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message 1: by Vorlady, ImpSec Tech (new)

Vorlady | 285 comments Mod
so, I've been wondering about this for a while now:

what is "vat grown meat?" Is it an actual meat product? or is is a substitute, like tofu/quorn/veggie/etc products?

message 2: by Kiri (new)

Kiri (kirious) | 147 comments Mod
I think it's probably actual meat but grown as a culture of protein cells rather than on an animal that has to be slaughtered.

Makes me think of a great SF short story about a space colony in which some of the scientists decide to make an artificial cow in order to get real milk. It turns into a huge machine because the production of milk is dependent on so much of the cow's digestive system... but they succeed in the end.

message 3: by Vorlady, ImpSec Tech (new)

Vorlady | 285 comments Mod
it does sound complicated! LOL

I can't help but think of Soylent Green (unfortunately).... *sigh*

message 4: by Vorlady, ImpSec Tech (last edited Sep 02, 2009 09:27AM) (new)

Vorlady | 285 comments Mod
I had to look up groats -- I though they must be similar to oatmeal, but I wasn't sure....


they seem to pop up a lot in the novel Komarr!

further investigation found this article on kasha

"Kasha in Slavic culture:

A traditional Russian fairy tale speaks of a hungry soldier who promised to prepare kasha from an axe in order to coax food from a stingy but curious woman.

The centrality of kasha in the traditional Eastern European diet is also commemorated in the Russian proverb "щи да каша — пища наша", literally "shchi and kasha are our food" and more loosely, "cabbage soup and porridge are all we need to live on.""

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