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message 1: by Mika (new)

Mika Jolie (mikajolie) | 44 comments Hey there readers! Just wondering how many of you read short stories/novellas? I'm working on some ideas for next year and would love input on what you look for in those! Thanks!

carrie thackston | 19 comments I will read anything as long as I can connect to the characters and there is a satisfying conclusion. Sorry, not much help!

message 3: by Ella (new)

Ella Craig | 13 comments Not sure how helpful this is, but I need a beginning, middle, and an end (I’m so old-fashioned!).

Any novella, short story, or book needs to engage me with interesting characters and a plot that hooks me. It should also have a satisfying ending: I don’t mind an ambiguous one providing not everything is left hanging.

I often read stories from free fiction sites on the internet when I take breaks from my own writing. These are a great way to relax, especially when stymied by writer’s block. Nothing beats the buzz a well-crafted piece of work gives me when it comes to re-energising a flabby brain.

On a side note, I prefer anthologies with several writers rather than the collected works of insert name here. I like the variety of different authors and styles.

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