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Not Just for Business People

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Katie Surprisingly good nonfiction which I believe can be appreciated by teens and working people alike.

Tyler Mower I agree completely. This book has great tactics for everyone (students, teachers, business folk, marketers, and just people in general). Plus it is written in a very fun, easy to follow style.

Chris Bartos One book I couldn't put down. Maybe finished it in a day but the lessons inside are much more thought provoking. This is a very easy, interesting read.

Joseph A great book. Read it complete in one day because I could't put it down (and I had a day with nothing else to do). I am just a student and I found it very useful just working with people, helping a friend to remember a date, or getting my point across in a synthetic way

Pilar Orti I'm dipping in and out of it - loving the anecdotes.

Darshani Workman Great book for anyone. Well researched and humourous.

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