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Michael Evans (mevansinked) | 15 comments Title: Blood Brothers (Conspiracy Chronicles Book 2)
Author: Michael Evans
Publisher: Boundless Press
Publication date: 11/3/2019
Format: eBook
Would you die for someone that you love?

If Sam wants to live he must kill his father.

Sam should be celebrating. After battling foes in dozens of zombie-ridden wastelands in a virtual reality game, the Deadwave World Tour is over. But the only reason he is living in the real world is because he made a deal with the devil.

In exchange for his own survival at the hands of a secretive group of elites, Sam pledges to murder his father, James. However, the men who want James dead, don’t know about the grand vision that he has for his company Chimera. And that vision starts with Sam becoming a powerful member of the underground organization and ends with tens of millions of people living in virtual worlds that Chimera controls.

But his vision to change the world may actually destroy it.
Link to book page:

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JJ Coetzer (yennorks) | 288 comments Added & added Series:

Can you please provide the paperback details

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rivka | 41655 comments Mod
Format corrected to Kindle edition. Also removed URL, which has no additional info and is just a sales page.

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