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What are Tower Teams?
Essentially it is small groups of members in a team who read and discuss books, record them for "points" in order to compete against other teams.
It doesn't matter if your yearly goal is to read five (5) books, fifty (50) books or five-hundred (500) books. Anyone can join! We are still balancing the Tower Teams Reading Challenge by Total Books read.

This is NOT a read-a-thon and WILL go for a few weeks, so please only sign-up if you are a consistent goodreads user and are willing to discuss books with your team mates over a period of a few months. Unlike our other team challenges, the Tower Teams Challenge is a marathon, not a sprint!

Goal: Read! Read! Read!

When: Starts October 7th, at 7 AM Sydney Australia (AEDT) and goes for 10 weeks, ending on December 16th.

How: We will take all the people who sign-up and divide them equally - by book goal - into SMALLER groups, taking into account the number of books they read per week. Otherwise we will be using a "randomizer" to assign.

Challenge requirements
To be a part of this challenge you need to be able to:

◈ Create a special shelf for the challenge for the books you are reading

◈ Check-in on your team's discussion thread at least once per week

◈ Have fun!

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It's Tower Teams' 7th edition and we're currently 7 Mods at NBRC. The temptation was too good to resist, so the Mods decided to let their inner sinners come out and play.

Come along and learn all about this edition's sinful twists and get ready to succumb join our oldest and dearest team challenge.

No matter how many signs and hushed warnings about not to feed the chipmunks, some members just can't help themselves. Well, this time, the mods will allow themselves to be partial and give brownie points to those brilliant ideas. Or to those who help. Or simple a fun exchange. It's our hearts desire, and we shall have it fulfilled.

We keep trying, but with a group this large is just impossible to have all time-zones satisfied. So. This time, we'll take that to the next level.

As Jenny said, a whisper of Tower Teams, and all the members come running. Time to show the pride in your colours!

Remember the brownie points? Those are for the deliciously naughty members. But the bad ones, the ones that stir the mods to rage, they will get lumps of coal. Aka, cross the line, break the rules, annoy the mods, and you'll get negative points. Nothing like a cup of wrath to start the morning right.

Simple enough, the mods are passing off the hard work of decision making to the captains. It's going to be so much fun.

Or, in NBRC's version, it's reading like a banshee time!!!

We're keeping greed/avarice on a leash. And how do we prevent her from breaking loose you may ask? Well... you'd better be truthful to yourself and not to under or over estimate your reading abilities, or you will find out how. And the surprise is not going to be a good one. We guarantee.

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This time, the goal is to make Seven Sinful Towers of books. You can read whatever you want as usual. However, to get points, you must assign a book to a sin, and get the correspondent points per page read. Check the Seven Sinful Towers section for more info.

For reading books
Books between 100 and 499 pages = 0.1 points per page
Books between 500 and 799 pages = 0.15 points per page
Books 800 pages or more = 0.2 points per page

NOTE: Book Points will be rounded to integer.

Pages	Points
160 16
450 45
500 75
750 113
800 160
1050 210

Sinful Pride Points
As you assign each book to a sin, using one of the three categories you will get bonus points. If you are lucky enough to find a book that meets all three requirements (two for Avarice), you can call Sin Bingo!

7 points for achieving Sin Bingo
5 points for each book used for colour cover
3 points for each book used for top shelf
1 point for each book used for sin specification (EXCEPT for Avarice, which gets 0 points)

For current BOM (Book of the Month) discussions
Writing a day's worth of discussion questions = 40 points
Participating in a current BOM (participating in discussion) = 20 points

NOTE: We will accept one team member per book per team for writing a days DQs. If, by three days prior to the BOM starting, we don't have enough volunteers to write all DQs, then we will let more than one team member per team write questions. If we have more people than days sign up (prior to 3 days before start date) we will randomise the volunteers to determine those who can write DQs

For accuracy
Each week we'll do a team analysis of books read vs books signed up
Teams that stay in the 80% - 120% reading range get an additional 50 points
Teams that fall below the 80% mark get a penalty of -20 points
Teams that go over the 120% cap but stay under the 250% get a penalty of -100 points
Teams that go over the 250% mark get a penalty of -200 points

EXAMPLE: Teams A, B, C and D are balanced as 100 books a month which translates to 25 books per week.
At the end of week #1, the results are:
Team	Books	% to goal    Accuracy
Team A   39    156% -100
Team B   53    212% -200
Team C   19    76% -20
Team D   29    119%  50

For mini-challenges
It wouldn't be Tower Teams without a few surprises, and being a sinful edition, we're giving in to your hearts' desires, even if you didn't know you were craving it.

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◈ Those people who want to keep their Profiles Private, must be willing to "Friend"
    their Team Captain(s), the NBRC Mod account, or one of the Moderators, to allow
    page count verification and to assist you if you are having difficulty with your

◈ Teams will be similar in size to other Tower Teams or Wheelathon challenges. We haven't decided on the exact number, as we are going by books read, but we are shooting for 10-20 members.

Books must be started after the start date of the challenge to count towards the challenge

◈ Books must be />100 pages. NOTE: This number is lower than our other team challenges!
    For page number questions, please check with your captain who can ask in the Captains group for verification.

◈ Audio books are allowed. (For page numbers, use the "default" GR book page numbers. If the "default" is a Large Print version, use the next most popular edition for page numbers.
If there is no print / ebook, then the audio book must be longer than 3 hours, and page numbers will be set at 100 pages, no matter how long the audio is)

◈ No graphic novels, cookbooks or poetry. (Sorry.)

◈ Anything with the word" boxed set" in the title on Goodreads can not be used as "one book". They need to be shelved as separate books to count for this challenge.

◈ No children's books or plays/screenplays less than 25,000 words.ArBookFind is a great site to double check. If in doubt, ask your captain. Another rule of thumb is the audiobook version should be over 3 hours.

◈ Any book in any language will count, as long as it meets the criteria.

◈ "Re-reads" will be allowed, if it has been six months since you have read the book. This includes listening to the audio version, if you've already read the book.

◈ This challenge involves adding a special bookshelf to your personal
    GRs bookshelves other than "read." You may choose a preexisting one.

◈ Please wait to be told to which Team you are assigned. It might take awhile; however,
    you will be able to count the books you have read from the START date of the challenge.

◈ Once you actually join, please check-in with your team discussion thread by posting the name of your bookshelf.
    Remember to add a HYPHEN between words for your bookshelf.

Helpful Tip: Knowing about Sticky Shelves may help you put your assigned
    bookshelf near the top of your dropdown box.

◈ With MOBILE DEVICES there have been major problems when trying to
    add books. If that is all you have to access the Internet, or you don't know how to Cut & Paste
    on it, then this challenge probably is NOT the right fit for you.

Discussion threads will be in the regular NBRC group. (No secret groups allowed this time)

◈ You do NOT have to join the discussion, if you don't want to; communicating
    via posting a book is good enough. Nevertheless, Your Team wants to know if you are
    still participating. We understand Real Life gets in the way. However, please plan to
    "check-in" in some manner at least once every week. If we don't hear from you for two weeks, you may be replaced with another team member

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◈ We need people to volunteer to be Team Captain(s) whose duties include:
- Keeping a Google Spreadsheet that all members can view (we will provide you with a template)
- checking team members books read and page counts
- communicating with a NBRC Moderator
- communicating with all Team Members
- making sure Team Members are staying active
- notifying the NBRC Mod if someone drops out
- have effective and kind (this is a game, remember) on-line communication skills to help members having trouble
- making sure Team Members belong on your team
- posting weekly status updates/reminders
- dealing with minor issues that arise
- post little challenges within challenges, if desired.
    You may rotate/share these duties. We would suggest you have at least one Co-Captain.
    You may have as many Captains and Co-Captains as you like.

Captains & co-captains must be willing to take part in judging/ decision making of books

◈ Captains and Co-captains will need to have access to Goodreads daily and be posting to the team thread and updating the team spreadsheet at least every 2 days.

◈ Please let us know, when you make a request to sign-up, if you are interesting in being a Team Captain.

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Tempting and alluring, the Seven Deadly Sins will do their best to seduce you.

There are three ways that a book can be matched to a sin:
1. The book cover is more than 50% the color of the sin
2. The genre of the sin can be found on the first page of the book's Top shelves
3. It fits the criteria that describes the sin.

Choose wisely, because each book can be assigned only once.

- Color: Red
- Genre: Guilty Pleasure
- Criteria: Books that you lust after (new releases- published 2019 or ARCs - , your favorite author, everybody has read but you, gorgeous covers, etc...). Books with lustful items on the cover (High heels, handcuffs, silk ribbons, Lace, bondage, ...). Books that are too steamy for hot weather!

- Color: Green
- Genre: Young Adult
- Criteria: Books that members from other teams have read (during 2019)

- Color: Purple
- Genre: Contemporary
- Criteria: Only Award-Winning Books - Any Award as long as it can be linked or appears on Goodreads book page. Books with a mirror or jewels on the cover. Really Shiny books. LGBT books.
- Color: Brown
- Genre: Space Opera
- Criteria: Books that enrage you (series that should have ended already, really hateful characters, some turn that made you froth at the mouth, etc)

- Color: Blue
- Genre: Dark Fantasy
- Criteria: Books that have been on your TBR for at least 2 years. Books from authors that take a long time to write the next installment on a series (Yes Patrick Rothfuss, George R.R. Martin and Abigail Roux we're looking at you!). Books from a series that you put on hold and are taking a long time to get back to it.

- Color: Pink
- Genre: Historical Romance
- Criteria: 600+ page books. Books in a very long series (12+ books). Books from a series or author that you can't stop binge reading. Books that have covers you want to eat (i.e covers that have food or drink on them. Yes, chocolate covered strawberries count)

- Color: Yellow
- Genre: Dystopia
- Criteria: Anything Goes (i.e. a book you can't fit in elsewhere)

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Highest number of books read by the end of the challenge

Highest number of points by the end of the challenge

Higher number of Mod awarded points

Highest number of books read from your matching Sin

Most accurate reading to sign-up goals.

Highest number of points from mini-challenges

Highest BOM points participation

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To join, we are using a Google Form to collect the below data.
Click HERE to complete the form; sign-ups will be open for about two weeks, unless we decide to close them earlier due to a high number of players.
★Goodreads User ID (see under spoiler for how to find this)
(view spoiler)
★Approximate number of books read per month
★Your continent (so we can try and match time zones)
★Your shelf name (for books read during the challenge)
★ Do you prefer a "chatty" team? (NOTE: If yes, it would be expected that you will check in to your team thread daily)
★If you are over 18
★If you are willing to be a team captain
★NBRC policy to participate in reading challenges
★Book Recs: Book that you love and think everybody should read. Be nice.

About Team Captains
Do not sign for captain/co-captain, if you're not comfortable with sharing the personal info below:
*Captains are required to befriend the mod account or one of the mods to be invited to the captains group
*Captains will have to share their email account to be able to edit google spreadhseets

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Sign-ups from now on, are going to the waiting list as reserves only.

Teams will be announced shortly.

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Sloth is powerful on our members... because team info has been available for those who wanted to search for it, but no single comment was made.

Let me be more obvious then.

Sign-up for responses has the teams since the 14th. You can check it here

It does not have the names that signed up after the closing. Those will be added to reserves list.

Captains will be invited to caps group and Team Threads will be out this week. After they're unlocked, you have till October 1st to check-in or you will be replaced, no questions asked. You can re-apply for reserves only list.

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Start of Tower Teams VII
The Seven Deadly Sins shall commence at 7am on the 7th October, Sydney Australia (AEDST) !

To see the countdown, CLICK HERE

NOTE: Daylight Savings starting/ending in different areas may make this a different time to what you expect. PLEASE CHECK THE COUNTDOWN! You can also convert your timezone HERE

REMEMBER: Books MUST be started after the challenge to begins to count for Tower Teams

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Winners of TTVII

To celebrate the seventh TT, starting at 7am on the 7th... the 7 mods discovered that our group just reached 20,007 members!

So the winning team of TTVII will get the ability to choose up to 3 other players to join them in our next team challenge (to be announced at the beginning of 2020)

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It has brought to our attention that sins change name depending on the place they are in (example: Pride/Vanity)

Although we love the Wrath inducing effect, we also love consistency, and for some members, the lack of it is an important factor of stress.

That been said, the Seven Sins are:


All the teams are named after a name variation of those sins. So, there are tasks for your "Sin"

Mismatched names will be fixed soon. Please bear with us.

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Tower Teams VII - Week 10 begins
7am on the 9th December, Sydney Australia (AEDST) !

To see the countdown, CLICK HERE

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