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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Meyers | 1 comments I'm currently looking for a handful of beta readers to look through an early draft of my second novel and provide about one to two pages of notes in response to a series of broad questions about the manuscript. (For instance, what did you find most intriguing about the novel? Were there any questions you wish had been answered by the time you finished the novel?)

The novel is tentatively titled Absolute Space and is about 85,000 words. It is a work of literary fiction with some sci fi, mystery, and thriller elements.

Here's a brief description:

Summer 2016. Several hours outside of Los Alamos, a camping trip goes horribly awry when an inexplicable explosion that kills three teenagers--Jake, Reed, and Harry--with only one survivor--Jake's younger sister Noa.

In the aftermath of the incident, we follow the strange trajectories of five different characters living in Los Alamos and Santa Fe as they struggle to cope with this disaster—Isaac, the physicist father of Jake and Noa who seeks to find a way to travel back in time to prevent the incident; Margaret, Jake and Noa's mother, a molecular biologist who is haunted by ghosts; Noa, who retreats to the comforts of a virtual world to avoid confronting her personal demons; Terrence, Reed's father and a writer of books about conspiracy theories who is determined to figure out what caused the explosion that proved fatal to his son; and Grace, Harry's friend/sort of girlfriend who decides to track down the man in Los Angeles who received Harry's heart in an organ transplant. Ultimately, this novel forces us to ask ourselves—how do we deal with unthinkable tragedy? And can we ever truly exist as individuals outside of history?

message 2: by Ashton (new)

Ashton Marchand (souldier) | 7 comments Michelle,

I'm currently beta-reading a few other pieces, but I stumbled across this and I'm really interested in the concept. I'd love to read more.

Shoot me a message and we can discuss more!


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