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You need your character accepted before role playing. ((Just for those who didn't know.))

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Gron'kar awoke in his cave. He groaned as he stretched. He hated it when he shifted form, he always got stiff.

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Gron'kar noticed the flying vampire. He ducked into the cave. He, like other werecreatures, didn't like vampires.

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Dang. Gron'kar thought. The vampire landed dangerously close to his cave.

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((He doesn't know your name yet. Until he learns the name you are 'the vampire' to him.))
Gron'kar went to escape out of the back way when he tripped. "Ouch!" He yelped.

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((ACH! Thanks for catching that. That's a name for a different rp.))

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Gron'kar scrambled to his feet. He had hidden from people for ten years and he was not going to be caught now.

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Gron'kar wrenched at the stone door that covered his escape. "Blast it!" He growled. "I knew I should have had it checked before."

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There was a sharp crack and the door gave a little. "Oh come on!" Gron'kar roared, loosing his patience.

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Gron'kar stopped. "Oh crap." He said, noticing the girl.

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Gron'kar gave a last wrench on the door. But the door didn't budge. He whirled to face the vampire.

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"I'm not scared!" Gron'kar snapped. "I avoid people. It's what has let me survive for so long."

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Gron'kar let out a bark of laughter. "It was my friends that had betrayed me."

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Gron'kar was skeptical. Why should he? He might have been lonely from time to time, but he could deal with it.

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"Oh really?" Gron'kar scoffed.

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"The reason why our species is being exterminated is because humans don't understand us." Gron'kar growled. "If humans don't understand something, they try to capture or destroy it."

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"To me all humans are the same." Gron'kar grumbled.

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"Having a heart is what can get you killed." Gron'kar growled. He wrenched to door open and ducked inside.

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 22 comments Mally watched the flower burn with great interest. She had set it on fire because she loved the scent a burning flower gave off, it smelled just like a candle to her.

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Gron'kar popped up from the ground...right next to Mally. "Good grief!" He exclaimed. "Can't a guy get any privacy anymore?!"

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 22 comments Mally shot him a harsh glare then went back to watching the flower.

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Gron'kar vaulted out of the hole and ran off. Two girls in only several minutes. What the heck?!

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Gron'kar partially fazed into his dragon form, allowing only his wings to appear and shot off into the sky. He ran right into Kathy. "Ow..." He said he fell back to the ground.

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 22 comments Mally blew the fire out and started to walk away.

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Gron'kar opened his eyes. They were slightly out of focus but then corrected. "Do I know you?" He asked, rubbing the top of his head. ((He has amnesia now.))

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"I honestly haven't seen you before." Gron'kar said shaking his head. "Where am I for that matter?"

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"I can see that." Gron'kar said. "But where?"

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"Sorry. Geeze." Gron'kar muttered.

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"We met before?" Gron'kar asked.

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"I don't know. I got a pretty big bump growing on my head though." He rubbed said bump.

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Gron'kar winched.

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"Yeah." He said.

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"Like what? There aren't any convenient stores anywhere near here as far as I can tell." Gron'kar said trying to put in some humor.

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"Where am I going to get something cold?" Gron'kar asked.

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"There are ice caves?" Gron'kar said surprised.

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"Well let's get started." Gron'kar said.

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((Can i join))

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((i think i am approved))

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((no i am not approved))

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Gron'kar was hit with a wave of dizziness when he got to his feet. "Ooh." He said.

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De got up out of her bed and walked out side

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"Just dizzy." Gron'kar said putting a hand on his forehead.

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De walked to the river and jumped in

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 22 comments Mally got when De jumped into the river because it made a splash. She squealed and shook the water off almost frantically.

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Gron'kar tried to turn to the squealing sound but dropped to the ground. "I don't know where my home is." he said.

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 22 comments Mally whimpered.

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Gron'kar heard the whimpering. "What's going on over there?" He wondered.

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"Let's find out." Gron'kar attempted to get to his feet.

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((Will you stop it with the Hello thing, please?))
"Thanks." Gron'kar said.

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Gron'kar, with Katy's help, went to where he heard the sound.

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