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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Broadway star is the prime suspect in husband's disappearance, an old flame comes to the rescue

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Kaila | 1 comments Broadway performer has a missing husband, a rich fan offers to let her use his helicopter to fly to the snowed in cabin. The rich guys name is demarco (I think) and knew her from before she was a singer and before he was rich. He remembers she prefers pears to flowers and got her a pear basket. The cover has a helicopter on it over the city


Demarco worked at his grandmothers grocery store and barely made any money but spent all his spare money buying quality pears for the main character so she would have good pears. Then one day he didn’t work at the grocery store anymore.

The main character moved on became a star and married someone that is never home and refuses to have kids with her

Demarco gets out of prison (which he used that time to get an education) and gets RICH and watches the MC every performance.

He buys the old building where his grandmother used to work and opened an exclusive Italian restaurant

(The rich guy is an ex con and killed his cousin in a robbery gone wrong.)

When the husband goes missing the MC often wonders if demarco did it.

They rekindle their brief flirting moment and she ends up pregnant with his baby

The missing husband was actually trying to destroy his wife’s career out of jealousy and was cheating on her with her manager.

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AdoraBelle42 | 43 comments Argh! I've read this more than once and know exactly where to find it... at my parents', halfway across the country...

Found it! ;)
Judith McNaught was my second suspect (after Linda Howard) and the right one: Someone to Watch Over Me

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