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Kristel (kristelh) | 3831 comments Mod
Read 2014
Plot: Story of emigre's who left their country and the experience memory and returning to the homeland. The author really presents an essay with a story and compares it to the Odyssey and the homecoming.
I liked it better than The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I liked the essay part of the story on memory and emigrent experience. I think the message that Kundera gives with his bits on sexual encounters are very real. He doesn't make it more than what it is. I could do without the detail but I appreciate what he is saying.

Diane Zwang | 1192 comments Mod
3/5 stars for me too. Read in 2014.

Ignorance addresses the complexities of nostalgia, emigration, homeland and “the age of ignorance”. Irene and Josef are immigrants from the Czech Republic. Irene moves to France and Josef to Denmark. This story is about their recent trip back after some 20 years. “For the very notion of homeland, with all its emotional power, is bound up with the relative brevity of our life, which allows us too little time to become attached to some other county, to other countries, to other languages.” The first half of the book I enjoyed. Reading about our 2 characters and learning of their past lives in the Czechoslovakia but the second half of the book kind of fizzled for me.

message 3: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Brown | 506 comments read Oct. 2021

Either I missed a great deal or I wasn’t in the correct frame of mind for this novel. I can say it was ‘interesting’ (but not entirely in the positive sense). The best I can say is it is short. The characters are not people who live an examined life, instead they move through their lives in ignorance - of the basis of their own actions, of any real connection with their friends, and of happiness. All of the characters are unhappy. The only one that I could empathize with was Josef who did spend time reflecting on his past and how his emigration affected his family. 3*

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