah. I was blending my thoughts. Must learn to proofread!"

I'm an English teacher. I can't turn it off. :-D

message 9: by Fourevver (new)

Fourevver | 5 comments Any play by Oscar Wilde will do, I think

message 10: by Inger (new)

Inger Faherty (inger70) Sarah wrote: "Google to the rescue."

How can you possibly know she's a lesbian if she's closeted?

message 12: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Kendall (_pochemuchka_) What the Butler Saw Is what i'm going with

message 13: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Newman (jamienewman) | 4 comments I'm going to try "Neaptide" by Sarah Daniels. I simply googled "queer playwrights" and got a great list. I like the hunt and I LOVE my perspectives being stretched. A lot of these aren't things I would have reached for and while I'm resistant at times (I really am not excited about reading a romance) -I'm grateful I'm expanding my horizons!

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