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message 1: by Hilary (new)

Hilary | 1 comments Hi all -

Looking to swap critiques or find a few beta readers for my manuscript. It's a full-length fiction novel geared toward women. A little more depth than a beach read with some humor injected throughout.

I have some specific questions but also looking for a general feel of things, as my current beta readers don't typically read women's fiction. TIA!


message 2: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm (malcolm2) | 16 comments I am interested in a swap if u want to read my 100k novel that is almost ready for another beta read.

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s geared toward men, but the protagonist is a male who leaves his wife and some of the characters are mysogynist.

Also a little more in depth than a beach read with (hopefully) some humor.

And I have read what I believe some would call “women’s fiction.”

message 3: by Reesh (new)

Reesh (transience007) | 20 comments I'm interested to beta read your book. for further details email me at::

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