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message 1: by Marykipp (new)

Marykipp | 1 comments Mod
Please make a comment about the book you are reading. Please include the title and author's name. You may say anything you want about the book. I just want you to practice writing about books!

message 2: by Cristian (new)

Cristian (crhis) | 1 comments Title :Masada
Author: Tim Mcneese
The book is about history and is entertaining

message 3: by Cristhian (new)

Cristhian | 1 comments Did they really do it?


My book is about Nine of the most controversial violent crimes in America's history are reexamined in these compelling stories of true crime. I like my book because it's about something that happened in real life and the crime.

message 4: by Nelson (new)

Nelson | 1 comments The book name is night fisher and author name is R. kikuo johnson i like my book because is about a boy that move to the city to studing and his father have a jod clothes to the city

message 5: by Nayaly (new)

Nayaly | 1 comments Title: Anne & Henry
Author: Simon Pulse
I like this book, is about a girl and a boy who love each other.

message 6: by Mark (new)

Mark Juan | 1 comments The Final Four by Matt Deoden is very interesting book for all the basketball fans.

message 7: by Annette (new)

Annette Soto | 1 comments Title ; Truly Devious
Author : Maureen Johnson
This book is about a girl who thinks she is better than others.

message 8: by Luis (new)

Luis El | 1 comments Title: 1,000 DOLLARS & AN IDEA form Sam Wyly this book is super interesting and make you understand that if you try hard you can do whatever of your life purposes.

message 9: by Sova (new)

Sova Bhujel | 1 comments i like my book i'am Down
Mishna wolff

message 10: by Jorge (new)

Jorge Castro | 1 comments Title:FIENDISH
Author:Brenna Yovanoff
This book is about history scary who think history is better than other history

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