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UNSOLVED: One specific book > 2018? fiction novel racism in merging black and white school districts

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Rae Elstad | 1 comments Thanks friends! This novel was recently released and has several storylines centered in a white uppperclass school district that is merged with a struggling black school district that has lost accreditation and has a reputation of violence and low performance. The white parents are up in arms. One white couple adopts an African first grade girl and the mother struggles to connect with the child and becomes aware of bias as her lens on the world changes. She now sees rascism. Another white perfect mom has four kids, is a PTA rockstar but her husband has recently left her... leaving her feeling vulnerable and emotional. She buys a gun. She is vocal about her distaste for having lower performing and violent kids in a school and speaks out about it. She fears she is seen as rascist. Her eldest daughtor, Taylor, begins a relationship with a football star who is a black transfer student. Taylor is found to have diabetes which prevents her from performing well. Anaya (??) is a black woman, former track star second grade teacher who longs to teach young black kids and be a positive rolemodel and finds herself struggling to connect with the white kids in her classroom. The perfect mom's youngest daughter, Paige, is one of Anaya's students and resents how Anaya seems to favor the black girls in the room. In the end, the perfect mom's son Austin prevents a neighbor kid from shooting his sister's black boyfriend but is himself shot. The perfect mom's world is upside down as one of her kids has been shot with her own gun, and her daughter has diabetes but she admits she needs help and reconciles with her estranged husband.

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Ayshe | 4121 comments No One Ever Asked looks like it?

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Rainbowheart | 15772 comments Rae, was Ayshe's suggestion your book?

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