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message 1: by Rohan (new)

Rohan M. Vider | 29 comments Hi all,

Just wanted to let you all know, that Dungeon Dive, a short novel, set in the same world as the Gods' Game series is up for pre-order here:

It has a bit of a different take to it, in that the MCs are not gamers from earth, and the story has a distinctive fantasy feel to it.

If anyone is interested in leaving an honest, unbiased review and wants an ARC, drop me a mail!

Otherwise, hope you all enjoy the book!

**About the Book:**

Set hundreds of years before the fall of Crotana, Dungeon Dive follows the adventures of a young Aveyad. Join him and his fellow champion, Talia as they battle their God’s foes and embark upon a dungeon crawl… a task they might find themselves unequal to just yet…

Tales of the Gods' Game is a loose collection of short reads that follows the journey of various players on Myelad. The collection can be read in any order, with each volume standing on its own. Dungeon Dive is the first volume, with many more still to come.

This is a separate and distinct works from the main series, The Gods’ Game. It is not necessary to have read that series first, nor does this book contain any spoilers of the main story.

message 2: by Rohan (new)

Rohan M. Vider | 29 comments Two weeks to go the book's release! Here is the opening scene from the book:

Aveyad threw himself forward and evaded the downward-sweeping blade. He thrust out his hands and halted his fall before he crashed face first into the floor. Wouldn’t that please Talia. He rolled right. Not a moment too soon. A blade crashed into the wooden planking—where he had been not a second ago. He scrambled to his feet and spun around to unleash a flurry of starbursts. And found himself staring, cross-eyed, at a sword held chillingly steady at his neck.
Sirius lowered his weapon and shook his head. “Not good enough, Milord. I told you, you don’t have the skills for close combat. You cannot afford to get within range of your opponent’s blade.”
Aveyad muttered, “But I had you.”
Sirius shrugged, indifferent to Aveyad’s annoyance. The armsmaster held out his sword and squinted down its length, inspecting the blade for notches. Practice weapons were not used in the Training Hall. Satisfied that the blade—dwarven-forged adamantine and worth a fortune—remained undamaged, Sirius sheathed it. Only then did he look up and respond to Aveyad. “You did. Right up until the moment you decided to close in for the kill. The smart choice would have been to finish me off from a distance.”
Aveyad scowled, but remained silent. The grizzled veteran was right. He pulled a towel of a nearby rack, and wiped away the sweat and grime from his face. What had gone wrong? The contest had started well. He’d managed to keep Sirius at bay with a combination of shock walls and holy wards while peppering him with starbursts until the armsmaster’s divine shield had cracked. Aveyad had taken a few knocks too, though the damage had been easily absorbed by his own shield. The match’s outcome had been assured. All he had to do was keep grinding away.
Then Talia had entered the hall, and he had decided to end the contest with a flourish. That woman is the bane of my existence.
Laughter—loud and mocking—rang out from across the chamber, interrupting the two men. Talia sauntered over from the stands where she had been watching with ill-disguised interest. Throughout the room, the ring of steel and splash of spells died out as the other young trainees turned to watch the promised confrontation.
The animosity between the two, who were the only champions in the Training Hall at the moment, was well known. Legendary even, with the Hall, on several occasions treated to scenes of the two bickering, despite frequent lectures by the commandant on the dignity of the champions’ office.
As champions, Talia and Aveyad were advanced players in the Game. They had been chosen by their God—Eld himself—to wield divine power. Inevitably, this set them apart from the others, who were themselves only basic players of the Game. Many of the trainees looked up to the two champions with awe and envy. Which Aveyad did his best to alleviate, and Talia simply ignored.
Talia walked up to Aveyad, ignoring the many stares that followed her, and patted him on the cheek. “Dear Aveyad, when will you ever learn? Casters cannot stand up to a fighter.”
Aveyad crossed his arms and stared down at the diminutive warrior. As ever, Talia was garbed in well-worn and meticulously polished plate armour. With the fingers of one hand drumming on her sheathed blade, she looked up at Aveyad with wide-eyed innocence, not in the least fazed by his attempt at intimidation.
Once more, he was struck by her beauty. If only it didn’t hide such a heartless spirit. Talia tapped insistently at his face again. With a start, he realised she waited for a response.
“What do you want, Talia?” he demanded. “We’re busy.”
She threw back her head and guffawed. Most unladylike. A second later, she cut off the laughter with an audible snap. “Really?” Craning her neck forward, she studied the empty practice ring with false interest. “It looks like you are quite done here—thrashed by Master Sirius yet again.” She favoured the old paladin with a smile. He studiously ignored it, and backed away to leave the champions to their quarrel.
Aveyad chose not to dignify her comments with a response. He turned his back to Talia and addressed the armsmaster. “Let’s try that again, Sirius.” He unhooked his wands and crossed into the sparring circle, feeling the ripple of the containment field as he passed within. All the practice rings were enclosed in this manner. The magical wards prevented offensive spells from spilling out while allowing the healing magic of the Hall’s restorative totems to reach within and mend combatants threatened by death.
Talia sighed dramatically. “As much as I’d enjoy being treated to a repeat spectacle, I’m afraid there isn’t time. We’ve been summoned.”
Aveyad turned around to face her. Although he wanted to ignore Talia, her words made that impossible. Knowing as much, she watched him nonchalantly.
He waited her out. Blowing out her breath, she conceded first. “Zarr wants to see us. Immediately.”
His eyebrows shot up. “The king? Why? We haven’t done anything wrong,” he said, half question, half statement. They had not seen their liege since their swearing in. Crotana’s king was too busy to bother with newly made champions. The only conceivable reason for Zarr to summon them, would be if they had done something wrong. But try as he might, he could not think what it could be.
Sirius’ chuckle cut across his thoughts. “Boy, Zarr does not only summon his champions to scold them. He must have a mission for you two.” Both Aveyad and Talia’s eyes lit up.
Was that it? wondered Aveyad. Would he finally be let out of the Training Hall? But no, he was still an apprentice and had barely obtained his class. The commandant, the Hall’s God and master after Eld, was adamant. No champion would leave the Hall until he reached level forty and attained journeyman-rank. Until then, champions were considered snot-nosed trainees, barely on par with the average grunt, and certainly incapable of seeing to their own safety. What could have happened for Zarr to break the Hall’s most sacrosanct rule?
Talia tugged at his arm, pulling him out of his thoughts. “Come on, we’re late already. Let’s not keep the king any longer.” Not waiting to see if he followed, she spun on her heels and swept out the room.
And whose fault is that? thought Aveyad sullenly. But he kept his peace and hurried after her.

message 3: by Darren (new)

Darren | 46 comments ewwwhh… this might be good. :)

message 4: by Rohan (new)

Rohan M. Vider | 29 comments Thanks!

message 5: by Rohan (new)

Rohan M. Vider | 29 comments Hi guys,

Dungeon Dive, Tales of the Gods' Game has been released. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

You can grab a copy here:

Dungeon Dive (Tales from the Gods' Game, #1) by Rohan M. Vider

message 6: by Travis (last edited Oct 16, 2019 02:15PM) (new)

Travis (softcon) | 57 comments Rohan wrote: "Hi guys,

Dungeon Dive, Tales of the Gods' Game has been released. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

You can grab a copy here:


Finished it, and liked it too. It's nice to see where the world developed from, looking forward to more in the series. (already left my review too). You were right in that there were some issues relating to grammar in it, possibly another pass of proofing could have caught them, but possibly not, I tend to notice things others don't, because I use a speech synthesizer to read my screen, (can't see, so screen reader's are necessary), but overall, it was quite a bit cleaner than a lot of other books I've read.
Anyway, I enjoyed it, so if anyone else is wondering whether to read it or not, get off the fence, and go get it, it's well worth it.

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