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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Young/YA collection of 5-10 weird short stories (in a single book), with a title that was a clear "Twilight Zone" knockoff.

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Chris | 1 comments I had this childrens' or YA paperback in the late 80s or early 90s.

It was NOT "The Weird Zone" (that series appears to be one story per book, but mine was one book with a handful of very short stories). But it had a similar title that was clearly a "Twilight Zone" knockoff. Each story had one (maybe more?) picture, which (if I recall correctly) were relatively simple black and white line drawings.

Some of the stories I recall (including SPOILERS):

-A woman is trapped in a small room and eventually discovers she is a Barbie-ish doll in a paper shopping bag.
-A boy goes back in time and discovers that he is his father (and he will grow up to marry his mother and have a son, and his son will do the same...).
-A "Night at the Museum" style story about museum exhibits coming to life and chasing a kid
-A story with a picture of lizard-people eating at a dinner table. I think it was a twist ending along the lines of "I had a nightmare I was an ugly human but thank goodness I'm back with my normal lizard family again."

I'd love to find this book (if it's still in print) for my own imaginative children. Anyone?

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Scott Wow, those really are TZ rip-offs!

How old are your kids? There are actual TZ collections out there.

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