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UNSOLVED: One specific book > 90s-ish childrens book about animals/morals (fiction)

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Krysten | 1 comments I don't have a lot of details but it was a children's book, and it had several tales in one book. There was a tree, a gate that may have been locked, and hanging on the tree were I think keys? On ribbons but I can't remember what they unlocked. I think there were hearts, candy, and chocolate involved somehow too. The animals all faced different challenges and when they beat them they got a key maybe? I know there was definitely a lion, I can't remember what other animals there were. This may have been a Christian based book or at least had some kind of God/moral to each chapter. I distinctly remember a read heart covered in brown chocolate in one of the pictures. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I absolutely loved this book as a kid and cannot for the life of me remember anything more about it or the title.

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