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The Betrayal
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message 1: by Emjay (new)

Emjay Barkley | 3 comments The Betrayal

Betrayal is such a cliché. Simply a fact of human existence.

Until it happens to you!

Until you learn that the love of your life is intimate with someone else.
Until you feel deceived and humiliated.
Until it hurts so badly that you can't even breathe.
Until you feel your world crumbling around you.

On one sunny, summer afternoon, Allison watched as Jeremy passionately kissed another woman, and in that split second, her life was changed forever. He may have betrayed her, but there is an extreme price to pay for betrayal, and Allison is going to see to it that Jeremy pays that price.

message 2: by Darren (new)

Darren | 2 comments This sounds like an absolute must read! I look forward to reading this!

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