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message 1: by NPL Moderator (new)

NPL Moderator | 78 comments Welcome to the NPL's World Mystery Tour 2 Online Book Club! Our first book is The Whistler by John Grisham which a reviewer for The New York Times described as:
“A main character who’s a seriously appealing woman . . . a whistle-blower who secretly calls attention to corruption . . . a strong and frightening sense of place . . . Grisham’s on his game.”—Janet Maslin, The New York Times
Towards the end of the month questions will be posted about the book on the Goodreads website that will result in an online discussion. Happy Reading!

message 2: by Carole (new)

Carole | 15 comments Finished the Whistler. Looking forward to the end of September questions. However, I am disappointed in the selection of this book as a story based on a coastline. Just because there is a boat on the cover does not make the coastal setting particularly important to the story. Finding the same disappointment with the Perfect Nanny & the Seine in Paris. I had to double check that I had the correct book list. I will happily re-read the book selections of Donna Leon & Peter May knowing that the marine locations are of key importance to culture, characters & atmosphere.

message 3: by NPL Moderator (new)

NPL Moderator | 78 comments Hi Carole. You are perceptive! The Whistler and the Perfect Nanny were chosen early Spring for marketing the club before we decided on our new water theme. Some of our advertising is done 6 months ahead of the start of the club. We do have on our posters and website "Join us for the latest installment of our popular online book club. This time we’ll be reading enthralling stories by international mystery authors that are set on islands, coasts, or major rivers." We thought these two titles would work with this inclusive description. Thanks for your comment and looking forward to our discussion at the end of the month.

message 4: by Susie (new)

Susie Hope | 3 comments What other books will be on our list?
Just curious so I can place holds to get ready!
Half way done the whistler

message 5: by NPL Moderator (new)

NPL Moderator | 78 comments Hi Susie. The next book we will be reading is the October book Entry Island by Peter May. All the books for this session are on the group's "bookshelf". You may have to click on "more books" to see all eight. Each book has a start and end date. If you have any other questions please let us know. Thanks.

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NPL Moderator | 78 comments Hi again. The books are also listed in the "Upcoming Reads" area of the group.

message 7: by Susie (new)

Susie Hope | 3 comments Thank you!

message 8: by Tracey (new)

Tracey | 5 comments Maybe I’m missing it but I can’t find the upcoming reads on my iPad version of Goodreads. Could you please post the list here?

message 9: by NPL Moderator (new)

NPL Moderator | 78 comments Hi Tracey. Here is the list of books:

Whistler by John Grisham- September
Entry Island by Peter May- October
I Found You by Lisa Jewell- November
Death at La Fenice by Donna Leon- December
Thirteen Hours by Deon Meyer- January
Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani- February
The Sea by John Banville- March
Raven Black by Ann Cleeves- April

message 10: by Tracey (new)

Tracey | 5 comments Thanks!

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