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This place is where your characters have gone to a different dimension and have to fight their way back home.

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"WHOA!" Seth said when he woke up. "Where am I?" He was sitting on cold stone. The air was misty, and there seemed to be a ocean surrounding the landmass he was on. He shot to his feet and ran to the rail. He was in what seemed like a castle.

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There was a growl behind Seth. He turned around and saw a vaguely human shape in the mist. "Who are you?! Show yourself?" I will not mortal. A voice whispered. You are for my amusement. Show me your worth, and I might return you to your home. There is a portal back, but you have to find it yourself. The voice talked to all that were currently in the dimension.

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Seth took a step back as the figure stepped forward. He tripped and fell off the edge. "No!" He yelled. He didn't want to die so soon. He then felt a tingle and his body changed into a sparrow. He fluttered around until he saw the girl. He landed next to her. "Thank goodness." He said. "I'm glad to see a fellow human here."

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Seth was surprised that the girl wasn't shocked by a talking sparrow, but shrugged it off. He thought of his human form and changed. "Jeez! I know I was never able to do that before."

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"I just hope it'll help me survive this place." He said. There was some sort of sinister air about the place. He shivered. He heard a growl. He looked up to see the creature that looked human crawling vertically down the wall. "Yikes!" he said. The demon pounced. Seth threw a punch and smacked the demon in the face.

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The demon landed on all fours. It hissed and spat, baring large fangs. It slashed at Seth with claws. Seth moved faster than he knew he would've moved before, whacking the demon's arm. The arm broke clean off. "Okay, now I'm getting freaked out." Seth said. The demon howled at the loss of it's arm.

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((We need more people.))

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((See if any of your friends would be interested.)0

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The demon lunged at Seth.

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The demon stopped and turned to Kaitlyn. The distraction was all Seth needed. He swung his fist and knocked off the demon's head. "Uck." Seth groaned before hurling. He didn't mean to go that far.

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"What is this place?" Seth said, whipping his mouth with his sleeve.

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"I woke up on a balcony." Seth grumbled. "You probably woke up in a bed, didn't you?"

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"Lucky." Seth grouched. The ground shook. "I think that means that something ominous is going to happen." He said regaining his balance.

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"I mean I think that something else is gonna happen." Seth said. Then he heard more growls. He looked over the edge and a whole swarm of demons were crawling up to them. "And I was right. We need to get outta here!"

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"Good enough." He said. "Lead the way." A demon popped it's head over the ridge. Seth kicked it, sending it plummeting to the ground.

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"Looks like a strong door." Seth said. "But it's wood. And those demons have claws."

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As if on cue there was the sound of nails on metal. "Dang." Seth said. Then he noticed the window. He dashed to it and noticed a demon there. He punched it, making it fall. "The door might hold, but the window is a weak spot."

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Seth wedged the screens in just in time. More demons were crawling up the wall. "Now what?" He groaned. "We're trapped in here."

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"What the heck?" Seth grumbled. "How is it you got the room that has everything and I am dumped on a balcony?"

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"That can't be possible." Seth said. "This castle is huge! There has to be more that one room."

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Seth perked up at the word "swords". "Which means that we can defend ourselves without using our fists." He said. "What other 'stuff' is there?"

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"Well no time like the present." Seth said surging to his feet.

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"I thought we could sneak through the hatch." Seth said.

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((I don't understand that last word.))

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"So you're saying that we have to fight our way to the hatch?"

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"What the..?" Seth said. "You have shape shifting abilities too?"

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Seth rubbed his chin. "Weird." He muttered. Somehow black armor appeared on him, but it wouldn't stay in one form. It kept changing.

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((Nuthin' much. Just Rping on the school's computers.))
"What?" Seth said, completely oblivious to his shifting armor.

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"You had armor for a second there." Seth said. He heard the scratching of the demons outside. "Maybe if we both have armor, we could smash through the demons and escape."

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"Or maybe I can transform into something big and bowl them over while you follow close behind." Seth said.

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Seth turned to the door. He grabbed the handle and counted to three, then yanked the door open. He rushed out and morphed into a basilisk. The demons that weren't crushed were killed by his Death Stare.

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The demons surged, trying to stab Seth with their claws. Seth twisted and snapped at them, killing as many as he could as he slithered out of the castle.

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Seth burst out to the courtyard. He hissed as a demon managed to get a claw under his scales.

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Seth changed into a Chinese dragon. "Get on, quickly!" He hissed belching up a river of flames.

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Seth launched off the ground, swatting a few demons with his tail as he did, and was free in the air.

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((It get's kinda busy now and again so sorry if I don't post for a day or two.))
"Yes it was. But where to go from here?" Seth looked around, from what he could see was that the castle stood on a plateau, and below it was a thick mist.

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Seth flew up into the sky and found that there was nothing. "Where can we go? I can't fly forever."

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"I don't know how many more there are. There could be thousands of them." Seth said. He shuddered a little as the strain of keeping them in the air hit him.

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"I don't think I'll have that much energy." Seth landed on a pillar.

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Seth shifted into his human form. "I don't know. Hold off the demons until my strenght reaturns I guess."

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Seth scratched his neck. "I don't know, I need the strength to wield the sword, and you need to touch the weapon to shift into it."

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Seth shrugged. He could feel his power recharging, but he didn't know how long it would take to get to full power. Already demons were scaling the pillar.

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Seth grabbed the sword and swung it, cutting off a demon's arms. The demon fell screaming, taking the ones beneath it down.

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Seth sighed. He went to a kneeling position.

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"My energy is depleted. I need to sleep, but that is impossible with those monsters." He huffed.

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A rumble shook the pillar. "Wouldn't count on it." Seth said as a dark mist swirled around the pillar.

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Seth collapsed on the bed. "Thanks." He lost consciousness.

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