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[ the medic room is operated by the head medic, and is used to patch up any wounds from missions. it is also a space where drugs, and experimentations such as fatal toxins are stored. recruits are not allowed in this room without supervision.

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Seraphus Ayame | 80 comments Jenny found herself mildly annoyed. It was her third day in the medic room and she wanted out. This was ridiculous, her injures weren`t even life threatening anymore, not that they ever were. She could still hear the medics nagging about her injures. The moment she woke up two things became clear to her. She was in the medic room thought she couldn`t remember coming here alone, the second thing was the medical staff around her. When she tried to move, ask about what was going on, only winces and yelps of pain came from her. It was obvious she was injured and the medic explained her conditions to her. While she didn`t have any major injures, she suffered a light concussion, her back was pretty badly bruised and she had contusions along her spine and on her rib cage, but nothing broken. The worst of her injures was probably the twisted ankle that was swollen and painful even now. So they left her here for observation in case she gets worst.

The time spent here at least gave her time to think, there wasn`t anything else to do. The medics didn`t allow her to leave so she was pretty much stuck here, in bed. So her mind did a little reminiscing. The fight from three days ago playing over and over again. She got involved, something that she usually avoided. Put her own ass on the line only to get hurt and stuck here. The person she was trying to protect couldn`t even bother to check on her. Not that she was expecting him to but it would be nice. Of course that made her annoyed, angry and hurting because her injures were still making their recovery.

Shifting her weight on the medic bed, wincing in pain as her back reminded her to be still, not to move to much. She really wanted to get out, Jenny was never a person that could be still for a long period of time and she reached her limit. She was getting out even if she had to crawl on all fours to her room. Swinging her legs over the bed and sitting upright, swallowing down another wince that wanted out.

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Max | 134 comments After the fight three days ago, Alek had tried to go back to life as normal and for the most part he succeeded. The fact that Division likely knew that he was partly responsible for the two injured agents found in the training room was never brought up. As he had assumed, Division almost encouraged their recruits to get into fights. It was their way of turning agents against each other and strengthening them by pitting them against one another. The fact that he had beat them was a badge of honor for him too. Not that he had beat them entirely on his own, in fact he would have been the injured one had it not been for Jenny, but he didn't even mention her name when he bragged about the fight to other recruits. A favorite pasttime of the newly recruited trainees was to brag about the fights they got into, the people they slept with and the challanges they won. Everyone was trying to make themselves seem tougher than they actually were. The competed about stupid things, talking and acting like insecure teenagers.

A day after the fight, Alek had seen both the agents walking about having been let out from one of the infirmaries. The woman was wearing sunglasses which he assumed to mean that she had a concussion and her arm was hanging in a sling. The man's head was covered with a crisp white bandage. They passed each other in the hallway and while they both glared angrily at him, neither made a move to attack him. While he tried not to show it, Alek was eternally grateful that that had decided to let him be for the time being because he wasn't sure he could even beat one of them at this point. He had a ring of bruises strung around his neck like a morbid collar from where the woman had tried to choke him. He hurt all over and knew that he would rather curl up in a ball on the floor than get into a fight for the next couple days.

Three days after the fight he still hadn't seen Jenny around despite having checked all the training rooms multiple times. He didn't know why he felt such a need to check in on her. He told himself that he wanted to check she was okay and thank her so he was no longer in debt to her for saving him back at the fight. When he had been unable to find her, he finally went to check the infirmary. He had assumed that her injuries were minor enough that she would have been out of the infirmary in a day or less like he had been, so he was shocked to be told by one of the nurses that she was still there.

Recruits hardly ever were allowed into the recovery rooms if they weren't injured but he convinced the doctor that he needed to visit Jenny. He had been told that she was resting and that he should come back later so he had gone to the cafeteria to eat something before coming back. Now he peered hesitantly around her curtain to see her sitting upright, face pinched slightly in pain.
"Still stuck in sanitart hell I see." He said with a smirk, leaning against her bed with a careless expression gracing his face.

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Seraphus Ayame | 80 comments Jenny sat on the bed,her legs slung from the beds edge ,wondering how she would accomplish this next task. It was clear to her she was still in no condition to move, let alone walk. Staying here however was not an option. It was driving her crazy staying still for so long. The sanitary smell of the medic room along with the silence seemed to give her the creeps. It made her skin crawl and goosebumps rose on her arm. Everything hurt and the medic gown she was wearing was making her feel look even worst. The gown being white, falling to her knees with her pale skin and blond hair made her feel like she was a ghost hunting this room . The fact that the nurses ignored her when she told them she wanted out was only proving her point more.

This was all his fault,Alek. She got injured when she tired to protect him. Why did she do it thought. That was bothering her the most. She had seen other recruits getting hurt and injured by agents and didn`t even bat an eyelash at it. Didn`t get involed, just ignored the winces and screams of pain that could be heard in the hallways when agents were having their fun. It was a normal thing at Division. Everyone here was a target, an enemy that could turn on you in a second. You took care of yourself and no one else. That was a number one rule and never meant to be broken in her mind. She broke it, she broke it in a second. Her body moved on it own, on instinct, to protect him.

It made her annoyed, angry even. Annoyed at herself for losing control and helping him. She never lost control, not on her emotions, not in her character. She was always calm and composed. That time she was worried and even a bit scared for him, she wanted to protect him so she lost control and did just that. Angry at him because even now three days later, he still didn`t check on her, not even a bit or asked about her. She knew recruits weren`t allowed in the medic room because of the various poisons stored here, but he could have at least asked about her. She was even stupid enough to ask the doctors and nurses if anyone visited or asked about her. Only to be left with nothing. So yeah she was pissed and sick of being here where she could only be reminded of her own stupid actions.

Her attention caught the slight parting on the of her curtain, only to reveal the reason for her anger. He walked in without a care in the world and leaned against her bed. It only made her temper flare further as she watched him. She did notice the bruising around his neck and for a second she felt worried about him again. It died pretty quickly as she heard his comment and saw his smirk. She wanted to smack him on the head, no she was going to smack him, but first she was going to play with him for a bit, it was time for revenge. Knowing the doctors couldn`t tell him anything without her permission, so he didn`t know the extent of her injuries.

Keeping her expression blank, she watched him confused as her hand rose towards him, like she was going to touch him only to pull it back at the last second
˝W...who are you??˝ she stuttered as a look of confusion and fear crossed her face ˝D...d...do I know you?˝

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Max | 134 comments Alek paused for a moment, waiting for Jenny to go all crazy-angry on him. He knew that he deserved to be yelled at. No matter how he refused to admit it, Jenny had saved him from serious physical damage. She had put herself between him and a man who was intent on hurting him, badly. Alek knew that most of the Division agents were violent by nature. Who knows what life they had led before coming to Division? Perhaps they had been hit-men, murderers, whatever it was, for most of them it was enough to get them on death row. Considering the crowd that inhabited these underground passageways, Alek had known it was a bad idea to antagonize those agents, but he had and despite the fact that he had done something idiotic Jenny had stood by him. She deserved at least a casual check-in from him and yet he had only thought to come see her three days after the fight.

But the yelling never came. He was tensed for a slap or a punch that never came, his eyes narrowed in anticipation of pain. What felt like eternity passed though and no sharp pain came lancing across his cheek or stomach. Slowly he allowed himself to relax and finally gave Jenny a good long look. She was pale, so pale that she looked almost ghostly. She looked so small too, in that medical gown like a little girl almost. But the thing that made her look so utterly fragile was the wide-eyed blank look in her eyes. She looked afraid, an expression that he hadn't thought was possible on her, unless she was confronted by a spider.
"You- You don't..." He trailed off, a look of horror passing over his smug expression. The smirk that thad linger on his lips washed away so fast no one would have ever believed it had been there in the first place. No longer did he look the part of the cocky recruit, he looked like a recruit who was totally screwed. The nurse at the front hadn't said anything about brain damage, but then again they wouldnt' have shared Jenny's medical files with him.

Alek didn't know what Jenny's role at Division was, but if she had permenant brain damage, he knew that the Division leaders wouldn't look at him too kindly. How had this happened? She had only gotten tossed around a little bit, he hadn't throught it was anything worse than a concussion maybe. Yet here she was, looking at him as though he was a stranger from another world. He was just a lowly recruit, and he had caused serious physical damage to an agent. What the hell was Division going to do with him when they found out. And if they already knew, why hadn't they come for him yet?

Desperately, Alek reached for her before letting his arm drop. The last thing he needed was for her to start screaming about him attacking her or something.
"Don't you remember me? I'm Alek... Aleksander Jackson. We uh, we met in the training room?" He realized in the back of his mind that he was panicking and that he needed to calm down. Hands clenched around the bar at the bottom of the bed while he forced himself to breath. The Division leaders hadn't come for him yet about this, maybe they didn't know. He still had time to make her remember... even if that's not how medicine works. Trying to force himself to relax he managed to salvage some of the Alek he used to be, giving her an almost self-assured look.
"Y'know. The handsome guy who almost beat you up when you get freaking out by a spider... and then got into a fight with two of the most talented agents in Division... and you helped me, and we won?" He asked, his voice much steadier than it had been only moments ago. Finally though he broke down again when he realized that what he had just said probably wasn't going to help her remember.
"Okay. The annoying fuckup who fell asleep on you and then needed you to fucking save him in a fight." He said softly, eyes searching her blank face for some recognition.

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Seraphus Ayame | 80 comments Jenny wanted to start laughing and she had a hard time stopping herself from doing it. Never in her wildest dreams would she imagine that Alek would start panicking like this.If he could see himself now.She only wanted to mess with him a little.She didn`t expect this and for a moment she was temped to drop her act, only to remember that it was all his fault. He waited three days to check up on her, three long boring days. In her mind he deserved some punishment.

She could practically see his mind working, trying to find a solution and make her remember. There was no doubt he was doing this so he wouldn`t be punished by the Division leaders. If they found out one of their agents was seriously hurt by a recruit, they would act. But Alek didn`t know that he was safe from them. Since Jenny wasn`t really hurt much at all, well her body was a bit bruised and her ankle twisted but other then that she was great. As great as you could be after being stuck in a medic room for three days and feeling,looking like a ghost.

She wanted to see his reaction if she played an innocent girl that lost a part of her memory. In the back of her mind she knew she should stop and just tell him the truth, but she wanted to tear down the wall he build around himself. If that meant she had to play a character for a while so be it. This was his punishment. Dropping the act now anyways would serve no point, let him sweat for a while. Besides she wanted to see what he would do next if she acted like this.

Keeping all of that in mind she continued to watch him with a blank expression, tilling her head to the side acting like she was confused about everything he just said, keeping quiet .
Before she noticed that he was going to reach for her but held back,grabbing the bed bar instead. She reached out with her hand, wincing as pain shot up her back.Reaching up to allow her fingers to brush gently up the bruise on his neck as she spoke
˝Does this still hurt? It looks painful.˝ Allowing real worry take presence in her voice as she leaned closer to him

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Max | 134 comments Some childish hope had been burying itself in Alek's gut, telling him that once he told her exactly who he was, she would remember him. He had never been one to rely on an emotion as intangible and false as hope, but right now, that was all he had. Division was his second chance at life, a horrible second chance... one that involved living only a half-life for the rest of his time on this earth but it was a life none-the less. Alek had considered the idea that death may be better than working for Division. Sometimes late at night he would think about it, weigh the options, roll the idea around in his head like a soccer ball. But it was always a far away sort of thought, as though he was holding out for things to get even worse before he seriously considered death above being a Division agent.

Now death was not such an abstract concept. Perhaps he was overreacting but Alek was still only a recruit. He had heard stories about people's kill chips getting activated for much less than giving another agent brain damage. Suddenly the knowelage that he didn't want to die hit him with full force. He spent every waking moment trying to survive, whether he realized it or not. Alek was a survivor, he was willing to do anything it took to be the last one standing. Unconciously he brought his hand to his right wrist where the kill chip lay under the skin. It was put smartly in the one location that made digging it out close to impossible, if any agent were brave enough, (or desperate enough) to try.

He almost flinched as her fingers brushed against his collarbone and up onto his neck but forced himself to stay still. The bruises were still dark and vivid on his throat but they were healing and would likely be gone in a week at most.
"No. They don't hurt so much." he replied almost absently, his mind still whirling about as he tried to figure out how to avoid responsibility for Jenny's memory loss.
"Do you... do you know how you got here? Or who you are?" He asked hesitantly. Maybe he could salvage something out of her ruined mind, make a believable story and convince her to tell that to the Division people. He was trying to hard to be calm but his hands still clenched the bed bar and for a moment his face twisted into one of pure agonized rage.
"God damn it Jenny." He hissed under his breath.

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Seraphus Ayame | 80 comments Jenny never considered herself as mean or cruel. Right now she was feeling like both. Even before Division she did things nobody would be proud of, committing fraud, deceiving people. Those were the things that were necessary to survive but she always made sure those people deserve what was coming to them. At an early age she discovered that she had a gift of acting and reading people, so using that gift she survived. No matter what act she had to play.Her life was hard even before Division came into the picture but it was her life. Here she lived for Division and their missions.

Division polished that gift, pushing her to the brink of breaking and further. There were times she was so scared and broken, thoughts of ending it all crossed her mind. However what it all came down to, she had nothing to go back to. No friends, no home, nobody to be happy she was alive. Maybe that was the reason she was so worried about Alek, why she put her well being on the line. If she was being truthful she was kind of jealous oh him. Division taught her how to control her feelings, to be in charge of her emotions and never openly display them. He showed everything so freely, even if he wasn`t aware of it.

Even now he was displaying fear even if he was trying to stay calm, the way his hands clenched the bed bar, his face showing rage for a moment,even the fact that he brought his hand to the kill chip everyone had, she caught it all. It fascinated her someone could be so free with their emotions. She couldn`t remember when she was so open with herself,maybe before Division, before this life but that was all in the past now. To Division she was a tool to use, a perfect little actress that played the role they gave her without any resistance. The kill chip everyone had made sure of that, even if she didn`t have anything to go back to, she didn`t want to die.

This time she took her act to far, even if she was angry at him. Making him fear for his life was never her intention, she could continue the act but that would just be cruel and mean. She was not a cruel person but he did deserve some punishment. She really needed to teach him how to read people or other agents like her would eat him up. That could however wait for now.
Worrying about him when she heard him so desperately trying to reach her and make her remember something, she decided to do something she mostly never did. She dropped the act, she was about to reach for him to apologize to him when her temper flared to life again as he hissed at her. That was it, they were alone here and she allowed her temper to overflow,letting her anger out.

Instead of reaching him, her hand rose and she smacked him over the head, anger could be hear in her voice as she let it rip, scolding him-
˝Don`t you God damn it me ,you insensitive jerk ˝ poking at finger at his chest she continued, being far from over ˝I`m here because of you, I got injured because of you, because I was stupid enough to try to protect you. And you didn`t even bother to check on me or ask in three days. probably bragging to your friends about how you beat up two agents all alone while I was stuck here recovering. And now three days later you stroll here like nothing happened with a confident smirk on your face ˝ she started to practically yell at him at this point ˝ So excuse me for being angry and playing a joke on you, but you deserved it, don`t you dare be angry at me and act like this is my fault. You...you insensitive jerk. ˝ She huffed out a breath.

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Max | 134 comments Had Alek been aware that Jenny in fact remembered him crystal-clearly or that she had been trained to notice and understand human emotion, he wouldn't have been nearly so open with his emotions. He assumed (wrongly) that with her head wound she wouldn't be able to fully proccess what he was saying or the anger that flashed across his face. Anyway, he was alright with showing anger to others but fear was another matter. He had been raised by his mother and from a young age had worried about his ability to be a man. It was a stupid and childish worry, after all being raised by only a woman didn't mean he would grow up lacking a teacher of bravery and loyalty. In fact, his mother was a much better teacher of so called 'masculinity' than his father ever could have been. She raised a troublemaker child on her own and had never once showed just how hard raising him had been. Despite coming home exhausted she had always had a smile for Alek and would sit and listen to stories about his day while nursing her aching feet. She always said goodnight to him, even if that meant calling him from work. She was often on night shifts but always seemed to have energy for her son. Still, young Alek had doubted her abilities to teach him how to be a proper man, so he had tried to teach himself. He knew the classic topics most fathers might cover from movies or books. Real men don't cry. Never back away from a fight. Always be the first one to hit and the last one on the ground. He created a father in his mind to teach him all there was to know about being a man. In the end... it only resulted in a case of toxic masculinety. Even now, Alek abided the rules he had made for himself all those years ago. He would never had shown such fear in front of Jenny had he thought she was mentally well enough to judge him.

The last thing he had been expecting was for her to slap him. He took a shocked step back, hand flying up to protect his head from her violence. At first, he didn't know what to say. She was acting like she knew exactly who he was... but didn't she have brain damage or something. He let her rage at him, staring dumbfound as she continued to rant on.
"I-" He stammered, uncertain on how to procceed. Slowly as if moving through mollases, he realized that she had been tricking him. All this time she had been teasing him, lying to him.

He had never felt such humiliation in his life, and he had done a lot of stupid shit over the past couple years. Never though had someone tricked him to such a degree.
"I-I'm the jerk? What the fuck did you get out of that little act?" He shouted before quickly quieting down. He didn't want anyone to come running to see what was happening. He couldn't exactly deny her claims about not visiting, because it was true. He hadn't come to visit and he had bragged to all the other recruits about singlehandedly beating two agents. Still, he was fuming from her embarassing trick.

His hand itched to slap her and he found himself taking a threatening step towards her, hand raised in preparation to hit her. But a moment of clarity reminded him that all this was his fault. He should have visited her and she was still injured. He had no right to hit her. Rolling his eyes he turned away to get his violent tendancies under control. He knew that he should apologize but he couldn't bring himself to. If there was one thing Alek didn't do, it was apologize. Instead he reached into the leather bag he had brought with him and pulled out something covered in a wad of hastily wrapped napkins.
"I brought you some chocolate cake. They had it in the cafeteria for a celebration of a successful mission." He said rather stiffly, holding it out towards her like a peace offering. Division was training their agents to be of the utmost health and strength, foods like chocolate were few and far between. He hoped that she'd see he was trying to apologize in his own strange sort of way.

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Seraphus Ayame | 80 comments Jenny was taken back at the overflow of emotions that came pouring out of her. Never did she allow her emotions to run a mock or come to the surface so easily. Keeping them locked away deep inside her, it scared her that suddenly they came rushing out in such a way. Scared her that for a moment she pulled away slightly for Alek. This was not something she was used to, openly showing her emotions. Maybe something was wrong with her head, making the doctors look at her again might be a good idea. This way of acting was not her. She worked hard to train herself not to show such things, to never allow anyone inside her head or allow someone to read her.

Taking a second to compose herself back together , drawing a deep breath into her lungs and pushing the emotions that somehow broke from their cage back into it. This was a momentary mistake, one that was not happening again,ever.
If Division found out that she acted this way, there was no telling what they would do the her. She was snapped back from her mind as Alek actually shouted at her. Not wanting to admit that he had every right to shout and be angry at her. What she did was inexcusable. It was one thing to manipulate someone to gain something, information or even an upper hand. Using someone just to humiliate him was another. She did just that. Her emotions took over and she allowed such a childish act to happen.

Her eyes locked with his as his hand rose. She knew fully well what was going to happen. She was expecting it. Maybe she needed another beating, maybe that would snap her back to reality and make her see common sense again. Raising her head she awaited a slap that never came,instead she was dumbstruck when a flimsy looking napkin appeared from a bag he carried with him. Her eyes only widen further when she heard it was chocolate cake.

There weren`t many things that Jenny enjoyed, but chocolate had to be one of her favorite. Her hands actually itched and she wanted to grab the cake from him, only refraining barely from doing the act. Why was he offering her a chocolate cake? In Division things like chocolate, junk food or anything that was considered like a treat was not easy to come by. Actually it was near to impossible to find, so when it was available everyone greedily took their share. Those who weren`t so lucky to get one had to deal with it cause asking to share was a sure way to get in trouble. It seemed silly to fight over a snack but it was the reality of Division. Yet here he was, offering it up to her freely. A mark hit home as she realized that this was his way of apologizing to her.

Taking the cake from him slowly, she understood that she had to apologize as well. So shifting the cake to her left hand she patted the bed with her right as a smile crossed her lips ˝ Why don`t we share it, it`s no fun if I eat it alone.˝ Shifting her gaze down to the cake, somehow it was embarrassing to say ˝ Also thank you.˝

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Max | 134 comments Alek had never felt more foolish in his life. He had been tricked by a girl half his size, believed that she had brain damage because of a less than 5 minute conversation with her. He didn't know her at all, and yet he had believed her without a second thought. Now he was standing in the middle of a medical room holding out a paper napkin full of crumbly chocolate cake in the form of an apology. What a sad picture he must be making right now. When he had heard about Division, never in the thousands years had he expected this was going to be part of his years of Division. Although, he hadn't known what being a Division agent entailed when he had first joined. He hadn't stopped to think at all about what life as an agent would be. It was a choice between being an agent or death, so really it was no choice at all.

Suddenly a glint of something that could be akin to joy sparked in Alek's eye and his mouth twisted into a smile, or at least something that could pass for a smile. It had been a long time since he'd done anything but smirk and it felt as though he had to twist the wrong muscles in order to create some semblance of a normal human smile.
"What has Division done to us?" He said softly, regarding the spot beside her on the bed with some suspicion. He didn't fully trust her but he didn't trust anyone. Considering the trick she had just played on him, he wasn't particularly inclined to feel any warm and fuzzy emotions towards her at the moment. But he was still tired from training and it had been a long, long time since he'd had anything as good as chocolate.

After a long moment he took a halting step forward and then sank down onto the bed. He felt horribly awkward all of a sudden, unsure of what to say. He hadn't fully forgiven her for ther trick and he sat somewhat stiffly next to her, eyes trained on the floor before a thought suddenly rose into his mind. Sometimes Alek thought things and they just popped into his mind and he knew he shouldn't say them but they managed to slip out before he had time to stop them.
"Y'know, I thought i'd get to be in bed with you under different circumstances." He said, his classic Alek smirk returning. He regretted saying that moment it came out of his mouth, but it was too late. Grabbing the napkin from her he split it in half and popped a piece into his traitorous mouth.

It had been so long since he'd eaten anything with sugar in it. The cake itself was nothing special, in fact had he been at home he probably wouldn't have enjoyed it. Now though, it felt as if it was a little slice of heaven.
"Holy shit I missed chocolate." He groaned contently.

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Seraphus Ayame | 80 comments While Jenny did feel guilty for the little trick she pulled on Alek, she refused to admit it. He needed to learn how to let go of his pride in Division. It was hard yes, since it was the only thing you had in this place but sometimes that pride could cause you trouble. Still not knowing what he role was at Division made it easier for her to tick him. If he knew there was no doubt in her mind, he would be on guard with her. Everyone else who knew her were. It was never her intention to do the things she did, she was just wired that away. Sometimes she felt like a monster that couldn`t help herself, at other times she felt powerful because of what she could do. Everyday here was a fight and she was fighting in her way.

Uexpectedly she was dumbstruck when he smiled at her. Tried to smile was more like it. It was a change from his usual smirk he gave her. Even if she could see it was making him uncomfortable and seemed foreign, but had to admit it made transformed him from handsome to gorgeous. She wondered if he knew just how handsome he was and that girls would probably throw themselves at him if he smiled more often.
Only a sigh left her as he seat down on the bed as he asked the question about Division ˝ They made us into what they need, perfect little slaves that obey any order they give and nobody can save us from this fate˝ she answered him as she fumbled with the cake in her hand.

As she gave her answer to him, the silence that followed was making her lose her nerves, it seemed they just shared a truthful moment. Only to have it broken when his usual smirk returned and his comment echoed in the room. Her attention was fully on him them, she knew he was only joking. A way to break the silence that continued but she had to admit she was temped to push him this time on it. It was a long time since she flirted with someone, others flirted with her but she usually ignored that. Never being interested in such games. Recruits came on to her more often then other agents , a way for them to escape the horrible training and to brag about it after. No thank you, not her game, so she shot them down right away. This time was another thing however since he was acting like this, so would she.

She watched him as he ate his part of the cake, as a plan unfolded in her mind. Let see how he reacts if she took him on his flirtations, she moved to place her cake on the nightstand next to her bed before returning to him. It was hard to move but she manage somehow without wincing.
Pulling her legs under her she leaned closer to him as she wrapped her arms around his waist
˝ What circumstances would that be? ˝ She asked as a wicked smile played on her face and a glint of interest sparked in her eyes

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Max | 134 comments Alek was momentarily lost from reality as he focused on the cheap chocolate melting in his mouth. He hadn't realized just how much he had missed the taste. It reminded him of his birthday cakes. Ever since he was a little boy his mother would always bake him a chocolate cake for his birthday. Not just any chocolate cake though. It was a homemade chocolate cake with raspberries around it and white chocolate on top. His mother hardly ever had time to back but she loved to back. She took such care in making his birthday cake every year. In white icing she would write his name on top in swirling letters. Back when he had been on death row he had thought a lot about what he would want his last meal to be. He hadn't gotten to have any of his mother's chocolate cake on his 19th birthday, the one birthday he spent on death row. He had contemplate asking for it as his last meal. But he knew that it wouldn't be the same. The chocolate wouldn't crumble and melt into his mouth and the raspberries wouldn't be the fresh ones that his mother always got from the local farmers market. They were expensive so that was a special occasion type of thing. It wouldn't be as good as mom made it, so instead he had settled on asking for some vodka. He wasn't sure if that was even allowed but he wanted to get piss drunk before he died. Of course, that day had never come. Instead he was hear, eating chocolate cake again on a hospital bed with a proffessional liar.

He was drawn back into reality by Jenny's seductive mouth and sparkling eyes. For a moment he just stared at her. For so long she had ignored his flirtatious comments that he couldn't believe this one had caught on. Although that had been a good line, even he had to admit that.
"Oh so three days bedridden got you all hot and bothered?" He asked with a grin, sitting up as her arms circled around his waist.
"A pretty girl like you, a handsome guy like me... there's only one scenario that makes any sense." He smirked at her, a sharp look that was highlighted by his unusually sharp canine teeth.

He couldn't believe his luck. After all those pickup lines and winks, she was finally taking some interest in him. It was too good to be... oh. It was too good to be true. She had already lied to him today. Scared him shitless in fact by making him think he had given an agent serious brain damage. This was probably just another one off her jokes. Pulling away from her he grimaced at her and frowned.
"Haha. Nice try. Haven't you pulled enough tricks on me today?" He growled with annoyance.

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Max | 134 comments ((Sorry for disappearing on you! I got super busy and then I got sick... and then I got writers block))

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Seraphus Ayame | 80 comments While it was true that at first Jenny ignored his flirtations and pickup lines, only because she was used to it. Recruits always seemed to come on to her, treating her like a trophy they wanted to win and brag about it later. That never held any interest or appeal to her. Division was a lonely place without anyone to relay on or have your back, you watched out only for yourself. Even if it meant you had an urge to quench , one night stands were common around here but even that seemed like a mission to do. Jenny heard of agents that made a game out of the recruits to see how many could they seduce and recruits bragging about it later. It wasn`t her thing, somethings were meant to be private and she didn`t like others knowing about herself. If she decided to take someone up on his offer, she made sure to keep it between them. If that person broke it she made sure he paid the price.

Keeping all that in mind, she couldn`t say that being bedridden made her hot and bothered. She was simply feeling lonely, missed the touch and warmth of another person. Not that she would ever admit it to anyone. Almost smiling when he smirked at her, taking him off on his offer. He was right, she was a pretty girl and she knew it. Even admitting he was handsome was no bother to her at all. He was right after all and she felt drawn to him, so it wouldn`t be a bad choice to just let go and take his offer up only if it was for only one night.
Feeling a pang of disappointment as he pulled away from her. She finally took him up on his offer and now he was shooting her down. Looking back it was her own fault, she pulled a lot of trick on him but this time she was being serious.

Pulling back as she heard him saying this was another trick, she could argue with him about it. But being shot down didn`t sit well with her. She would not ask him, so she only shrugged her shoulder as she absentmindedly took her cake from the night stand .
˝ No trick, don`t make offers you are not going to keep˝
she said as she popped a piece in her mouth, a light moan of delight raising as the chocolate melted in her mouth
Giving him a pointed look, she continued eating her part of the cake.
Just then a knock sounded on the door.

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Max | 134 comments Alek stared at Jenny with a mixture of concern, confusion and general need. To be honest, it hadn't been a particularly long time since he'd managed to bed someone. A particularly handsome recruit from the coding department. He was scrawny and a little self-concious but for some reason he had caught Alek's eye and it hadn't taken much to get him into bed. That had been about a week ago, but Jenny was different. Not in a cheesy way, not like he looked at her and all of a sudden just wanted to be with her forever. This wasn't a fairy tale. But there was something different about him and Jenny. They had been through something together and there was a connection between them because of that. All the other people he had slept with or conversed with even, he didn't have a connection with. The only possibly connection he and other recruits had was the collective torture they were going through. Alek likely could have made friends among them but he didn't feel like they were on the same level as him. He was undeniably one of the best fighters they had in the new batch of recruits. He would probably be the best if it weren't for the fact that his mental health was deteriorating faster than most other recruits. He had been in solitary confinment for a long while before getting picked up by Division so it had been a lot longer since he'd seen daylight than some other people in Division's underground fortress.

He watched her pop a piece of cake into her mouth, eyes following her mouth absentmindedly. She was pretty, and he couldn't deny that.
"I still don't trust you." He muttered at her, eyes flashing with annoyance.
"But also, I am tired and annoyed and need a little pick me up." He added with a roll of his eye. He figured that if he didn't get emotionally invested there was nothing wrong with getting into a little fun with a beautiful woman.
"But this means nothing." His voice was low and serious, eyebrows drawn together in a sharp expression. As quickly as his temper could rise, his expression switched from serious to flirtatious and he sat down a little closer next to Jenny. Staring at her he flashed her a mitchevious grin.
"We're going to have a lot of fun." He whispered, half flirting and half betting. Bringing up one hand he brushed a strand of her hair back from her face. He was about to lean in to do more... when someone knocked on the door.

Jumping away from her, he practically sprang off the bed. Stumbling away from her, he stared at the door with a startled expression before hesitantly opening the door. A woman was standing there, file papers clutched in one hand. She looked like all the high up agents in Division, put together, strong and all together deadly. She survayed the room, Jenny on the bed, Alek looking more than a little bit ruffled and then gave them both a glare, that if looks could kill, would have fried them both to bits.
"I'm going to ignore the fact that the recruit is here against the rules because I have more important things to deal with right now." She said shortly, brushing past Alek and moving to stand in front of Jenny.
"I am instructed to tell you that you have been assigned to a new case. File 345-001. You will be in charge of finding a partner to take out into the field with you." She smiled tightly and handed Jenny one of the file folders she was holding.

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Seraphus Ayame | 80 comments Jenny had to admit it was a while since someone caught her eye and attention. The last time it happened was about 2 months ago. Tasked with a mission and a partner, it got a little lonely for both of them. They were tasked to track down a drug lord that seemed to have a liking for young blond girls, that was why Jenny was sent. Her role was simple enough, act like a innocent young woman that making bad choices in life ended in the wrong place in the wrong time. Her partner was a agent, serving like back-up if things got out of control. She had to admit he was handsome with a strong build, brown hair and green eyes and just like now it was lonely and a while. One night while discussing their next step, things got a little heated. It was her fault, not to complain ,but she noticed that he kept glancing at her and made a first move. The rest was history, they took what they needed from each other and finished the mission with success.
Now when the passed each other in the hallway, they simply nodded at each other without so much as a back glance.

But Jenny had to admit she felt a connection with Alek, it was probably because they shared something and unlike with others, she felt at ease with him even with his temper. He did threaten to hurt her several times but that was where it ended. He never made a move to hurt her despite the tricks she played on him. There was nothing wrong with having a bit fun and letting do for a while. She finished her cake, licking the last of the chocolate from her lips when she noticed the change in him.
He was right this didn`t mean anything ,not did it envole trust, it was simply two adults taking what they needed from each other, nothing more or less
˝You are right, this changes nothing. We are simply taking what we needed from each other ˝ she spoke in a seductive voice as she leaned forward when he touched the strand of her hair, smiling at him

Too bad it didn`t last long, she pulled back as Alek jumped off the bed when the knock sounded at the door. Simply watching as Alek opened the door for a woman to walk in. She knew this woman, she was one of the high up agents, which meant stuck up as hell. She ignored the cold and deadly stare of the woman, used to it. High up agents always carried an deadly aura around them,hearing what the woman said about Alek being here. Jenny raised her gaze and met the woman, watching her in the eyes. This woman knew very well not to push Jenny to much
˝ He got permission and he is here with him.˝ she simply said shrugging her shoulder

She watched carefully as the woman moved past Alek, like he was a pest in her way, coming to her. Taking the file folder, she took it from her hands. Opening it to, her eyes scanning past it´s content
˝Who do you needed me to play now? ˝
It was obvious the woman didn´t take kindly to that question, but hold back the anger that was raised at how Jenny talked to her
˝We got information a well know slave trader, going by the name Orlando Rodrigez is in the country. We need you to go on a reconnaissance mission, gather information about him. He likes to visit high elite clubs and has a thing for pretty girls ˝ she said the last with hatred ˝ You and the partner you choose will be playing the roles of a rich young woman and bodyguard. You neede to get his attention and find out his next move before he vanishes again.˝ the woman said

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Max | 134 comments Alek tried his best to look calm and nonchalant, arms crossed loosely over his chest as he watched the agent. He had never even been this close to a high up agent before. The highest ranking person he had ever come into contact with was his trainers and they weren't even close to being on the top of Divisions staff. The real leaders, the ones who gave the missions, spoke to the politicians and gave the kill orders, they were almost like ghosts in Division. Recruits never saw them unless they got into serious trouble and even to agents they were a rare sight. This woman, while high up on the ladder was likely not one of Division's highest. More likely she was simply a messenger for them. Still, she walked into the room like she owned it. Tight ponytail, fitted clothing that offered a wide range of motion, she looked ready for business meeting but also totally prepared to slit someone's throat. Alek couldn't help but feel a little bit apprehensive about his first interaction with a higher up agent was him breaking a rule. Recruits weren't supposed to be in the medical rooms without being accompanied by one of the nurses or doctors. But they knew that Alek had been the one to bring her in so they had made an exception for him. Of all the Division rules, the no recruits in the medical room was one of the more relaxed ones. Luckily for him, the woman didn't seem too interested with him. She had a job to do and was willing to ignore any rule breaking in order to get that job done.

His absent posture tightened as taut as a string when the woman explained what Jenny's new mission was. She was going on a mission outside of Division. There was a spot open for her to bring a partner, someone playing as a bodyguard. The pieces slowly fell into place around him. Jenny was a con-artist, someone who specialized in pretending to be someone she wasn't. That's how she had so easily tricked him. It was her job. Alek regarded her carefully, seeing her in a new light now. She was the worst kind of Division agent. People like him, people who just killed, they were easy. Assasins had a job, to kill and that's it, straight forward. Jenny was something else all together. She was a master of deceit. Usually it was a good idea to steer clear of those kinds of people, but she was also his only ticket out of Division (for a little while at least).

The woman pinched her lips together and smiled tightly.
"The doctors told me that you're just dying to get out of the medical facility. Well, you're in luck. You have until tomorrow to chose your partner and get your story together. All the information is in that file." She said snappily. With her job finished, she turned on her heels and strode out of the room, not giving Alek a second glance.

The moment she was out of the door Alek slid back over to the bed and plucked the file out of Jenny's hands. His eyes had taken on a familiar desperation mixed with deep rage at being kept from the sunlight for so long.
"I'm going with you." He stated. It wasn't a question. He was going with her regardless of whether she wanted him to.

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Seraphus Ayame | 80 comments So this time the Division wanted her to play a spoiled rich girl. Jenny scanned the file in her hand, going over the general details of it. She was no longer listening to the woman in front of her. She registered when the woman said she had till tomorrow to spin the story and choose a partner to take with her but that was it. She didn`t even raise her head when the woman took her leave.
This could prove to be a bit dangerous mission. Her target this time was in no way Mister Kindhearted. Rape, murder, slave trade, drugs and all of the above. This guy did it all and never got caught, always slipping away and avoiding arrest. He was not someone to take lightly but that only made Jenny more excited to do it. Division wanted her to gather information on him and also place a tracking and listening device on him. That would be easy, if the mission was to place the device inside his phone. This guy never left anything to chance, according to the file he changed his phone on a daily basis, and at least three time. It was impossible to plant the device there. He however always wore the same wrist watch giving to him by his late father. Jenny needed to get close enough to him to place the device inside the watch. That could prove a bit difficult but she would manage. After all, it seemed to according to the file, this guy was weak against pretty girls that were confident and had a bit of money. His favorite hunting ground for those girls were high elite clubs.

That was where Jennys character came to play. She was to play a spoiled rich girl. Her money coming from her family in Europe that seemed to have old money. She would play the character of a girl that was spoiled from a young age. Being rich and beautiful she used that to her advantage to get what she wanted. She wanted to party and loved being surrounded with handsome bodyguards. Her partner came to play at that one. Her partner would have to obey any order she gave to him, no matter how crazy it might be. Her character would demand loyalty above anything else. But who would be the right choice for it....

Her thought were interrupted when Alek plucked the file from her hand, she didn`t even notice that he sat back on the bed with her, so lost in planning her mission. At first she wasn`t sure she heard him right...He was coming with her, where did that come from and why did she like that idea.
She looked at him blankly before snatching the file back from him ˝Only if you ask nicely, maybe.˝ She waved the file in front of him, smiling ˝But you might wanna read what you would be expected to do as my bodyguard ˝

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Max | 134 comments Alek's fingers clutched onto the file so hard that his finger nails turned white from the pressure. This was what he had been waiting for. He had made an utter fool of himself trying to get out of Division. He had threatened agents, tried blackmail, even attempted climbing out a vent once. Every time he tried another escape plan, he knew in the back of his mind that it wouldn't work. Division was inescapable. Until they wanted him to leave, he was going to stay in the artifically lit halls of this underground fortress. But the cracks were beginning to show in his mental health and if he didn't get out into fresh air soon he was going to split in two. Sometimes at night he would wake up gasping, feeling like he couldn't get enough oxygen into his lungs. There was no fresh air down here, only recycled air coming from vents he could never find. He felt like he was suffocating and the walls were going to crush him in his sleep. But now... now he had an honest chance at getting out into the real world again.

He lurched forward in annoyance to try and get the file back as she grabbed it from his hands, tearing it away from his iron grasp.
"I don't do nice things." He growled at her, nose scrunched up slightly with disgust. Alek did not 'ask nicely' for things. He demanded them and if he didn't get what he wanted, he used physical force to ensure his desires were met. At least, that's what he used to do before his life was forever turned upside down by Division. So far he had yet to beg for something from an instructor or another agent, but he was just bidding his time. So far he had seen even the best recruits reduced to snivelling tears, on their hands and knees begging for the pain to stop. It seemed that no matter how strong you were, the trainers could make anyone beg if they tried hard enough. Alek had avoided such humiliations so far and while he swore to himself he would never let anyone make him beg or plead for anything, he knew that with enough pain, that might change. Still, he had never thought that a petite blond girl half his size would be the one to make him ask for something. Sure, she wasn't making him beg but she was making him ask nicely. Rolling his eyes he glared at her before finally saying,
"Please take me on the mission with you."

Saying please felt like having his mouth washed with acid. He did not like having to ask people for anything. Raising an eyebrow he snatched the file back from her and flipped open the file pages. He quickly scanned through her character's profile before flipping to the bodyguard's profile. His story was more simple. He was allowed to come up with basic details. The only things he needed to know was that his family and her family had worked together for generations. His job was to be silent... and to follow whatever order Jenny was to give him. And by anything, they meant anything. A split second hesitation rolled into his mind. He was never good at taking orders and he knew that Jenny would have so much fun torturing him with his lack of power. But the hesitation was only momentary before his desire to see the sun again over-ruled it.
"I don't fucking care. I'm going with you."

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Max | 134 comments ((After your post do we want to skip to them leaving on their mission? Or do you have some other idea?))

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Seraphus Ayame | 80 comments (( Sure, I was thinking the same actually. Should we move them to the outside world already??))

Jenny watched as many emotion played on Aleks face. Maybe bringing him with her might not be such a good idea. It wasn`t for a fact that he was still a recruit and this would be his first mission, many agents took recruits on mission. It was a way to get them a taste of what was to come. His temper worried her, if he couldn`t follow orders or broke out of character,both of them would be in a world of trouble. She should just refuse him, find somebody else. Somebody trained and who worked with her before. The agent she worked with two months ago would do best, he knew how she worked and they seemed to get along nicely. She should just ask him...

So why in hell was she thinking of allowing Alek to come with her. It wasn`t a smart idea, it could get them both killed but looking at him now. He reminded her of a mad dog on a leash, and she was holding the key to his freedom. Not to blame him, recruits were not allowed to go outside, the walls of Division were the only thing they were allowed to see. The artificial lights and recycled air along with the horrible training was more then enough to make a person break. Not to mention agents that liked to bully recruits. So she could understand his need to get out, even if it was for a short while. Only hoping she would not regret her decision, she nodded.

˝ Alright, I can`t belive I`m saying this but you can come with me. However..˝ she rose from the bed, her injury forgotten and ignoring the pain that shot up her ankle. She needed him to see this was serious. A con artist spent years perfecting their skills, and Jenny was one of the best. Turning her usual demeanour to her role on the mission ˝ My order is absolute, no questioning it. If I see even a little of your temper flaring up, you will be pulled out and sent back here. ˝
With everything said, the only thing left now was to get ready for the mission.

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Max | 134 comments ((I have to go to sleep but tomorrow i'll post in one of the alleys. I figure because Alek is still a recruit they might not want to reveal to him where Division actually is quite yet so they might like drive them to a drop off spot and leave them there. There's an alley thread where i'll post asap if that's cool with you!))

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Seraphus Ayame | 80 comments (( Sure it that sounds great))

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Max | 134 comments ((Posted in alley))

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