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Suggest books for me > h/H was taken from her/his real family as a kid

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Sapphire | 34 comments Hi, so I am looking for books where heroine ( or Hero ) was taken from her (his) real family. She (he) was raised thinking those people are her (his) real parents but after a few years (preferably while she (he) is still under 18 years old) she (he) finds out the truth. She (he) goes looking for her (his) real parents and is reunited with them.
It would be nice if it had a romance in it too but not necessary.
Thank you, and if there is already similar topic like this just point me to it. :)

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Sapphire | 34 comments Rosa wrote: "Here's a related topic: Books where girl meets her biological father"

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Sapphire | 34 comments Ann wrote: "Another list you might try: Family Search-Romances With Hero Or Heroine Searching For Family Due To Adoption, Abduction, Or Question Of Identity"
Thank you

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Sapphire | 34 comments Lobstergirl wrote: "The History of Henry Esmond"
Thank you.

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