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message 1: by Syl (new)

Syl The winner of the BOTM of September is ........ *Drumroll please*


Say you still love me by K.A Tucker !!!
Say You Still Love Me by K.A. Tucker

Thank you all for voting and let's enjoy the book :)

message 2: by ALANA (new)

ALANA | 41 comments Anyone reading? I’m halfway done and loving it so far

message 3: by luisa❣️ (new)

luisa❣️ | 63 comments Mod
I read the first chapter but I definitely want to continue reading this week!!

message 4: by ALANA (new)

ALANA | 41 comments It was a slow start for me. I almost DNF it, but then it started to pull me in.

message 5: by Syl (new)

Syl I honestly didn't start ! I am currently reading " Never die" and it's so good, I want to finish reading it and then I'll start with our BOTM :)
Although, I have to say that I hate slow starts xD So we'll see how I like it !

message 6: by ALANA (new)

ALANA | 41 comments Is Never Die a romance novel? What’s it about?

message 7: by Syl (new)

Syl No it's a historical, fantasy/fiction novel. It's inspired by Ninjas and Samurais,- so you have a lot of fighting going on.
The main characters are 4 strong warriors and a little 'boy' named Ein, who has the ability to resurrect fallen warriors just once and then they are bound to him. These 5 together want to bring down the Emperor and so the journey begins.

It's pretty good so far ! If you like fantasy and fiction then you should read it :)

message 8: by Deanna (new)

Deanna | 8 comments Finished the BOTM and I really liked it!! More than I thought I would actually as I’m not normally big on teenage romance/reunited as adults. Buttt I love KA Tucker so that’s why I recommended it and I’m glad I did! Anyone else finish it yet?

message 9: by luisa❣️ (new)

luisa❣️ | 63 comments Mod
I‘m only on chapter six but it’s pretty hard for me to get through because the beginning is soooo slow... but I will definitely try to push through it because I just know it’ll be worth it at the end :D

message 10: by ALANA (new)

ALANA | 41 comments Almost done about 10 chapters left. I have a love hate relationship with this book. Cross my fingers for an over the top ending.

message 11: by Meri (new)

Meri  (bookslover95) | 14 comments I’ve also finished it already, but felt like I couldn’t really connect with the characters. Also, I usually don’t mind time jumps but for some reason I really didn’t like them in this book.
One of her other books (The Simple Wild) is one of my favorite books of all time so I’m bummed I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I had hoped.

Hope everyone is doing well & I’m looking forward to our next read!

message 12: by ALANA (new)

ALANA | 41 comments Finished it. It was just okay for me. I agree about the time jumps.
Once it was revealed that Piper’s dad paid for Kyle to stay away from Piper, I didn’t care anymore about switching to the past story, I wanted to see how they were going to move forward. That was a big secret to give away so early and after that it started to drag. I wasn’t excited about their romance as much in the last portion of the book.

However, I do like reading things I wouldn’t normally be drawn to, and might try some of the authors other books.

message 13: by luisa❣️ (new)

luisa❣️ | 63 comments Mod
Hey everyone! Just wanted to update you that I will not be finishing the book... I got up to page 100 or so but it was too hard to get through for me. I usually like time jumps but I just didn’t care for the flashbacks at all and the romance hasn’t even really begun yet... so yeah, I hope I‘ll like our book for next month a little more! :)

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