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UNSOLVED: One specific book > woman dressed as a boy later becomes a mistress after she is discovered to be a woman

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D | 3 comments Historical romance The story begins with a woman who gets into trouble. She was out an about up to no good with her "brothers" who turn out not to actually be her brothers but they were raised by the same woman. She is disguised as a boy and is caught by a rich man who drags the "boy" back to his Mansion determined to straighten the kid out.
My memory is vague but I believe the "boy" causes hell at being held by the staff who are trying to give her a bathe
The man at hearing the trouble his new guest is causing steps in and forces the "boy" to comply I believe he tears at her clothes and discovers the "boy" Is actually a very beautiful woman
The man decides to keep her on board as a staff member but she drives the staff nuts as she is nearly useless in the kitchen. Example she's told to crack the eggs which she has no idea how to do and she smashes them on the counter
Later she is told to sweep the floor which she is determined to do well.
I believe at some point her "brothers" come to "save" her but at seeing where she is now living decide it's best to leave her because at least she is off the streets and safe
At one point or another the head staff sends the new maid upstairs with a breakfast tray to serve the master of the house she finds him laying in bed apparently asleep in the nude with just a sheet covering his lower half. She stands there staring at him and admiring his figure. He soon makes it known he is not asleep and asks her something along the lines of she likes what she sees.
At some point she ends up spilling freshly squeezed orange juice over him
Anyhow their sexual attraction continues they become lovers though I believe she becomes his mistress an expansive one at that... I can't recall the end too well but I believe it is discovered she was a stolen child of a family of title and she was given to a whore to be raised by if course her new found title certainly raises her status. But I can't recall what happens in the end other than the obvious they end up in love and together

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 252 comments Following, I’m interested in this book. When was it written? Or the time period of the book itself? Sounds similar to things I read a lot.

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Ann | 528 comments A Fire in the Heart by Katherine Sutcliffe?

I'll have to re-read it to be sure: https://archive.org/details/fireinhea...

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Lobstergirl | 37625 comments Mod
So we don't get confused - D is the OP.

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