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Don't Stop This Party

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Jennifer | 23 comments Mod
Hey, all you goodreads readers. I have enjoyed this discussion with you all. I think I am predisposed to continue stopping in now and again to see if there are more questions-- so if you missed the March 3-14, 2008 window, don't be dispirited. I will continue to drop in now and again-- as long as there is interest-- and am glad to keep this conversation going.

You can also come on over to the lively site at www.jenniferboylan.net. There is a message board there, including a wing dedicated to talking about books the members have read, including my own. You're all invited, and I hope to see you there. In the meantime, thanks for your participation here.

I'll be looking through YOU!


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Dear the greatest memoirist I know, and the only memoirist I know (!), we love you XOXO, Colin

message 3: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 23 comments Mod
Colin, you are very sweet, and thanks. Hm, you posted this in July of 09. As always, I am BANG right off with the starting gun. Sorry I've been away from this site; I will try to change that.

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