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message 1: by Booknblues (new)

Booknblues | 5347 comments I found this book list and thought it was interesting:

What are some books which you would suggest?

message 2: by Theresa (new)

Theresa | 6108 comments What a fascinating and amazing list! I am unfamiliar with many listed.

The book that leaped immediately to my mind is. The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland, which I read so recently. In this story of how small communities opened their hearts and homes to huge numbers of strangers at a time of great fear and darkness gave me a feelibg of hope and light for our troubled world that I had not realized I needed.

Also Station Eleven and Exit West (which I just read) - both dystopian and as part of the story showing how diverse people can come together, live and work together, and rebuild.

message 3: by Booknblues (new)

Booknblues | 5347 comments I know when I want to feel hopeful, I always read a Number 1 Ladies Detective book. I try not to read them all so I can have one book to read if I need it.

Once when I was at an extremely stressful point I read almost the whole Joe Grey Mystery series starting with Cat on the Edge. I love them and they make me feel better.

message 4: by Karin (new)

Karin | 6888 comments Interesting list, but some of those would do the opposite for me :).

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