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How to post on the discussion board

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Ms K | 9 comments Mod
Hello Grade 10s

If you still can't post on the discussion board, here are the directions:

My only other suggestion would be to go to your profile / account settings. In there -- possibly under "Settings" -- there's usually a "verify your email" option, or something similar (I don't see it in my account right now, but I *do* see the last time I verified my address, so maybe mine was verified too recently to have the option to verify it again). Maybe if you could find that, that would refresh your account.

If that doesn't work, you could post to the Goodreads Feedback group or e-mail Goodreads support. Someone at either route might be able to tell you what's going on.

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Ms K | 9 comments Mod
Hi Grade 10s

Good job with sorting out all your admin and procedures for your first Lit Circle. I have made you all moderators on the group so that you all have the permissions to create discussion boards for the Lit Circle sessions. Jessie, you first!

I hope you have a happy weekend of reading "The Power of One" and meeting all the memorable characters that will come your way.

And PS. Don't forget to keep the discussion boards as an English space.

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