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Disney_World .

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Disney_World Guys, I am going to start claiming original characters soon. So, keep an eye out for it. You can claim one main character and three-five non main characters. They will all be the age / year they were in the first book. So the Ron, Hermione, and Harry will be first years.

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Disney_World Main Mods are also posted. (For Hogwarts anyway!)

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Disney_World The Train Leaves next weekend! Feel free to RP anywhere not in the school though! Start shopping!!!!

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Disney_World BIG THING: Start roleplaying on the Hogwarts Train now! It leaves on Saturday. Then on Sunday sorting starts! (We might make the time longer if needed.)

Smaller thing: Please do not post non announcements in this chat, just to make the announcements easy to read! Thanks!

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Disney_World Start Roleplaying on the train to Hogwarts!!!!!!
Tomorrow will be sorting so don’t forget to hop on! (You can still do sorting if you forget!)

Don’t forget to RP at Camp Half-Blood!!!!!!

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Kat Yeah nobody comes to camp half blood!

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Disney_World (I can!)

BIG: I am moving sorting to next weekend. So all this weekend and week will be for the train, just to give everyone more time! This might be changed. (Also, for first years going on the boats to the castle might be on Thursday or Friday this week!)

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Kat Hello everyone! i just wanted to remind you that capture the flag for camp half blood will begin this friday afternoon. please submit your demigod characters that will be playing by thursday morning. thank you.

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