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message 1: by Anna (new)

Anna Kelly A very clearly written and interesting book and would benefit people who are in work, starting off in work and providing support for people who require assistance with applying for work.
The Title and Subtitle gives a clear insight to the essence of the book and catches the reader's attention.
The Foreword introduces Anna's experience of coaching people for work, particularly young people in schools. Many people would recall the personality tests frequently used by Career Advisers when leaving school which can be confusing and unhelpful. Career Coaching focuses on the individual therefore it enables young people to understand themselves and highlight their skills and talents.
Her insight to the world of business is very interesting and informing.
There is an emphasis in the book about how positive communication needs to be encouraged in the workplace rather than an emphasis on demanding targets. Positive communication encourages self esteem and employees feel more positive about their work which would be of benefit to businesses. In relation to this I would like to quote from P.71 of Anna's book.
" I firmly believe that if management treat staff, who are internal customers with fairness and integrity, then there is peace of mind and progress. Management can focus more on making business grow and become a household name."
Managers of businesses would benefit by having this phrase on their office walls.

message 2: by Anna (new)

Anna Kelly If you are “stuck” in a job but want a career, then I recommend reading this book by Anna Kelly. The author provides many examples of dysfunctional workplaces, which all too many of us will recognise. However don’t be discouraged as the author is a qualified and experienced career coach who also provides insights and commentary which will guide and encourage you in developing and advancing your career.

Geraldine Clifton
18 November 2018+

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