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message 1: by Ms K (new)

Ms K | 9 comments Mod
Please add your reflection #1 to this discussion board.

message 2: by Jungmin (last edited Sep 05, 2019 07:02PM) (new)

Jungmin  Park | 7 comments Mod
I think this independent reading unit will extend my reading habits because this is the first time I read some books through a website, but it has really good information about reading which can help me to know how to read in better ways. Also I can learn some new and various books on this website to read more books than before so that’s why I think this independent reading unit with this reading website going to help me to expend my reading habits.

It can teach me different ways to find books and some new ways to enjoy reading books. It also can recommend me some books that I would want to try so it can actually expand the range of genres that I like.

My goals for this unit are to finish reading 5 books which are autobiographies and memoirs. Also I want to stretch the range of books by reading different genres during this unit that I can try some new genres in the future.

I predict that studying autobiography will contribute me to change and develop myself as a reader, because when I read an autobiography, I feel like I’m the person in that book because it’s sometimes so similar to my life. I can focus on reading it more than other genres, so I think when I read autobiography I could look at myself as a reader.

When reading independently I prefer to read it intensively to understand every parts of the book because I don’t want to miss any parts of the story in a book. I will try to grow my imaginations and concentrations while reading autobiography or memoir, because in this way I can stretch my habits of focusing on the books.

message 3: by William (new)

William Grace (smile_10) | 2 comments Mod
maybe, it depends I will read as long as I like the book which was not the case before my school used to give me so many books to read but, none of them is what I like and so I always thought reading is so boring and just last year my teacher actually gave me a book that I like and that is why I read a bit more now, and now I have choice on what to read I think this will extend my reading habits.

as long as the book is the kind that I like and the kind I am interested in I will always want to read more, but if it's boring I will want to stop.

my goals of the unit finish the book, enjoy reading and hopeful make myself into a reader, and I want to learn how to choose the right book so I don't need to worry, about quitting the book again.

studying this genre might make me an actual reader which is not a bad thing, the reason I choose a memoir not a biography or autobiography is that I don't like people telling their own stories(because there might be lies upon lies). However, biography or autobiography can also be more accurate. Reading a book that I like might make me start to like reading, or at least make me like to read more than before.

message 4: by Jessie (new)

Jessie | 6 comments Mod
We can choose what book to read in the Independent reading project. I can use internet to search some books that I interested in, that's will help me to keep reading it. Reading a biography, autobiography and memoir is kind of new for me. Last year, we read Anne Frank, and that’s kind of boring to me, but this year, because I can choose the book that I like, I think it’s will be interesting. Also it will extend the field of my reading. I used to read some fiction books, like twilight. It’s necessary for me as a high school student to read some of these book. These kind of books usually tell us some principles, and most of principles are from author, they been through lot of thing, and they use their contexts to tell us. My goal for this unit is: After reading the book, I could learn something or have a new idea how world like, also I want to have a deep reflection about the book after I finished it. I predict that reading reading a biography or autobiography or memoir can bring me a new perspective to see the world, and also I can learn something from their experience.

message 5: by Anna (new)

Anna (annayujie) | 4 comments Mod
I think it will help me a lot. First of all, I am not a person who likes reading autobiographies very much. However, after my observation in class today, I have seen a lot of books that interest me on Goodreads. So it help me to learn more in this way.

The goal I set for myself is , I want to know more about autobiography and start to develop my understanding and interest in autobiography. I hope I can study in this unit and less antipathy in autobiography. Next, I hope I can get more knowledge, some information I didn't know before, through this study.

And it also help and teach me how to find those book in a lot ways, and I can see all the comment other people have , thats way I can find the right genres book in most easy way.

In my opinion, I think , when you read autobiographies of famous people, you can learn from others' success and failure. Everyone must have a reason to succeed, the same is true of failure. When you read books like this, you look at the person's whole life as a complete spectator. It will help me a lot in the future. And give me a lot advice for myself.

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Ms K | 9 comments Mod
Type your reflection in a word document. Then copy-paste it onto the Grade 10 group discussion board on Goodreads.

Essential Question: What preferences do I have when reading independently and how will I stretch or extend my reading habits while reading biography, autobiography or memoir?

1) Create your Goodreads profile.
2) Rate books that you have read over the years and add them to your “read” shelf.
3) Read the “dust-jacket comments” and blurbs from a range of biographies, autobiographies and memoirs in order to identify books you would like to read and add them to your “Want to Read” shelf.
4) Reflect on this process to answer the questions below in paragraph format:
• Is this independent reading unit going to stretch and extend my reading habits?
• In what ways will it do this?
• What are my goals for this unit?
• I predict that studying this genre will change me in the following ways: …

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AlexZhu | 2 comments Mod
I believe this unit will increase my skills of reading. In many different ways, I usually don’t read biography or autobiography in daily, so I feels I will be improve in this unit. By to form the improvement, I will make sure about my understanding of the book, and I will spend time to brainstorming the meaning that what the author wanna to tell, and I will think about what did I get from this book. I think my goal for this unit is first try to finish the Challenge that I set up for myself, and second I will make sure my understanding of books. And after this unit I believe I will increase my reading skills and understanding of reading long books and English.

message 8: by Annie (new)

Annie (annieyu) | 2 comments Mod
If I meet something that I don't know while reading biography, autobiography or memoir, I will search for it, so that I can extend my reading habits.

My goals for this unit is to improve my vocabulary and get to know the people I choose deeply.

I predict that studying this genre will change me in the following ways: it will expand my scope of knowledge and maybe teach me something important.

message 9: by Jennie (new)

Jennie | 8 comments Mod
• Is this independent reading unit going to stretch and expand my reading habits?
• In what ways will it do this?
• What are my goals for this unit?
• I predict that studying this genre will change me in following ways:

• I’m sure it will expand my reading habits because by doing this project, I should search or read many books as possible.
• My habit of reading books is that I like to read books that I have already read. Through this unit, I will challenge the genre of books that I usually don't read. For example, I usually read a lot of fiction, but through this unit, I will be able to read many kinds of autobiographies or memoir and expand the scope of books by encountering new genres.
• The goal is to read five books within this year and meet new ones without re-reading one that has already been read.
• By learning this genre, I think I can be smarter in history. Because autobiographies and memoirs are about real people and events, I think I can gain a lot of knowledge in history.

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