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message 1: by Ivy (last edited Sep 13, 2009 08:40AM) (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) My goal is 100 books by the end of July 2010. So far I have read...

1. You Bet Your Life by Christen T. Jorgensen. Stella the Stargazer series
2. A Killer Stitch by Maggie Sefton. Knitting Myster, Book 4
3. Mortal Prey by John Sandford. Lucas Davenport Series, Book 13
4. The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks
5. Exposed by Alex Kava. Maggie O'Dell FBI Profiler, Book 6
6. Naked Prey by John Sandford. Lucas Davenport Series, Book 14
7. Hidden Prey by John Sandford. Lucas Davenport Series, Book 16
8. The Clockwork Teddy by John J. Lamb. Bear Collecters Series, Book 4

message 2: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) I have read a few books since I was here last...

9. . A Necessary Evil by Alex Kava. This is a Maggie O'Dell series book...very well written and kept me turning the pages.

10. The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey. Five Hundred Kingdom books. Really liked this one...

11. To The Last Breath by Carlton Stowers. This is a true crime book. Very well written and made me so mad at the father long before I was sure he had done the crime.

12. Confess, Fletch by Gregory McDonald

13. Death of a Musketeer by Sarah D'Almeida. This is the first book in a series that involves the three musketeers and a murder they must solve.

Now I am off to see what strikes my fancy to read next.

message 3: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 14. The Midnight Club by James Patterson. I like his books and can usually read one in no time at all. This one was very good and kept me interested. My biggest problem with Patterson's books is the short chapters...why does he split a scene into more then one chapter???

message 4: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 15. Adams V Texas by Randall Adams. This is a true crime book written in the first person. I thought it was okay but not one of the better true crime books I have read in the past.

message 5: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 16. Poisoned Tarts by G. A. McKevett. This is a Savannah Reid series cozy mystery. I really enjoy this series...always look forward to another installment. Very quick read and very enjoyable.

message 6: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 17. . Indelible by Karin Slaughter. Grant County Series, Book 4. Very good...gave up my tv watching for this one. Not as gory as some of the previous books in this series but still a good book...look forward to the next one in the series

message 7: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) Picked up Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson and could not get into it...just didn't interest me enough to finish it. Not going to count it here since I didn't finish it but wanted to make note that I did try.

message 8: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 18. L. A. Secret Police by Mike R. Rothmiller.

message 9: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 19. Boneman's Daughter by Tex Dekker. I had alot of trouble getting into this book. It seemed to take forever for the whole story to come together. Not sure if I will pick up another book by this author or not.

message 10: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 20. The Fury by Jason Pinter.

message 11: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 21. The Vandemark Mummy by Cynthia Voigt. This is written for the 9-12 year old age group. It was very good and worth the read. I like to read a book before I donate it to the schools for their library.

message 12: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 22. Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark. I have been reading Clark's books for years and usually enjoy them. This one had just enough going on for me to keep turning the pages but don't think it is as good as some of her other books.

message 13: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 23. Delilah Dolittle and the Missing Macaw by Patricia Guiver. This was a really quick read...I figured out who did it long before the middle of the book but kept reading just to see if I was right.

message 14: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 24. The Clue of the Black Keys by Carolyn Keene. This is a Nancy Drew book. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and have always liked I am rereading them as I go along...there have been so many of them written since I was a kid.

message 15: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 25. The Ghost and the Femme Fatale by Alice Kimberly. This is a great series of books. Really keeps you turning the pages. I love the way the ghost helps Pen figure out who did the killing.

message 16: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 26. The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion by Alice Kimberly. Book 5 of the Haunted Bookstore series. Didn't see as much of Jack in this one but it is still a good book.

message 17: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 27. . Trial by Fire by D. W. Buffa. I just started this book so am not sure if I will like it or not. I am told that the author use to be the D.A. in my county for a long time. Now to see if he is any kind of a writter???

message 18: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 28. The Magician by Michael Scott. The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Book 2. Very good book...continues the story from the first book and keeps you on the go from the start to finish. Always something happening...keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through...hard to put down.

message 19: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 29. Murder by Manicure by Nancy J. Cohen. This is from the Bad Hair Day series. Not bad for a cozy mystery. Read it in one day.

message 20: by Ivy (new)

Ivy M (luvbug) 30. Faithless by Karin Slaughter. Very good...better then the others in the series. Couldn't put it down...always something happening.

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