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Angus Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a Dystopian Fiction novel set in the early 1950’s. The main character is Guy Montag, a “fireman” who is tasked with burning books who has trouble completing his assignments. Eventually, he finds himself stealing books rather than burning them, and hiding them in his home to read later. The setting is a futuristic America plagued by censorship. Personally I really enjoy the dystopian genre, because of the way it highlights the personality of the characters.The dystopian future in which Fahrenheit 451 is set in involves the strict censorship of books and ideas, which remids me of nazi germany or north koreas current dictator ship. For example the littlest quirks to a characters personality make them stand compared to the rest of the people in the book. enjoyed the time period the novel is set in because of how futuristic the book was for its time. For example the fact that technology had poisoned society turned everyone to brainless zombies that struggle to be individuals, Mildred or Montags wife spent an immense amount of time watching tv on her huge flatscreen tv’s. Another futuristic aspect of Fahrenheit 451 were the tiny “seashell” radios that people wore in their ears. These odd coincidences kept me reading to find more interesting happenings. The constant action and close calls between Montag and the government he is faced against keep me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading. For example as Montags collection grew to its biggest point he was reported to the authorities by his family, the authorities contacted him and told him he had to destroy his collection forcing him to flee. I highly recommend Fahrenheit 451 to anyone above the age of 12 who enjoys dystopian fiction that involves tense action.

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Carma Best first sentence of any book I've read: "It was a pleasure to burn."

Powerful. Concise. How could you not read the next sentence?

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