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Kat ^^^

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Kat the combat arena lies next to the southern woods

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Kat Vada neared the combat arena and thought it resembled the colosseum in Rome. she’d studied it the year before in school. this was much smaller though. still very large, but much smaller than the colosseum. she inhaled as she walked through the small entrance and examined the inside as she exhaled. the stands all around the top so everyone could see were empty and except, when she did a double take she noticed someone at the top looking around. Vada looked down before the person saw her looking. then she looked around the fighting area, she noticed Chiron instructing some young boy. and other people around her age and older striking scarecrow looking things with swords, or chiron had told her they were celestial bronze, very deadly to both demigods and monsters. but not effective on humans. Chiron then noticed her and beckoned her over.

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Kat when Vada arrived at Chirons side, Chiron called to everyone, “everyone stop!” he called in his deep loud voice. everyone turned to look at him, many were still panting from the exercise. “we have a new camper, Vada Smith.” Chiron looked at Vada and noticed her frowning, she must not like all the attention, “I just wanted to tell you all that i’ll be working with her for the rest of today’s session. get back to work. but one more thing actually, tonight we will have the usual welcoming for new campers and prepare for capture the flag tomorrow. now get back to work!” all the campers cheered, excited for capture the flag.
“alright,” Chiron said to Vada, “let’s go find you a weapon in the armory.”

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Kat Vada followed the horse man Chiron out of the arena to the armory. she was excited to get her weapon, she wondered what it would be.

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Kat When Vada and Chiron arrived back at the arena most of the campers were still working hard but some were off talking. chiron shouted, “everyone back to work!” then he turned to Vada, “alright Vada, here’s how your hold a sword.” Vada worked hard for the remaining time in her lesson and at least learned the standing positions and how to hold the sword.
when it was over, chiron told her good job, and Vada grabbed her sword and bow and ran back to her cabin.

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