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Legend's identity - who knows? mistake in the book? (Spoilers ahead)
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Hi Everyone,

So I just finished reading 'Legendary' and there is a particular scene in the book which confuses me completely.
So I understand that in general the people who know Legend's real identity cannot speak about it (due to some magic) but please explain this to me:
"But maybe there was one secrete Tella could reveal that would make things better instead of worse. 'I think Dante might be Julian's brother.'
Scalet slit her eyes. 'You really are starting to believe it's not just a game, aren't you?'
'No,' Tella lied.
'But you think Julian and Legend are brothers?'
'Yes,' Tella said."

So tell me, is this a mistake in the book? Why did she say Julian and Legend? If not, isn't it a spoiler in the book?
And how could she speak about it, since I thought people who know cannot say it?

Comments anyone, please.

Same, I never noticed that either. . . .

WARNING: Possible Legendary/Finale spoilers

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Huh... I never noticed.. that's an interesting theory

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