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Kat ...

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Kat in front of the beach

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Kat Vada and Cameron walked up to the dining pavilion for lunch, it was packed with campers. Cameron looked at Vada, “you can sit with me at the hephaestus tables, i don’t think chiron will mind this time. normally he’s very strict about it. since your new it’s fine.” vada smiled and nodded.

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Kat vada sat down next to cameron and accidentally sat a little too close. she awkwardly scooted to the side an inch or two not wanting him to notice.

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Kat people were looking at cameron and vada whistling and jeering, cameron just ignored them. whenever a non cabin member didn’t sit their table, it was a bit of a big deal. “it’ll pass in a minute” cameron whispered to vada who blushed. “let’s go out our offering in the fire.” cameron had a couple tacos and he saw vada had a mini personal cheese pizza.

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Kat vada noticed she got pizza and realized that’s exactly what sounded good right then. her aunt vay made her amazing pizza when vada visited.
everyone was looking at them and her face was bright red, cameron reassured her it would stop in a minute but it was still embarrassing. she followed cameron to put their offering in the fire at the center of the pavilion. once she put her food in she said a little mental prayer to her mother, “whoever you are. hi.”
she then sat down again next to cameron. “so how long have you been at camp?”

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Kat cameron said in between bites, “7 years mi amiga. too long, i’m ready to leave.”

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Kat vada nodded, “i can see that. that is a long time.” she was starving and finished her pizza quickly and wiped her mouth with her sleeve.

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Kat cameron laughed, “wow, you were hungry mi amiga!”

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Kat vada laughed too, she realized the attention was no longer on them. “i missed breakfast this morning!” cameron finished his tacos.

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Kat cameron looked around, nobody was paying attention to them anymore. what a relief. “have you been in the forest yet?” he asked her with a grin

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Kat vada grinned back, his smile was very contagious and mischievous. “i’ve seen it but haven’t been in it yet, chiron didn’t include it as part of the tour yesterday. why do you ask?”

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Kat “well,” cameron replied, “now that the attention is no longer on us, i figured we could skip away and i could show you the forest if you wanted to.” he smiled hoping she’d say yes. he then thought it strange he wanted to spend so much time with her.

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Kat *slip away

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Kat vada grinned again, “yeah! i’d love to...senõr.” he laughed

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Kat “my spanish rubbing off on you senorita?” cameron laughed

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Kat vada shrugged and cameron added, “before we go, change into a swimsuit. there’s a creek in there and there’s some deep parts to swim in.”

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Kat vada raised her eyebrows, she had brought a swimsuit but found it strange this boy wanted to spend so much time with her. it almost sounded like a date he was asking her on, but she agreed. “yeah ok!”
they both slipped away and ran towards the cabin the change. he ran faster with his long legs.

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Kat cameron said as they were running let’s meet at the hearth in 5ish minutes?” she nodded, he then thought. i hope she doesn’t think i asked her on a date. it isn’t one. well, it seemed like one, and he didn’t mind if it was one, but he didn’t know how she thought. just a instructor and his student hanging out. perfectly normal.

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Disney_World Willow walks to the Dining Pavillon with the twins, so this is where we eat all of our meals! Rose looks around, it was SO big and amazing! Skylar fiddles with her bracelet, knowing that it was a cool place, just wishing she could see it.

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#Savagestorm (queen_miracle) | 0 comments Jade Feldman took her tray and went to seat at the Ares table.

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