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Disgrace: mulling whether or not to see the movie

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message 1: by Bertha (new)

Bertha | 1 comments Whenever it releases worldwide or is released on DVD, I will probably end up checking out the film. I just hate the Malkovich casting choice. He's like Pacino - maybe he's a good actor, but he just comes across as a cartoon to me. Also, they cast a far too-pretty lady as Lucy. It's so hard to remind myself: the film is its own thing. You have to let the book go.

message 2: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (dpope1984) | 1 comments I don't know if I'll end up seeing it or not. Coetzee's writing is so vivid that in terms of depiction, celluloid is probably a step down.

message 3: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey | 1 comments This reviewer obviously didn't find Disgrace the movie as nuanced as some of us (ahem, I) found the book:

"David’s remarks reflect his arrogant, still unrepentant attitude toward the behavior that prompted his dismissal. A sensualist and a snob who identifies with Lord Byron, he freely admits he broke university rules by seducing Melanie Isaacs (Antoinette Engel), an attractive mixed-raced student whose boyfriend publicly exposed him. But in his heart he feels little shame. Facing a university disciplinary committee, he pleads guilty to whatever charges have been lodged against him but insists he is not interested in hearing those charges and refuses to defend himself."

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