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UNSOLVED: One specific book > male MC has green thumb, sort of magically gifted with knowing nature and plants (adult novel)

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message 1: by Angela (last edited Sep 07, 2019 11:27PM) (new)

Angela | 1 comments SPOILER++++++++++++++++++++

kicked out of home as a teen for being gay, was hurt by brother, ignored by sister, years later grandmother calls him because she is dying and he loves her as she stuck by him, he goes back to fix her yard, MC fixes his relationships with his siblings by end of book

also he's a teacher and there is a scene where he is buying groceries and there are three teenage boys with drugs and he take its it from them, tells him he is their new teacher and then tells them they can make money helping him fix his grandmas yard up

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Kate Farrell | 4072 comments Mod
Angela ~~
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Aerulan | 1190 comments Stand In Place by Mary Calmes.

message 4: by SamSpayedPI (new)

SamSpayedPI | 1642 comments Aerulan wrote: "Stand In Place by Mary Calmes."

I'll second Stand In Place; I just read it a few weeks ago and all points match.

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Kris | 33225 comments Mod
Aerulan and SamSpayedPI's suggestion of Stand In Place by Mary Calmes looks very promising.

Some reviewers say, "Keanon was thrown of the house when he came out at 14. His brother beat him and outed him to the whole school... His grandmother took him in after his parents kicked him out and raised him. Now Jo is dying and Keanon is back in town to spend time with her before she dies... Jo has asked Keanon to restore the garden to its former beauty." | "Kaenon is going to restore her garden and while he’s doing that, he (like the flowers, trees, and herbs planted) begins to set his roots back down while entertaining everyone, sponsoring high school girls who need AP English that summer (he’s an English professor) and discussing his deceased aunt (who practiced a form of witchcraft and taught him all about herbs)..."

Here is Amazon's "Look Inside" preview - https://www.amazon.com/Stand-Place-Ma...

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