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Jason (darkfiction) | 145 comments Mod
The end of this one marks our halfway point!

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Velez | 5 comments I’ve gotten a little ahead. I’ve got some good momentum going - not slowing down!!! I just started Winter’s Heart.

Jason (darkfiction) | 145 comments Mod
Awesome, Sandra!

The ending of Lord of Chaos absolutely blew my mind. That battle scene! It created some momentum for me. I’m hoping to get ahead again with book seven and eight being so short.

Hoang (hoangh98) | 35 comments Book 7 is so weird. I hate the first half after the prologue. It was so slow and Mr. Jordan went back to the epilogue from book 6 for a few chapters which dragged out the pacing for no reason. Well, the second half is really good tho. Especially, Elayne and Nynaeve apologized to Mat. That was fun! Mat's character development is insanely good as well. Rand's story is still the most interesting. Cadsuane is very fun to read. I hate her in her first appearance, but I love her in a few next chapters. That is pretty weird.

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