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message 1: by Rita (new)

Rita | 32 comments Please create an ACE for The Murder of Bindy MacKenzie. Same ISBN.

With this cover:

494 pages
Published by Scholastic Inc.
Date published: May 2008
Lots of people hate Bindy Mackenzie — but who would actually kill her?

Bindy Mackenzie is the most perfect girl in Ashbury High. She scores in the 99.9th percentile in all her classes. She holds lunchtime advisory sessions for her fellow students. And she keeps careful transcripts of everything said around her. Clearly, Bindy has everything under control. . . .
Until her oh-so-perfect life starts falling oh-so-perfectly apart. She falls asleep in class. She fails an exam for the first time ever. And she can't stop thinking about handsome Finnegan Blonde. It it a conspiracy? Madness? Or even murder? The clues are in Bindy's transcripts. The detectives are her fellow students. But Bindy has made every one of them into an enemy . . . and time is running out.

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily | 12973 comments Since there is no link to the Goodreads page or the Scholastic page with the full record listed, I went by the ISBN in the URL of the Scholastic page you linked that had only the cover.
That edition is already on Goodreads:

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