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Echo in Emerald  (Uncommon Echoes, #2)
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annapi | 4864 comments Once again Shinn confirms why she is one of my favorite authors. In this world containing mysterious human copies called echoes that she has created, she gives us a character with a twist - Chessie is a street urchin with two echoes, something that normally happens only to nobility. Even more different, she can transfer her consciousness back and forth between her echoes, and cause them to act in different ways instead of copying her every move, unlike every other echo who can only mimic the movements of their original. When someone tries to assassinate the crown prince, the king designates Lord Dezmen to investigate. Chessie is hired to carry a message to Dezmen warning of an attempt on his life, and ends up rescuing him, thus entangling her in the investigation.

This is a much more exciting story than book 1, or at least it captured my attention more. I loved the character of Chessie, and later on Dezmen grew on me too. And at the end, I just about got dizzy with all the unexpected twists - so many of them! - something Shinn excels at. I am eagerly looking forward to the next and last book of the trilogy.

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Cora (corareading) | 1286 comments I really like Shinn, but I haven't heard of this series. I will definitely add it to the TBR. Thanks for the review.

annapi | 4864 comments The Kindle ebooks are only $3.99 each on Amazon, and if you have Kindle Unlimited they're free.

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