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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA; A girl/young woman who survived Hodgkin's lymphoma (or non-Hodgkin's, either way she had cancer at one point) takes in a severely troubled and abused younger girl who acts out violently often. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Dana Veitinger (dveitinger) | 4 comments THERE WILL BE SOME SPOILERS HERE!

The protagonist of this book was a young woman who could have been anywhere from 17 to 22 for all I remember, I read it back in 2007. It was in my sixth grade teacher's 'library', but I definitely do not think it should have been in a sixth grader's hands. There were a good deal of dark themes.

The protagonist has had lymphoma, either Hodgkin's or non, and is currently in remission if I remember correctly, but is afraid it could come back at any time. I think her hair had grown back at this point. I vaguely remember her talking about her father (the book was in first person) but I'm not sure if the adults in the house were her parents, or if she was in a hostel/halfway house/rehab center and on her way home. I distinctly remember the words "lump on my neck" which is about the most vague quote I could have chosen to remember.

Sometime, somehow, a girl shows up in the protagonist's life, no I don't remember either of their names but the new arrival MIGHT have been Emily? The new girl is SEVERELY troubled, she has clearly come from an abusive home and endured all sorts of things, and she may have a mental illness deeper than just the usual one child abuse can bring out. She was overall a sweet young girl, but would have moments where she would become extremely violent, either at others or at herself. I remember her attempting to strangle the protagonist and asking some question that had to do with death, which was where the title of the book came from, it was a quote by her. I remember her covering the protagonist's eyes while she was driving, nearly crashing the car. Whether that was where the quote/title came from, I'm not sure. At one point the girl comes downstairs with blood running down her legs from SOMETHING she did. One time when preparing food she just casually sliced her arm open. There was something very very wrong with her, but the protagonist was her comfort, and loved her and was trying to help her, and I BELIEVE the book had a happy ending? I don't remember any further details, except that the cover looked like it was one of those early 1980s thriller/suspense covers, with a woman I assume is the protagonist with poofy 80s hair, looking terrified, and a hand coming from behind her. I'm fairly certain it was not a recent book even in 2007. I'm sorry I haven't got anything else to offer, but it's going to drive me crazy if I can't think of the name. I've tried every google search I can conceive of, but without character names or even a title, it's hard.

Any help is appreciated!

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Dana Veitinger (dveitinger) | 4 comments Bump! Still looking for this book.

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Dana Veitinger (dveitinger) | 4 comments @Rainbowheart Oh my god! You found it!!! Thank you SO MUCH!

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Rainbowheart | 15775 comments You're very welcome, glad to help out!

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