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Ana (realhausfrau) | 4 comments The trials and tribulations of my life as a 40-something divorced Mom, as I take on Life:Round Two.

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Ana (realhausfrau) | 4 comments So, I hope I’m doing this right. How’s your day? The highlight of my day was rather ridiculous. I just moved into a new townhouse in July. It’s all great except for my ridiculous neighbor! She’s a college kid, so that explains a lot. Anyhow, every single day she blasts her stereo, bass booming, SO LOUD. I’ve complained to management multiple times. So, last night, another neighbor and I tried banging on her door to talk to her about the music. She totally ignored us, it had gone on long enough, so I called the cops to make a noise complaint. Long story short, complaint was made, bla bla. I figured she was upset.

This morning, I left to run errands. When I came home, I was horrified to see that my front door had sustained a big gash like area of damage, my door decoration and hanger were gone, and I couldn’t get my key to work! Worst of all, I couldn’t hear my dogs inside!

I was pissed as hell and scared, so I called the apartment manager to come see what the bitch next door had done put pf spite!!!

I sat, fuming and waiting for the manger for what seemed like forever. Finally, she calls me and asks if everything was ok. I’m like...’No! I’m still outside!!’. She puzzled and said she’d driven by my place and not seen me? I’m puzzled now, too, because I had been standing there the entire time. She tells me she’ll come by again-don’t move. So I sit on the stoop with my melting groceries and even hotter temper.

Finally the manager rolls up! Now she can see the dastardly deeds! She steps out of the car.....laughing....then says ‘you live in building C! You’re standing in front of building B!!!!’

Yes. I had parked and tried to enter SOMEONE ELSE’S TOWNHOME for about 30 minutes.

I was sooo embarrassed, but so happy that my home hadn’t been violated!

Yup, that’s my life.

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Ana (realhausfrau) | 4 comments Feel free to comment!

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I once was at school talking to my friends when the fire alarm went off. We went outside like normal schedule procedure. When "everyone" came out we waited for the school to call us back. 10 minutes....30 minutes... It took 40 minutes for us to get in because- wait for it- This was a prank.. It was April Fools day and everyone except the principle had forgotten. It was hilarious, Teachers mad and yelling at each other, kids goofing off, everyone had a good time.

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