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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Childrens Book - Fantasy : Kids take a portal to a new world, a soundtrack goes along with the book, came out in late-nineties?

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KJ Greene | 1 comments In elementary school, my teacher read us a book about a group of three elementary schoolers that go on a field trip to a beach. They stumble into a cave and are transferred through a portal to a new dimension. The story is about their journey across the new world, where they team up with a native girl to get to another portal back home. Throughout the story, songs are played in the story's narrative but there is a CD that comes with the book, so you hear the songs.

I remember one of the songs being about some types of creatures they had to ride to get across a field. One of the types of animals was called a "poposite" and would do the opposite of what you wanted it to do. Another one was called a "tiskavit?" and "would do what you ask of it".

I think another aspect of the novel is that they're being chased by a treasure hunter who was trapped in the world, but I have no idea and could just be making that up.

*Spolier alert I guess* At the end, they make it home and feel sad because they left their native friend, but they realize that the year is 1999, and because the portal opens every 1,000 years, they can come back to the beach next year to visit. I read the book in the 2009.

I THINK the title was something like "Journey across the world" or "Journey to a new world" but Googling that hasn't helped at all. Thanks so much for all of the help. I would love to know the name of this book!

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James | 4 comments Bump. Looking for the same book. I remember they kids had a boombox or stereo that they would use to play songs or clues about the world. I want to say they rode on a wagon with a sail like a boat at one point and there was a game in the book called poison or something like that. It had 10 rocks and you had to take turns removing 1 or 2 so your opponent had the last rock. I am fuzzy so the rules might a little different.

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James | 4 comments If anyone else is looking for this it is Journey to the other side by Carl Sherrill.

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