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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Romance/suspense novel woman running in the desert from local radical group is helped by Americans and she trusts them but they the turn her over to the leader of the radicals. One of the teammates has fallen for the woman and they attempt a rescue.

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Lauren | 2 comments So I read this book in the last 3 years.
So it starts off with a woman on the run and a group of trained men who are from the U.S (guns for hire) they help the woman who thinks they are taking her home but are really taking her to the leader of the rebel group. One of the men falls for her for the duration of the journey to the mans home they get there and then they turn the woman over to the bad guy she is kept in a room and one of the goons tries to attack her and she tries to slit her wrists to get away. The medic of the team patches her up and then she is taken to another location by the man and is trapped in a cage till she is rescued by the guns for hire. There may be a character / gun for hire team member nicknamed vibe... not too sure

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Duplicate thread from 3 days ago deleted. Please only post your query once, and bookmark it so you don't lose it. Then you can bump it every 30 days.

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