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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romantic suspense book/series where group of women own a building. Live/work there and need help finding holes in security...

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TXBRITGAL | 5 comments ***UPDATE**** Unshakable Love: A Crystal Creek Romance (Shelter Sisters Book 1)
by Heather Tullis

I know I've read book one. It's romantic suspense. There's a building that the reader knows is owned by a group of women. I think they met art a women's group home, then win lottery. This building is in need of high security. Search woman both lives and works there. Some have children, and some dont. They all look out for each other. Each woman is also very good at different things. One does art, one is awesome at computers/security, etc...we don't yet know why each woman needs such security. Book one has i think an ex special forces type looking for holes in their security system. He and his friends think it fun until they're caught lol. For the life of me i can't recall the name of book one, author, or if book two out yet. Fairly sure it has only been out less than two years.

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Keryn ~~
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Good luck!

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Looks like you found your own book, Keryn. Please let us know in a new comment - otherwise we won't know because the thread won't refresh and move to the top of the queue.

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