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Prohibited to prisoners unless under strict watch and under specific circumstances. It is mainly a location for staff members and there is rarely a time when this place is empty and not being in use. Whether it is because they are preparing for the next meal or experimenting with meals and other types of foods. The kitchen is enormous, filled with elite culinary technologies and devices. A number of different counters, ovens, stoves, dishwashers, sinks, cutting boards. You name it and they have it. It is a kitchen that is spotless, high tech and the best of the best. It's no wonder why it produces the best food in the world.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (Okay, so I thought it would be best to have Isaac and Juni first, but now I have no idea how to start with them, cause Isaac isn't the best as a starter... Maybe if you give me an idea of what Juni's doing, we can still start with them, but if not, I'd probably just be better off starting with Lottie)

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((Juni likely has come in for a snack after some sort of sports activity with the prisoners. So she's probably seated quietly [honestly socializing with Pip cause you damn know she likes the bird] while waiting for food. If that helps set the scene for Lottie to come in?))

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With Christine giving her a beat to jog to, Charlotte managed to reach the kitchen in nine minutes, just under what she'd estimated. Though she'd insisted on keeping to a slow, steady pace, the fact that she hadn't even broken a sweat was annoying. Christine and The Queens had kept her occupied enough, but only about three songs played. If she'd walked, at least five would have played, and if she'd run, perhaps only one or two may have played.

Walking would've left her too much time to think about Shihainin and whatever he was currently plotting and why it involved her and if she should have left her brother alone and if he was okay, which she was definitely not thinking about right now. Running would've gotten her to the kitchen too fast, which would've resulted in her leaving it sooner, and then she would be back in her brother's room because she was still too scared to go back to her own, and she would end up sitting there for hours, worrying about Dureau. At least jogging gave her time to do both, though she still felt restless.

Sighing, Lottie paused her music and tucked her airpods away in her sports bra. Why not, right? It was either there or her shoe, and the latter was far more uncomfortable.

Luckily, before she could worry more about Dureau, she walked into the kitchen and was confronted by one of the weirdest scenes ever. A tall chef in a hoodie, no less, having a full-on conversation with a surprisingly large yellow bird that looked way too much like Pikachu to be a coincidence. She couldn't actually hear, much less follow, the discussion, but the fact that a grown-ass man was talking to his bird like it was a person was strange enough that she momentarily amused the idea of turning around and walking away before he could notice her. On a subconscious search for something that made sense while she snuck around looking for food, she glanced around the kitchen— Only to find the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen.

Lottie had seen her, Juniper, around only because of how physically active she was. They'd been in the gym together on multiple occasions, but Lottie had never worked up the nerve to talk to her. Not to mention that she was well-known and liked by everyone at the prison and likely had a massive collection of suitors. Besides, cuties were never gay. Still... With the weight of Shihainin's threatening weighing on her, and her irritation with Umiko, and her concern over her brother... Maybe she deserved a little fun! Or at least some impulsivity.

Biting her lip softly, Lottie smiled in a rare display of shyness and stepped over to where Juniper sat.

"Um, hey! I've seen you around a lot... You're Juniper, right? I'm Charlotte. But, uh, you can call me Lottie," she giggled, holding out her hand. "You work out a lot, right? I see you in the gym a ton. I'm a guard in block one. My big brother's the head guard...? And this is probably not interesting at all..." She trailed off into an awkward laugh, pulling on a strand of hair from her ponytail.

A sudden, loud noise coming at her had her whipping her head around, only for the bright yellow bird from earlier to land on her shoulder. "Sweet Jesus, chickie, you scared me!" she exclaimed, giving the cooing avian a little scratch under her chin.

"Pip likes you..."

Lottie looked over at the soft, deep voice behind her, but she sorta wished she hadn't. The man it'd come from, the person who had been conversing with the bird now playing with the rubber band in her hair, was pointing a comically large kitchen knife at her. Granted, he was rather far away, stationed at the cutting board on the nearest island, but still. He was tall. And scary. And had really freaky dead eyes.

"H-her name is Pip?" The man narrowed his eyes the slightest amount, but it already had her back-tracking. "I-it's cute! It's cute! I like it!" She gave the bird's chin another scratch, earning a little coo. "She's very cute..." Lottie looked back at Juniper. Not nearly as cute as her though.

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Juni had arrived much earlier than Charlotte. Decked out in a pair of black shorts, sneakers and an enormous hoodie. After finishing an intense game of soccer with the other inmates, she was dying for some food. She'd gotten into the habit of going to the kitchen whenever she finished those sorts of things and knew Issac was working. She really liked the food and company.
Thus, she'd entered, greeting Issac with a nod before she'd taken her seat. She also verbally greeted Pip but otherwise kept to herself. She was used to observing them talk. Honestly enjoyed the interaction. It may be because she was biased and just loved animals. Having one bonded and attached to you like Pip was with Issac- how can you not like him? She had been originally a little intimidated by his intimidating presence- or more so his display with knives- but she'd quickly gotten over that after eating his food.

Thus, Juni sat at the island stool, silently playing a mobile game on her phone while listening to the two talk. It was pleasant background noise while the smell of food wafted into her nose. She looked away from it when the kitchen doors open and she was greeted with an unusual sight. A beautiful woman entered the kitchen, one Juni had caught a glimpse of before at a distance but never this close. She'd heard how she was a guard and fawned over because of her looks. However, she was never approached because of the reputation of her brother. That had been the extent of what Juni had overheard. Juni's gaze kept with Charlotte as she approached her. The closer she got, the more internally flustered Juni became. It didn't show a trace of it on her face, she looked calm and composed but she was a bit stricken with how pretty she was up close.
It took Juni a moment to realize she was actually talking to her. She'd gotten a little lost in her eyes but the hand drew her back into reality. Juni nodded, hesitating a moment before she took her hand into her's and shook. She didn't quite understand why Charlotte was talking to her but she wasn't going to complain.
"Heard about you. You're prettier than they claimed," Juni stated without a trace of shyness. Just saying a straight-up fact. She was impressed that she had seen her around but she was a guard of building one. She had to be top tier so it wasn't that surprising.

Juni pulled her hand back and watched the reaction to Pip with amusement. Her gaze slid over to Issac who'd joined the group- at a distance. She quietly observed the interaction until she felt Lottie's eyes back on her. She faced the other woman and a smile spread across her face, closing her eyes. "She is," she agreed. Her expression immediately returned to normal as she glanced at Issac. She held up a finger, her head tilting questioningly before she bent it. She'd done this a few times since he was often picky with her giving Pip crackers. It got to the point where she wouldn't even ask out loud. She'd just ask if she could give Pip one- piece. She then dug into her pocket where she had small packages of crackers stashed, opening and breaking one, she then handed it to Lottie.
"Pip likes them," she told her, then after that, she handed the rest of the package over. "For you," she added. Issac was still making the food so her thinking was the crackers could help make the wait easier.

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Charlotte blushed first at the compliment, and then at Juniper's adorable smile. By the gods, she was adorable. What could she do to make her smile like that again?

"Y-yeah... I've never actually seen anything other than common birds in person before. I've only been to a zoo once, and all the birds were in their winter enclosures. The wolves were pretty cool though, but you can't have one as a pet," Lottie giggled, biting her lip softly. "I do like birds though. At least, I think it'd be pretty dope to have wings. The guy from the infirmary, Tsubasa? He has wings, but I've never seen him actually use them. If I had wings, I probably wouldn't walk anywhere."

Save for the cute confusion on her face, Lottie accepted the crackers without question, oblivious to Isaac's reluctant nod of permission behind her. Luckily an explanation—both in the form of Juniper's verbal answer and Pip's frantic wing-flapping and chirping—came quickly. Laughing warmly at all the excitement, she took a cracker out of the bag and gave it to her new bird friend. With a triumphant squawk, Pip pressed her beak to Lottie's temple, made a cute kissy noise, and then flew back over to her owner's shoulder.

Charlotte smiled over at Juniper. "I never thought I'd see someone get so worked up over crackers!" she chuckled, tucking the piece of hair that Pip had pulled from her ponytail behind her ear. "Thanks for the crackers, by the way. I was secretly planning on snooping around the kitchen for something my brother would approve of as food." She flinched at the sudden glare she could feel burning the back of her head but decided to ignore it rather than engage the knife-wielding cook. "But now, if I ask suuuuper nicely, you'll maybe give me a bit of your good? At least enough for me to pretend I ate an actual meal. Mac'n'cheese never counts with Dureau. Besides, I..." She trailed off, unwelcome thoughts of Shihainin creeping back into her head. Shaking her head, she forced out a little laugh and finished, "I don't have much of an appetite right now. Life is hectic."

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Juni nodded in agreement to Lottie believing that having wings would be cool. It would definitely be interesting- though she would likely still walk around- mostly because she'd likely spend more energy running around for sports than fly around?
"They're lovely," she mused, resting her head on her hand. She'd seen his wings a few times due to her work as a physiotherapist. It was still something a bit... curious to wrap her mind around. The fact that most people here had supernatural abilities. It was the reason she'd come here so being able to see something like that was just amazing. To think things like wings sprouting from someone was possible.
Though, it was people like Isaac and Pip that made the adjustment to a dangerous place easier.

Speaking of, she was glad Isaac gave her the go-ahead, knowing he wasn't all too thrilled. However, seeing both Lottie's and Pip's reaction to the exchange was worth it. Juni's natural bland expression softened as she rested her head to watch them. It was cute. Her gaze followed Pip as she flew away back to Isaac and straightened up to give him a grateful nod.

When Lottie's voice entered her ears once more, Juni turned her full attention back to the pretty lady. "Guilty," she voiced, "spoiled her a bit," she admitted softly. She nodded, her lips quirking minutely up. She'd be snacking on one of her candies if she didn't know that she'd be on the receiving end of Isaac's glare instead of Lottie. Though, she tilted her head and stood up so she stood in front of Lottie. "You need to eat properly," she murmured, moving her hand to wrap it around Lottie's wrist. She was extremely worried now. She'd give Lottie her share if it meant she'd eat something healthy for her. This close, Juni could tell that Lottie could... look better, health-wise. Not much difference to be honest but slight especially if she was having a problem getting proper sleep. Juni looked up into Lottie's eyes, her brows a little furrowed. Her laugh sounded so strained and her pupil dilation, as well as her heart rate, only boasted Juni's concern.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (***Isaac lmao. I'll be able to reply to everything tomorrow!!!)

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((goddddd >.> won't be surprising if I admitted that I always have to ask how to spell Isaac at my job... sobs when you know there's two of one letter and luck just doesn't like ya >~< sorry and fixed it... hopefully all of them))

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Charlotte giggled softly at Juniper's comment, only to have her sudden closeness silence her. Sweet pickles, she was way cuter up close. Her eyes were magnetic. Beautiful and mysterious and sucking her in— Juniper's voice shocking her out of her daze, Lottie cleared her throat and looked away. Now unable to meet her gaze, she shook her head and laughed nervously, "I'm okay, I promise! I eat just fine. It's just been a tough few days, so I'm a little off track, but don't worry! Dureau always makes sure I eat properly. There's no harm in slacking a bit today."

Afraid she would see through her bluff, Lottie slid her hand into Juniper's and squeezed it. With a shy bite to her lip, she turned to Isaac, their hands still locked together, and asked, "Do you think that'd be okay? I don't wanna have ya makin' more food for me, 'cause it seems like she's been sitting here long enough, but... To be honest, you're kinda scary, bro, I don't really know how to talk to you." She glanced at Juniper. "How the hell do you manage to talk to him? He's all tall and intimidating."

It was clearly all just a joke, but Isaac's glare perfectly illustrated how little he appreciated the jab. With a growl in his voice, he pointed over to a small dining table across the room and demanded, "Go sit."

With a squeal of thanks, Charlotte led Juniper over to the table in the corner of the room.

By the gods, what on earth was wrong with her??? Gettin' all touchy-feely with a woman she barely knew. This wasn't like her at all. And yet... It felt oddly natural to sit across from Juniper with their hands still connected over the table. She was just so nice and cute and, gods, Lottie loved how short she was. She desperately wanted to pick her up and twirl her around. Was that an inappropriate thought to have about someone you've just formally met? Probably. Ah, fuck it.

"S-so, um... Are you s-seeing anyone?" Lottie asked, cringing a bit at herself. She could practically hear Isaac rolling his eyes.

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Juni's brows remained furrowed, it would be rather cute if not for the fact she was seriously concerned. It was clear to her that Lottie was covering up and playing off any attention towards her state of being. Juni saw it a lot when she was helping people in her profession. It was self-destructive even if what she was saying was true. She looked otherwise rather healthy and she was glad to hear that Dureau was making sure she was eating. However, it meant that if he wasn't doing that, she wouldn't be looking after herself properly.

Juni opened her mouth, wanting to counter that today of all days she should definitely care to eat well. She didn't get a chance to when her attention shifted to Lottie's hand in her and the sensation of her squeezing. She stared at for a minute, her expression unchanging before she held it back and turned her attention to the conversation at hand. Her gaze locked with Lottie's when she directed questions at her. She tilted her head, the only action revealing her confusion on her questions before she glanced at Isaac before back at Lottie. "He's nice, makes good food and has a bird," she replied very seriously. It didn't really answer her question though. That was mainly because, Juni didn't overly converse with Isaac. It was for that reason likely that they got along rather well. Just quietly do their own thing. He was very open on how he felt about things even if it wasn't verbally.

Juni obediently followed Lottie, feeling no desire to release the other girl's hand. A first for her that she didn't question in hindsight. She sat down across from her and looked at Lottie. Juni wasn't sure what she was exactly waiting for, but she was waiting for something. It was this minute confusion of her own actions that had a cute little furrow displace her brow. Something that immediately cleared up when Lottie spoke again. She was quiet for a moment, letting a tension hang in the air unknowingly. Her blank expression, alas soft, didn't help the situation. Until a smile lifted her lips and had her lids half-way shutting. "I'm seeing you..?" she said, missing the point entirely.
It wasn't until a solid moment later, within the drawn-out silence that Juni realized her misunderstanding. Juni's eyes widened at the realization and she immediately apologized. "I'm sorry. And I'm not romantically involved with anyone," she clarified. Internally having a tiny meltdown from the embarrassment that showed no trace aside from the slight squeeze of Lottie's hand. Too worried about the mistake to wonder why Lottie would be interested in knowing.

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Juniper's first response made Charlotte trail off into an awkward giggle. Luckily, the second one made her beam.

"You're not seeing anyone? That's—" She laughed. "Yay. I mean, not yay for you being alone, 'cause no one likes being alone but, uh... Yay for me." She squeezed Juniper's hand gently and bit down on her bottom lip. "Does that mean I have a chance? It's cool if you're straight, but we are kinda holding hands already, and I think you're cute as fuck, so it'd be a bit of a bummer to be blue-balled with affection, but I totally get it... Please tell me I don't got it." She laughed again, this time, a blush creeping along her cheeks as her confidence waned.

Lottie wouldn't let herself pass up this chance. Dureau chased away every man who approached her, not that she'd necessarily been interested in them, but maybe a woman would have a better chance. Especially a small, cute one like Juniper. Gods, if she could snag Juniper, the adorable sporty girl that everyone thirsted over, she would brag until her teeth fell out.

"I'm also not saying that you have to go out with me, but I am saying that it would be fun. We could work out together, snuggle a whole butt-ton, have movie marathons... I could culture you with French music, and maybe we could even have a picnic on the beach sometime? Okay, so, maybe it wouldn't be the best, but I'm creative! And we could collaborate to come up with date ideas! Or we could just snuggle all the time, which sounds awesome. Snuggling is, like, the best thing in the world. And you're so small and cute, I'd probably never ever wanna stop snuggling you... I probably sound like a big old creep, don't I? I've sorta been crushing on you from afar, 'cause I see you every time I work out, and you're just so damn cute..."

Lottie trailed off, her blush brighter than ever. "I totally sound like a creeeeep," she groaned, covering her face with her free arm. Luckily, she couldn't see Isaac nodding in agreement behind her.

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Juni nodded in confirmation, watching Lottie while her mind reminded her of her little flub. God, she was foolish, what else would that have meant? Is it too obvious that she has no experience with anything to do with romance?
Juni's heart stopped when Lottie's minute rambling ended with her revealing she thought it was a good thing for her. Juni's hand was hot in Lottie's as she silently listened to her. A lot of things crossed her mind during this time. She listened to every word she had to say to her, watching the emotions play across her face. She was floored by this attractive woman to the point that she was wondering if this was just a hallucination. Why would someone like her have any interest in her? Juni wasn't anything to sneeze at. Her puzzlement, shock and how fluster she truly was, was expertly hidden during this entire time.

What she was proposing sounded enjoyable, she couldn't find a fault to it. Still, a mess of anxiety provoked thoughts crossed her mind for a moment that was chased away with Lottie revealing she thought Juni was small and cute. It was a combination that she had never heard about herself. She didn't know how to handle this confession, she'd never received one before so she was in completely new territory. However, Juni was not a woman who ran away from things she wasn't used to. Especially when someone this pretty was laying her heart out on the table. Juni squeezed Lottie's hand, laying her other hand overtop of it. She gave Lottie a soft smile, "I don't think you're a creep," she told the other woman. She had noticed Isaac's silent agreement to Lottie's statement though. Something she ignored.

Juni's mind was focused on one thing. The only concept of dating she was aware of that involved dependence on your partner. It was all she could think about and feared. Yet, she refused to let that control her decision.
"I can't say yes," she began, her hands tightening around Lottie's hand in case she distanced herself from her, "...right now. I want to get to know you better so I can properly respond to your feelings... if you'd let me?" she asked softly. Her feelings were nowhere near the level Lottie's were at, however, it wasn't like she didn't like the other woman. Something so important... she didn't feel like she could answer so quickly all of a sudden. Especially since nothing she mentioned seem to hint at dependence on the other. She had never attempted any sort of feelings for someone else and she's never felt what it is like to like another or desire someone.
"And I will die if you eternally snuggle me," she said. Her expression was soft as well as her voice so the comment was really easy to misinterpret as light joking, alas a bad attempt. However, despite the light tone, she was very serious about that fact- not that she was totally against... some snuggling... maybe...

Juni's face began to burn and she dreaded if it was showing on the outside. She ducked her head, unable to continue looking at Lottie without feeling her brain explode. What even was this feeling? She rarely felt this embarrassed- she was quite flustered when she first started here but this felt different.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (In what direction are we planning for this to go??? It's hard to write a long post for fluffy stuff 'cause I'm so used to angst, I just don't know where to go.)

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((Bruh. I'm right there with you. Idk. I mean, Juni for sure needs to eat and then dart cause if she doesn't expend some energy she's gonna end up joining the injured in the infirmary xD So we can aim for just a quick meal or have them plan to do something after??))

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