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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA Fantasy: a spoiled princess (possibly fae) and lost in wilderness, has to find her own way home.

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message 1: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Rose (damewrites-a-lot) | 3 comments I didn't read this one, but I saw the book trailer years and years ago, in an ad on the Brighid Ashwood site, probably in the early 2010s. I remember the cover (at least at the time) had a blond princess with white or silver streaks in her hair, wearing a pink dress. She may have been kidnapped, too, but I'm not 100% certain. I know this isn't a lot to go on, but this has been bothering me for years and no google search has yielded anything useful.

message 2: by Jamie (last edited Sep 05, 2019 07:03AM) (new)

Jamie Dacyczyn (readsintrees) | 265 comments Could it be one The Faerie Path books? Look at the sequels, and see if any seem familiar. Right publication time period, covers are kind of how you described, fae princess....

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