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Superhero Novels and Their Genre(s)
Nadia Nadia Sep 06, 2019 01:37PM
What genre are superhero novels?

Is superhero (or alternative label) a subgenre of sci-fi? Fantasy? SFF? Or its own genre?

I consider it a subgenre of SF because of heavy reliance on extraterrestrial beings, genetic mutation, futuristic or speculative human augmentation with technology, alternative history, alternative physics... and more nebulous things like themes around the nature of humanity.

So far I've found everyone I've asked considers it a genre in its own right but no one has managed to give a reason that convinces me.

T Jan 19, 2020 12:45PM   0 votes
A: this is a great book that I love.
B: it is SCI. Fiction.
at least this book. go to your local library and look at its label to tell what genre it is.

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