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message 1: by Mridula (last edited Sep 03, 2019 09:52PM) (new)

Mridula Nambiar | 7 comments If anyone is interested, can we start a book club??As in anyone of us can suggest a book and we can all read within a stipulated time (a month or so) and then come together and discuss it.It might be interesting to listen to multiple perspectives and viewpoints.

message 2: by Prîñçê (new)

Prîñçê Deepu | 693 comments Mod
That sounds like a good idea.. I would suggest short story anthologies, atleast in the beginning.

message 3: by Bobby (new)

Bobby Abraham (fifthman) | 1 comments Suggestion: KAPALAM By : UMADATHAN B

message 4: by Mridula (new)

Mridula Nambiar | 7 comments Prince..any suggestions?
Bobby..can we start off with short story anthologies like Prince suggested??
പെണ്‍പഞ്ചതന്ത്രം, മറ്റു കഥകളും | Pen Panchathanthram, Mattu Kathakalum by K.R.Meera?

message 5: by Prîñçê (new)

Prîñçê Deepu | 693 comments Mod
that title is good for me..I can get it. @Bobby: Are you fine with that book?

message 6: by Mridula (new)

Mridula Nambiar | 7 comments Prince,that's great!

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